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Topic: Anybody own a Jayco Jayflight or Eagle. Need pros or cons.

Posted By: tccantr on 10/19/06 06:59am

Anybody own a Jayco Jayflight or a Jayco Eagle? I am looking into those two lines and don't really know anything about them. Want to know how long ya'll have owned them and any major problems or would you recommend them. I like the 28RLS in both models.



Posted By: bugeater58 on 10/19/06 07:12am

We have the Jay Flight 28 RLS. Only owned it for two months but really enjoy it. Moved from a Jayco HW PU which we enjoyed also. No problems so far with the RLS.

Posted By: Inkman on 10/19/06 07:23am

I have owned two different Jaycos and was looking to trade for the same trailer as you. However, my wife and I like the floorplan of 29N and are leaning in that direction. If you can make a good deal on any Jayco you will be getting a quality TT. One big advantage of buying a Jayco is its two year, bumper to bumper warranty. You won't find that anywhere else. We also like the "small" details that are in the Jayco that you may never notice unless they are pointed out to you. For example, check out the access to the plubling fixtures on the shower. It's that little bit of "extra" that is put into the Jayco that makes them stand out. Have fun.

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Posted By: swebber on 10/19/06 07:35am

We have the Jayflight 27B and love it. Wished it was their 29BHS but maybe the next one will be...Quality, great features plus the two year warranty is what sold us on Jayco.

Keep us posted on your choice of TT !!

Steve Webber
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Posted By: m16fullauto on 10/19/06 08:52am

Purchased a Jayco 29 BHS new and traded it in for a 31BHDS. Greatly enjoyed both. Only problem was loose drain fittings on the sink drains. Outside of that, no problems at all

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2006 Jayco Jayflight 31BHDS

Posted By: willald on 10/19/06 09:22am

Inkman wrote:

One big advantage of buying a Jayco is its two year, bumper to bumper warranty. You won't find that anywhere else.

Actually, Sunnybrook also offers a 2 year warranty as well. Jayco and Sunnybrook may well be the only ones still offering 2 years, though. Thor, Forest River, Fleetwood, as well as almost all other major RV manufacturers have gone to the (worthless!) 1 year warranty on trailers.

We owned a Jayco previously also, and have to agree in general with your comments - they are great. It broke our heart when we were trading up, and Jayco just did not have a floorplan that would work for us. Really wanted to stick with Jayco, but couldnt find what we wanted in a Jayco.

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Posted By: Road Trippin' on 10/19/06 09:31am

The water pump is a little noisy. The stock mattress is OK for a 1-2 night, but it got uncomfortable on our 2 week trip.
Those are the only complaints with this trailer over the past year, and each is easily fixable. Floorplan, fit & finish, usability have all been great.
We really feel like we got a good value for our money.

Robert & Fran
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Posted By: just_dave on 10/19/06 09:34am

I love our Eagle. And I'll probably get flamed for this, but don't be lead to believe the Jay Flight is the same as an Eagle with some extra decorations. Look at the cabinetry, carpeting, light switches, fixtures, etc. The appliances may be similar but a LOT of the rig is definitely different.


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Posted By: 4x4Bob on 10/19/06 10:03am

Just this week we traded our 2005 Eagle 282 FKS for a Eagle 288 RLS.
During the time we owned the 282 we did some long range traveling in it with the normal range of weather from sunshine to hail storms. Our Eagle gave good service as witnessed by the fact we want another one.
So, with this in mind I would like to give you a suggestion. The dealer you buy from can make or break your day. We drive right on past a Jayco dealer that is about 15 miles away from our house to reach the dealer we use which is 93 miles away. We do this because any RV unit will need some warranty work done on it no matter how good it is built. Our dealer has a Multi-Million dollar facility with 20 work bays that are climate controlled. If you have every seen a dealer ship with a lean-two out back that is the repair center and they have one repair tech on duty who has two part time high school kids helping him, you will know what I mean.
I am sure that which every Jayco product you decide on, you will be very happy with it.

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Posted By: RollingRockTX on 10/19/06 10:04am

tccantr wrote:

Anybody own a Jayco Jayflight or a Jayco Eagle? I am looking into those two lines and don't really know anything about them. Want to know how long ya'll have owned them and any major problems or would you recommend them. I like the 28RLS in both models.



We have a 2006 JayFlight 27BH...there are only 3 of us, its perfect. We thought the Jayco's had the most bang for the buck. Price was right.

Not a single problem so far. Bought at Vogt RV in DFW. Worth the drive.

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Posted By: Roadtrippin on 10/19/06 10:10am

Had an Eagle 274BHS and upgraded to the 5ver for more interior room and bigger bunks. We loved the Jayco and had no serious problems. We especially loved the layout and how the kitchen and couch were in the slideout and the dinette was opposite with an awning side bay window.

2018 Fleetwood STORM 32A

Posted By: GoingPlaces on 10/19/06 10:14am

We have a 2007 JJFlight 26BHS & absolutely love the floorplan, fit-&-finish & overall quality! Flight & Eagle is not the same. Flight is the mid-range line & Eagle is their top line. In the Eagle line, with the exception of a few items, everything else is std. The cabinetry is solid oak, mattress is better [pillow-top], blinds are upgraded, etc. These are a true beauty, if you can &/or want to afford it. PS - Definitely tighten all the plumbing, no matter what you get! Hope this helps! Have a great day!

