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Topic: SHURflo pump not priming...

Posted By: wp6529 on 03/22/07 08:33pm

I started de-winterizing my camper (2003 Fleetwood Elkhorn LT 8C) today to get it ready for a trip next weekend. I had winterized with the usual RV antifreeze following the instructions in the camper manual.

I drained the remaining antifreeze from the fresh water tank and then filled it with fresh water to begin the system purge. Turning on the pump (SHURflo Classic 2088-422-144) it runs, but it won't prime.

I checked on the SHURflo web site and downloaded all available info on the pump. The documentation has a small troubleshooting section without much detail.

I removed and checked the inlet strainer and found it to be clear. There is water in the tank based both on the tank gauge and the overflow from the vent at the end of filling. The pump connections all seem tight and aren't kinked. Power is clearly fine.

I can't check the pump valves or housing without removing the pump which doesn't look like a lot of fun given the minimal access to it.

I can get a repair / rebuild kit if needed, but I wanted to check and see if this was a common issue with an easy fix (I just got the camper last year) before pulling the pump and rebuilding it.


Pete C.

Posted By: Islandfire on 03/22/07 09:02pm

I have had this happen to me in the past. Just needs a little boost to get primed. Try putting your mouth around the kitchen faucet and sucking in until you get water. Thats usually all it takes to get mine running again

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Posted By: flhtci-rider on 03/22/07 09:03pm

when u removed the strainer did u open the valve from the fresh water tank to make sure no blockage from the tank or an air pocket

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Posted By: gurn911 on 03/22/07 10:07pm

Possibly a problem with the pump head. I had a crack in mine last year. Not with a problem with winterizing, but pressure from the city water source. Mine was a Shurflo 4.0. Good Luck! Jim

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Posted By: dbbls on 03/23/07 07:10am

Try opening a faucet when running the pump. These things can get air locked and are a problem to get primed. There is probably nothing wrong with the pump.

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Posted By: Woodpeckertoo on 03/22/07 09:51pm

Sounds like air in the system (pump is airbound). I would recommend Running the pump with city water connected and an inside faucet on.

Posted By: Hurricaner on 03/23/07 07:52am


Try opening a faucet when running the pump. These things can get air locked and are a problem to get primed. There is probably nothing wrong with the pump.

Note: the pump will never prime unless you open a faucet.


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Posted By: wp6529 on 03/23/07 09:12am

It's Alive!!!

The sucking on the faucet (with a MightyVac pump) while running the pump worked.


Pete C.

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