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On The Road

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 03/29/05 08:13am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I am not selling a motorhome. The purpose of this thread is to get all the ideas about where to list or advertise and any tips about selling you might have... Hopefully we will gather our collective wisdom in this thread and I will place it in the Class A Frequently Asked Questions thread.

JohnnyT Moderator

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Washington State

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Posted: 03/29/05 09:05am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

If I was to sell our coach, I would call the man who sold ours to us. We have bought our last two from him and he is a great guy, very honest and we trust him. Our arrangements would be to leave our coach at our residence and have him bring customers to our home to see and test drive our coach. This is feasible as I have mentioned it once to him just as a curiosity question. I would not leave our coach at an RV lot as I would expect a lot of damage to occur when people continually walk through it. Also at our house it is garaged and out of the weather. This is just theoretical tho, because I have it in my will that I am to be buried in it.
I don't think I could sell the coach myself. Sitting in the co-pilots chair while watching someone I don't know trying to drive it would more than likely give me a heart attack. I am also not an experienced sales person and would more than likely discourage a lot of prospective buyers.

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Wherever the rig is - I'm there too!!

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 03/29/05 09:07am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

First, THANKS for the great job you do as moderator - sometimes, I am sure, under most difficult circumstances.

Now, here is my take on selling an RV:

Many find the local newspaper a fine source to sell their RV. Here are a few places to start on the Internet that are for the RV's (the advert costs vary from free to VERY expensive):


and I'm sure there are many more! Oh, and if you are desperate and don't mind the 'bottom feeders' that lurk there, eBay!

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Frisco, TX

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 03/29/05 09:30am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Hey JohnnyT,

I would like to give some tips to those selling a motorhome.

The DW and I just spent an exhausting and disappointing year looking at used Class A's. We looked on dealer lots and visited private sellers alike. We ended up buying a new one. Here are some reasons why.

1. Clean it up !! We quickly slammed the door on more than one because the rig was so nasty. If you keep the inside that way the outside probably followed suit. Bays should be empty and clean and everything should appear in good working order.

2. Have current registration and inspection. Nobody likes to go all over town to get that done after they just dropped a bunch of money on your rig.

3. Get a private inspection to show your good faith. Repair what needs it, and have the report ready for the buyer. Big ticket items are negotiable, but most everyone can handle a few scratches in the front bumper when the rest of it proves out.

4. Have books, manuals and receipts ready for the buyer to look through and suggest they do so.

5. Talk with some banks and lending sources. Have a good idea what type of financing options the buyer will have based on the age and value of your rig. For example, motorhomes over a certain age will not get lowest rate financing and terms differ. This is especially helpful on rigs that are more than 5 years old.

6. Know what your bottom dollar is. If the buyer has to wait for your decision, he's probably "cooled" off some.

7. Talk about how much fun you had in it, but KNOW WHEN TO STOP.

8. If you have the opportunity, have everything running and ready for showing when the prospect gets there.

9. Change all fluids and filters.

10. Accessorize a little and make it look "homey". DW will be impressed more here while DH is looking at the chassis. See #9 !!

We're not experts in the buying/selling of RV's, but we are educated consumers and not alone in the industry. Soap and water are cheap, and we're sorry some decided to keep the money instead. They didn't get ours because of it.

We traded our old MH so I can't tell you what worked for us, only what we looked at (and avoided !!).



Michael, Kay, and Prissy (The vicious 6 pound Malti-Poo)
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Olivenhain, CA

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Joined: 01/21/2005

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Posted: 03/29/05 11:16am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Michael, et al;

I agree with your assesment 100%. In my experience, cleanliness is the key selling point. The buyer needs to feel as though they are in a "new" coach. Your case illustrates that well; you were willing to spend thousands more in initial price and depreciation to get the new feeling you wanted.

Don't forget eBay not my favorite for selling, but some coaches do sell. We bought ours on eBay. Great deal on a very nice coach. For my money / effort, I'll choose RV Trader, RV Trader Online over the others. Don't discount parking it in a strategic location and placing a sign in the window. (within local legal limits) How about parking out in front of a local RV dealer and holding "open house" on the weekends? The whole point is to get it in front of as many qualified, interested buyers as possible.

