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Topic: Triad-Utrad power converter

Posted By: funforfive on 04/29/04 09:08am

Can anyone give me any information on a Triad-Utrad power converter. I have an '87 yukon wilderness travel trailer by fleetwood, I got it late last fall, and am getting it ready for use now. It did not come with a battery, so I got one and hooked it up, but my question is now if my converter will reduce down to a trickle charge when the battery is full, or if it will cook my new battery.
Here is all of the information that I could pull off of the converter: Triad-Utrad power conver by magnetek Huntington, Indiana TU-730-2 Underwriters Laboratory listing 735U.
I have been reading through these threads for months now and I have learned so much I can't believe it. I am already very grateful to everyone on this site. I thank you for advance with any help anyone can give me with this question.

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Posted By: dpeder54 on 04/29/04 09:27am

Unless there is something wrong with your converter you should not have to worry about overcharge on your battery. It should adjust amp for charging according to battery voltage. If your in your trailer and all is quite you can tell by the amount of HMMMMM you can hear coming out of your converter compartment. Enjoy yourself long summer ahead??

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Posted By: Chris Bryant on 04/29/04 09:40am

That converter is a pretty good one, but you will have to keep a close eye on the water level in the battery. The best part about that converter is it is nearly bulletproof- but it doesn't put out good power, and it requires a battery for good operation.

You can find out more about it here or here.
It is identical to the Magnetek/ Parallax 730-2 converter.

-- Chris Bryant

Posted By: Chris Bryant on 04/29/04 10:43am

I'll add that I have nearly the same converter- a Triad-Utrad 750-6 (the different numbers mean it has a 50 amp output- as compared to a 30 amp, and the -06 means that mine has a "power on" feed). When I was using a single group 27 battery, I would have to check and add water monthly. Now I have 2 Trojan T105's, and the water use is minimal.

Posted By: MELM on 04/29/04 07:22pm

The links to the Parallax site that Chris gave look good, but the Parallax site has had problems for a week or so - you can't open the documents. EDucater and I tried to get some last week... Maybe it'll be back soon.

If the converter does cause a lot of battery water loss, you might look into getting one of the small battery charger or maintainers to use when you have the TT parked - not in use.

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Posted By: EDucator on 04/29/04 09:56am

May not be exactly yours, but perhaps similar in some ways for useful info.?

Also: try calling Master Tech in Marshall, Michigan 1-800-848-0558


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Posted By: funforfive on 04/29/04 10:22am

Thank you all very much for your quick and informative responses. This was my first post and I am extremely impressed with the knowledge that RV.Net members have.

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