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Topic: Off-loaded Palomino support questions?

Posted By: rubenj2784 on 02/07/07 01:25pm

I've e-mailed Palomino with this question, with no response. Any of you guys use a year 2000+ Palomino TC off-loaded? And if I need support, where would the places be? I figured you guys would be more knowledgeable anyway. From what I've seen in past posts, support is mostly dealing with the floor region? I'm also concerned with it tipping over while sleeping in the overhead. Is this a concern? It only weighs a lil' over 1100 lbs. TC is a 2000 Palomino B-800 P/U. Your input is greatly appreciated.


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Posted By: davedye on 02/07/07 01:46pm

Most pop-ups are not recommended for off-truck use. I had a 93 B-1000 Palomino and the company told me not to use it off the truck. Here is what I did.


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Posted By: rubenj2784 on 02/07/07 02:03pm

WOW! Ok, do not plan on doing that! Couldn't you lower it as close to the ground as possible with the same support on the bottom? Mine is REALLY sturdy when low as possible. Also what type of jacks are those? Mine are bolted vertically on all four corners. Don't know still learnin' here. So I take it you may need support under the over head?


Posted By: JimBollman on 02/07/07 07:22pm

When I bought my 1998 Palomino 1200 the previous owner threw in a very heavy duty stand that would break partially down but much more than I would try and haul on a trip. When on that stand I did get up in the bunk to do some repairs. Felt Ok but not sure I would want to try it with both my wife and I up there.

From another thread some one has a suggestion that I may make. He took an 8 foot piece of plywood and ripped it down the middle (long ways). Put a slot halfway through the middle of each so they could be slid together to make an X to sit the camper on. This has the advantage that it would lay flat under the camper while traveling and low to the ground.


Posted By: Cummins Palomino on 02/07/07 08:34pm

My owners manual says not to raise the roof without being in a truck. I imagine they are worried about structural integrity of the lower portion. I could see it trying to implode if you put alot of weight on the floor when it is sitting on just the jacks with the roof up. I don't have electric jacks, so I will NOT be taking my camper off at my camp spot anyway. Too much work.

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Posted By: Prominion on 02/12/07 12:11pm

If its just for use when in storage, you can try something like this..

Boat trailer conversion

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Posted By: tmartin000 on 02/13/07 10:30pm


Just send an email to Palomino and ask for a manual for your camper. Tell them you are a happy second owner and look forward to many great nights a bout a week you'll get a new Manual for your camper in the mail. THAT manual will likely tell you everything you want to know.....[emoticon]

My manual came last week----free!

Go Palomino customer service..the LINK below will get you to a screen and that will get you a new manual!

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