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Topic: 3000W Chinese Gensets Info.

Posted By: mike4947 on 03/03/05 11:42am

My main concern is with warranty and repairs after warranty. If I'm in South Scumsuck and have to diagnose repair problems over the phone to Buffalo and wait for parts. That's not gonna happen. If they had at least a few "authorized" repair shops that stocked parts around the country I'd think about getting one. I've heard the claims of "you can use "x"'s parts interchangably with ours before. OK for things like wires or generic switches, but engine or inverter parts from a reverse engineered unit, nope. Your daily guide to the Open Road

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They say you learn by your mistakes, in that case I must be a genius.

Posted By: Camp, Forrest, Camp! on 03/03/05 12:39pm

I looked at the sound levels for these. At 7m, the EU3000is is 58dB while the ELIM is 67dB. My understanding of the dB scale is that 9dB is a significant difference in volume. Can someone who knows the math confirm this?

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Posted By: professor95 on 03/03/05 02:12pm

This is an update on where I am with the ELM3000 genset......

I went to Pep-Boys today with the intent of buying one. The sales clerk encouraged me to consider a NIKOTA 3500 watt unit instead, stating that they sold 20 Ninkota's for every ELIM and none had ever been returned as defective. When I looked at the manual for the 3500 watt Nikota, I realized it was only a 1,200 watt unit at 120 volts since it was strapped with a 10 amp circuit breaker. The 3500 watt rating was the maxium output of the generator at 240 volts, actual available wattage at 240 was 2,400 watts. But since RV AC units power from 110-120 volts, this generator would be worthless.

The ELIM3000 unit had a crummy pictograph manual that told me virtually nothing other than how to put gas and oil in the unit, so I left the store empty handed.

I just got off the phone with Glenn at ELIM. He was a very knowledgeable and responsive person. In fact, I was given his cell phone number when I asked for an engineer or a tech familiar with the genset. (he was out of the office at lunch and answered my call - I'm inpressed!)

Glenn stated that the ELIM3000 had a voltage selector switch on the front of the unit. If you selected 110 volts, all available power (25 amps) would be routed to the single outlet. The two 15 amp breakers would be strapped in parallel, giving a 30 amp overcurrent protection. If the unit was in 110 mode, there would be no 220 available and vica-versa for 220 mode. This is indeed encouraging and it sounds like the ELIM will give you full power at 110 volts.

Sooooo....... I guess I will go back to Pep-Boys tomorrow and plop down $249 bucks for the ELIM. The conversation with the importer rep was very positive. By the way - I also tried to call Ninkota. Their line was constantly busy for over 3 hours (I gave up).

One thing I definately do know - the Nikota 3500 watt unit is a no go for RV use.

I'll keep you posted. If anyone finds out anything else from an actual owner, I sure would like to hear it.

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Posted By: CDK on 03/03/05 02:34pm

Just a thought.
When you flip that switch and send all the amps to a 120 volt receptacle, what is the configuration and amp rating of that 120 volt receptacle?

Posted By: LittleBill on 03/03/05 04:07pm

i just went to look at the generator's at pepboys, professor is incorrect in his statment about the 3500 watt generator only being a 1200 watt generator, he is correct in stating that it has 10 amp circuit breaker, but it has 2 both are independetaly wired to the 2 recepticales so that is 2400 continues use? i guess the breakers can handle a surge for a certain period of time?

the engines look identical in ever aspect to that of a honda 6.5 hp motor, the only difference is the muffler system which looks to be a small car muffler

the engines are identical between the 3000, and the 3500 same exact motor, the difference is the generator itself, also the 3000 has a guage which show what voltage you are running at,

the 3000, has a switch though between 120 and 240, u can't run both at the same time

both have a 30 amp twist lock but i have a feeling the 3500 series can run both 240 and 120 at the same time, i have no use for that buti am looking at the 3000 model which has a rebate right now for 229 dollars, im strongly considering getting it

the 3500 is 299

both of these prices are good at peboys till 4/2/05

now some one explain me the wattage on this
the 3000
puts out 2.8kw and 3.0kw surge
so thats 2800 watts or 23.3 amps?
if both breakers are rated at 10
how would u be able to get it to use the 23.3 amps?

is this only possible at 240 volts?

then on the 3500 watt
i think it is 3kw and 3.5kw
it says it can put out 25 amps at 120 which is 3000w

how does it do that with 2 indepenedent 10 amp breaker's can someone explain in laymens terms how, any help would be appreciated

it seems this would only be possible with 12.5 amp breakers

i am strongly considering buying the 3000w version though

any help would be appreciated

Posted By: professor95 on 03/03/05 05:11pm

(Quote) > just went to look at the generator's at pepboys, professor is incorrect in his statment about the 3500 watt generator only being a 1200 watt generator,, (snip)


I do not believe I am incorrect in my statement that the generator is only 1,200 watts at 110 volts. Please let me explain why.

