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Topic: F450 insurance

Posted By: whporwil on 06/08/09 04:16pm

Found a nice 2008 F450 I like, insurance seems to be another matter. My agent can't help me. Progressive told me they can't cover me if I pull our 5th wheel more than 500 miles from home. I have a current CDL and it didn't matter. What are some options guys? I'm in Minnesota

Posted By: 2RVers on 06/08/09 05:02pm

I have an F550 2000 model and it is insured by Nationwide, they have never come up with any restrictions. I was offered Progressive by an agent in Orlando that specializes in RVs and they said they would cover the F550 as a motorhome and they didn't mention restrictions either. I think you need to call around. Nationwide had never heard of an F550 when I bought mine!! I filled out a quote from the Good Sam Club's GMAC insurance and they showed the truck as a semi! However they were more expensive than Nationwide.

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Posted By: mr176 on 06/08/09 06:51pm

Ours is insured with AAA (Michigan). When they first saw F450, they questioned the use but when I told them it was to pull my 5th wheel they said no problem. There are no restrictions on the policy and it was within $100/yr of the F350 it replaced.

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Posted By: Screamingeagle on 06/08/09 05:08pm

We are insured with Allstate. As long as it`s not used commercially there should be no problem.

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Posted By: barbjohn on 06/08/09 05:13pm

Progressive seems to be good with RVing. Perhaps the agent has limited creativity or knowledge in this area. Try another agent. If you don't want to offend the original agent, try another carrier, then bring the quote back to the original agent to help them better understand how to properly classify an F450 for a non-commerical application.

Posted By: Dieselgem on 06/08/09 06:10pm

I have mine insured through RV America. Both truck and unit are covered by Progressive. The mileage limit your agent speaks of is for a commercial policy.

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Posted By: gmachine on 06/10/09 08:45pm

We use Farm and City Insurance Services, writing for Progressive, for truck and trailer. Our truck weighs 14,000lb full of fuel w/o trailer and is rated 23,000lb GVW. Had no problem insuring it as a "private use only" RV toter. Think most agents are just not well versed in this area of coverage.

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Posted By: kmh3212 on 06/10/09 07:02pm

State Farm had no problem insuring my '08 F450. It was a few dollars more than my F350.

Posted By: TXiceman on 06/10/09 07:59pm

I gave up on the direct major companies and went to an independent agent. They can shop and find yo the best carrier and deal. Best he could do was Lloyds and weight was not a problem.


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Posted By: Capt Skup on 06/09/09 05:16am

If you are eligible to join, I have had great success with USAA(found out how GEICO can afford all those silly commercials), now have everything insured by USAA, including the 450. Policy was only $50 more for the 450 over the cost of the F-250 I had.

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Posted By: whporwil on 06/09/09 06:45am

Thanks everyone! My insurance carrier West Bend has a limit of 12,000 GVWR I did solve my problem when I got the Oasis report on this truck. It has a history I don't want to buy into, perhaps that's why the deal was so good.

Thanks again

Posted By: dougger222 on 06/09/09 07:01am

Capt Skup wrote:

If you are eligible to join, I have had great success with USAA(found out how GEICO can afford all those silly commercials), now have everything insured by USAA, including the 450. Policy was only $50 more for the 450 over the cost of the F-250 I had.

IF, that's the key word! You have to be in the military or a child of a person in the military. Not 100% sure but I think parents of children in the military aren't allowed in. They have a lot of restrictions for who can be policy holders. For home owners policy's they have a 1% deductible which is very high for Minnesota standards.

It's good insurance for the most part but they force contractors on the policy holders. Most insurance companies either have in house adjusters access loss's or hire independant adjusting firms. What they do is have contractors in there preferred network act as adjuster. In the past 3 years have missed out on over $75K of insurance restoration work because of this. It hurts because all my leads are word of mouth. The ones I have been able to secure paid great. They are of course way better than say Allstate who has a reputation for being the lowest paying insurance company on both home and auto claims in the nation. If they offered free insurance I would pass!!! No longer even look at loss's with Allstate. Go on any construction forum and see what contractors are saying about Allstate.

A friend of mine owns an insurance agency and one of his clients tried to insure an F550 and he couldn't insure it. Luckily his neice owns an insurance agency with another carrier and she was able to insure it.

All my insurance is through Am Fam who I really like working claims with. Most of the people I know who work hand and hand with insurance companies on a daily basis are insured with Am Fam. That says something!

You should call around various insurance agents and ask about insuring your pick up. You could also contact indepenant agents as they will have a lot of insurance carriers they work with and they might know right away which one will insure your pick up. Of course once you switch auto insurance they will be sending you letters and calling you trying to swith your home insurance over.

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Posted By: Ace! on 06/08/09 08:05pm

Progressive has (or had) a limit of 10,000 lbs GVWR for a vehicle. They insured a lot of vehicles greater than that without even knowing (350/3500) vehicles. Other insurance companies are/were the same. Ford created a F350 with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs, I believe due to thi s issue. Insurance companies determined some time ago that anything with a GVWR over 10,000 lbs was not a "passenger" vehicle. Obviously times have changed and GVWR has increased for one-ton trucks.

What you found was an astute, knowledgeable agent that knows his policies better than some. The Ford F450 is not an insurable risk under the "personal" auto policy, at least not the way the policy was written when I worked there. The F450 would have to be written as a commerical policy, there's no way around it (again, as the personal policy was written when I was there).

Progressive is not the only carrier to have their policies written this way.

By the way, I brought this point up several years ago and was told not to worry about it, that everyone knew an F350 wasn't necessarily a commercial vehicle and could be written as a personal vehicle. Agents would write them all the time, and they would be covered because it was a given that people were driving them as personal vehicles. Problem is now the F450 is marketed and sold as a personal vehicle, not necessarily a commercial vehicle and insurance companies either have to draw the line somewhere are haven't caught up with current vehilce marketing. So, it's likely the policies are still written with a 10,000 lbs GVWR limit (hence Ford's F350 with a 10,000 GVWR, which by the way is no different than the F350 sitting next to it with a higher's just a difference in the paperwork).

When you go to insure your vehicle you might as the agent, with whatever company you choose, if there is a GVWR limit on a personal lines policy. If you were to have a claim you'd likely be covered, but would perhaps have your policy terminated when you filed the claim.

Edited to add:
By the way, the commercial policy does have a 500 mile restriction; however, I believe you can get an endorsement that allows for longer distance travel, you might bring that up with the Progressive agent. I could be wrong about that, but I'm pretty sure you can change the mileage/distance restriction for an additional premium.

Posted By: RB70D on 06/08/09 08:22pm

Try Trese Hallett, RV Specialist, Farm and City Insurance Services, Ph:800-331-1520, They specialize in this type of insurance and are great to work with.

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