Last choice, by far would be trading it in on a new coach. I think that should only be done by the wealthiest, money truly no object folks. Even most of my frineds who are in that realm still sell privately and avoid the dealer. That way they keep more of their wealth instead of sharing it unjudiciously. [emoticon]

It's not how much you make, it's how much you keep...

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San Diego

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Posted: 03/29/05 11:33am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Price needs to be based on the value of the coach not on what you owe. The coach's value is not necessarily more than you owe and you need to have a realistic expectation of price.

Yes, you can probably sell it for more than a dealership will pay you but it is doubtful that as an individual you will receive low retail let alone high retail value. Few people even pay low retail at a dealership in large part because of this fine site educating buyers on prices.

We normally purchase from a dealership because it is usually cheaper and easier dealing with a snarky salesperson than it is with an individual selling their baby.



Richville, MI

New Member

Joined: 10/26/2004

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Posted: 03/29/05 11:42am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Hmmm...do you mean biggest bang for the buck $? Or quickest way to unload? ccxnola gave excellent choices. I believe local is always best for highest retail. Run an ad for a month in a newspaper that covers a big city close to your proximity. Simultaneously run one thru Autotrader. Make sure the rig is clean and your pictures clear. I am a used car dealer and the majority of my inventory moves via ebay motors/exporting overseas. Do your homework before you attempt to use that venue. It's flooded w/scammers...and it's not cheap: you will pay $40-50 to list and another $40-50 if it sells. I have personally sold 4 Class A coach's in the past year via ebay. Typically, they sold just a little over wholesale. A good market to buy but not for selling...unless you're in the dumping mode. Angie


Alpine, Texas

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Joined: 01/23/2005

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Posted: 03/29/05 11:54am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator


Hands down the widest exposure, and the best in the country. That's where I found mine. [emoticon]


SouthWest Ohio

Senior Member

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Posted: 03/29/05 12:21pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

The first thing to sell any motor vehicle is to remove the reasons not to buy it. Too many people prefer not to spend any money in preparation and lose thousands while saving hundreds. Here are some to do's from experience:

1. Pay a professional to clean the unit unless you are sure you are a pro. Steam clean the engine, clean the generator, underneath the coach, carpets, wax, change all the fluids and keep the receipts, empty the fridge, and empty the cabinets and clean them as well. Empty the storage bays and clean and touch them up.

2. Remove all personal items you have hung on the walls or put on the shelves.

3. Pay a body shop to touch up the paint even when you do not repair the actual damage. Paint the front cap if there are a lot of stone chips.

4. All coaches smell even if you do not realize yours does. The key is introducing the right smell. There are dozens of products that introduce a better odor, but not heavy enough to be obtrusive. Cinnamon is the best. If you bake chocolate chip cookies in it right before somebody looks at it, odds will go way up.

5. Display all the pertinent papers you have with the coach, in the coach. Owners manual, original sales catalogue, service history, original sales invoice, title, and any other paperwork you can dig up. Putting it in a loose leaf binder form is impressive.

6. Turn every light in it on before people arrive. Open the blinds and curtains. Light absolutely sells. Turn on the fridge and make it cold and heat up the hot water. Make sure the temperature is right in the coach running heat or air as needed.

7. Put in a CD of elevator music and turn down low throughout the coach.

In short make it appear you are totally anal about your coach and give them an impressive show when just walking into it. Ask for more than you want and want more than the average coach. Everybody wants to negotiate. Price will attract more lookers and talkers, but quality will go home with a buyer. People will buy with emotion and will love to tell about the used coach they bought that is brand new and was owned by fanatics.


SouthWest Ohio

Senior Member

Joined: 10/02/2003

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Posted: 03/29/05 12:53pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Don't discount parking it in a strategic location and placing a sign in the window. (within local legal limits) How about parking out in front of a local RV dealer and holding "open house" on the weekends? The whole point is to get it in front of as many qualified, interested buyers as possible.

You really would not want to do that without the dealers permission.
I have seen more than one accident in front of dealerships behind that action.

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