In the NIKOTA manual you will find a wiring diagram. The diagram clearly shows two windings on the generator with a center tap. To get 110 volts, you must use the center tap between the two windings. Both of the high sides of the windings together provide 220 volts. Each leg is protected by a 10 amp circuit breaker. This means that a maximum of 2,200 watts is available at the 220 volt outlet before the breaker trips. Dividing the 220 volts in half gives two phases 180 degrees apart - each supplying 110 volts at 10 amps. This is 1,200 watts. The phases cannot be combined at 110 volts on this generator. But, you could power two INDEPENDENT 110 volt devices that do not exceed 10 amps each

The NIKOTA manual clearly states that the maximum current available for a single phase 110 volt motor is 1,000 watts. This is expected as current on a breaker should not exceed 80% of its rated trip value.

No matter what the box says, or what is stamped on the spec plate for the generator, it is incapable of supplying more than 1,200 watts (10 amps) at 110 volts without tripping the breaker. Of course, someone could replace the breaker with one of a larger rating and perhaps take advantage of the full capabilities of the engine and generator. Of course, the warranty would be voided and the risk of damaging the generator drastically increased.

Trust me on this one. I am well paid to teach Electronics Engineering Technology on the college level and am completely familiar with all of the applicable laws of voltage and current.

The NIKOTA is NOT capable of sustaining a 13,500 BTU air conditioner operating at 110 volts on an RV.

Posted By: sniffid on 03/03/05 05:56pm

"I have run the AC and Microwave at the same time while trying it out after I bought it."


We have a buyer! What was your impression of the sound level and quality. What generator experiences do you have to compare it to?

I have a 1000Watt generator I bought on ebay a couple of years ago - ($200 including shipping) at Bargain Jim's which you can also find on the web. It's not a bad generator but of course limited use at 1KW. The Elim generator is rated to operate at the same noise level. I ran both generators consecutively to see if I heard a noticible difference. I didn't and so to my way of thinking it was well worth the money.



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Posted By: Nvr2old2go on 03/03/05 06:22pm

I have a co-worker who bought one of the PepBoys 3500 Watt units last fall. He only uses it when he goes to Nascar races to camp in the infield (noise level is not important when at a Nascar race). He swears by it. He also used it during a power outage this winter. Part of his decision logic was he would not be as upset if it was ripped of at the track as he would be if a $1,000 Honda gen, was taken.

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Posted By: LittleBill on 03/03/05 06:41pm

well i bought the 3000 watt elim, its heavy though for me, a bit over 50 pounds, im told though that its going to be a discontinued item, that bothered me a bit but i like return policy's if it doesn't do what i want

professor i also looked at a wiring diagram and im not fighting you at all, but let me ask a question, it showed on the diagram that each 110 volt line was breaker with a 10 amp circuit breaker, doesn't that mean each recipticle is has 10 amps which is 20 amps total or 2400 watts? i guess i can see what ur saying that the rv only has 1 recepicle to use, but wouldn't that be the same for the 3000 i bought?

let me know im interested in hearing what u say

i also have a db meter if you guyz would like actual numbers

below is an ebay auction for almost the same one, this has a dc chargering unit and a 4 prong 230 volt outlet but other then that identical, and it says it is a honda engine, im feeling good, i think i got the cheapest deal of all

ebay auction for similar model

looking at it more closely the recepticles for the 110, are actually 20 amp recpts which gives me the indication that they are 20 amp breakers, i don't know though, i will test it tommmorow see what happens, the owners manual is in fact a joke but i don't care don't really need it anyway,

let me ask you guyz a question, is there an actual drain plug on generators or do you end up tipping it over? to drain it?

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Posted By: CDK on 03/03/05 07:11pm

Thanks for the reply.

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