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Posted By: Martyn on 10/19/06 01:06pm

I have a JayFlight 28RLS. Love it. Great quality. Nothing really bad gone wrong. Only thing I changed was to put a memory foam layer on the bed as the mattress is pretty thin. Watch where you put the rocking chairs when you travel as we damaged the rear window blind - we now turn the chairs upside down and lean them against the sofa. Had two seasons in it now and have had a wonderful time. Tows well and the dual-cam hitch is well worth the money.

Watch the tightness of the screws holding the window side trims. they come loose over time.

We are now thinking of going to a 5th wheel and like this model so much we will probably go with the 28.5RLS 5th wheel as it is virtually identical to the TT.

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Posted By: Batmovan on 10/19/06 02:02pm

We have owned ours for 2 years. Most people on the forums seem to have a veriety of small problems that have to be corrected after first purchasing thier unit. When we picked it up from the factory it was good to go and have not had a single problem since.

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Posted By: peacekeeper on 10/20/06 07:27am

We have an '07 JayFlight 27BH we got in July, we love it. The Eagle series is 'higher end', with better cabinets, better mattress, etc...but the JayFlights were in my price range and still look great. People who look at my trailer say it looks nicer inside than thier own home! Everyone who has seen it is very impressed and tells me how much I suck that I have it and they don't[emoticon]!

We have not had any major problems with ours, Jayco makes a great product with lots of little extras! (30# bottles, diamond plate front, nice surround sound CD/DVD system, etc...)

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Posted By: broken axle on 10/20/06 08:08am

Own a jayflight 31BHS purchased spring of 06 Have had a few relatively minor problems but dealer remedied them quickly and without hassle. Really love the floor plan didn't get to use as much as would have liked this summer due to reasons beyond our control. I would purchase another jayco in a second. I believe that the dealer makes the biggest difference in most peoples satisfaction with tt's. If you have a dealer that is easy to work with he will probably work better with the factory. My dealer bent over backwards to take care of the minor warranty issues I had. Also made sure trailer was ready to go camping when we picked it up.

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Posted By: on 10/20/06 03:26pm

We bought a 2005 Jayflight 31bhds exactly 1 year ago this oct 31.
We love it..[emoticon] The storage space is more than we saw in any other brand.. Quality is very high we have had virtually no problem. I will agree with earlier post about the stock bed not being the greatest. But you can upgrade to a "mini queen" at a quality mattress store and improve it. Go for the Jayco and you won't be sorry... Don't know where in Texas you are but I drove from Colorado to Great Bend Kansas and bought from Harper Camperland.. Great bunch of people... Good Luck to ya'

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Posted By: rickm on 10/19/06 07:45pm

I'm on my second JayFlight...they really are a teriffic trailer.

2017 Jayflight 26BH Elite

Posted By: SquareTriangle on 10/19/06 07:53pm

We have an Eagle 298BHS and are very very pleased with it. We have had ours for 2 1/2 years now and NO problems. There are those on this forum that have had problems with their Jayco's, with the factory, and with their dealer's. Such has not been the case with us, but of course ours has been totally problem free.

We towed it 3,200 trouble free miles this past summer, from S. Texas to Georgia and back without any problems. At least no problems that were the fault of the TT.

As another poster above has noted, the Eagle and the J-flight are NOT the same TT. The J-flight is wooden framed, metal skinned, has fewer standard items. The Eagle is welded aluminum framed, FG skinned, and comes with almost everything as standard equipment. Of course an Eagle will cost more than a J-flight too.

From our point of view you can't go wrong with an Eagle by Jayco. Can't elaborate much more on a J-flight. Follow the link in my signature and you can see pictures of our Eagle in action.

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Posted By: RollingRockTX on 10/19/06 07:59pm

This was pros and cons right?

My pros:
great value
lots of cabinets (Amish worker made)
good design, floor plan
attention to detail
colors are good
good use of space, lots of storage
great warranty
decent 5.1 DVD/Stereo system

would like to have a second power vent
would like to have a second battery
better drain on HW heater
larger gray water tank
It would be nice to have a sky light over or near the dinnet.
would be nice to have easier access to storage under dinet seats-like a long drawer
We don't get to use as often as we like

That is about you can see the cons are nothing.

This is our first TT....we have 6 trips since we bought in August. There are only three of us, my daughter is 3 and the "trailer" is all she talks about. She loves her "cave" which is the back bunk.

Jaycos are nice...


Posted By: Robbies grandpa on 10/19/06 10:22pm

I have owned two eagles. Loved them both. Both were well built. I believe the difference between them are in the quality of the interior and the fact the eagle has an aluminum frame for weight issues. Overall construction is good with both. It gets down to how much you want to pay and what features you want.

Posted By: xfire82 on 10/19/06 03:00pm

Have had our eagle 188sl since dec 05. Will be replaced by 29n summer of 08.

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Posted By: TravelinNana on 10/19/06 03:18pm

We traded up to the JayFlight 27BH in 2005 and have really enjoyed it. We owned Jayco pups previously so we stuck with the Jayco line; also had a '94 Jayco Lite 24' but just wanted something a wee bit larger with a sofa. The 27BH had what we needed, and like I said, no complaints. Have some friends with other brands that I think are not as good as ours.

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Posted By: Rdy2go on 10/19/06 03:26pm

The only problem with my 27BH is that I don't get to spend enough time using it. My next Jayco will be a 28RLS.

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Posted By: RollingRockTX on 10/19/06 04:07pm

Rdy2go wrote:

The only problem with my 27BH is that I don't get to spend enough time using it. My next Jayco will be a 28RLS.

Ditto to the 27BH, our next one will be a Jayco 29Y or a 5'er.

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