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Topic: Glucosamine & Chondroitin Dosage?

Posted By: colochoclab on 09/27/09 06:23pm

Is there a general guidline for dosage in dogs? I have been giving Hershey his supplements for quite some time now, but I am having doubts about the correct dosage. His orthopedic surgeon gave me a dosage scale years ago, but the amounts escape me.

My local Target store had the combo on sale, so I picked up a bottle: The bottle amount is 1500mg Glucosamine / 2050mg Chondroitin contained in 4 tablets.
I was going to give Hershey 2 tablets for a dose of 750/1025. He weighs 80#. (Of course it's Sunday, so my vet isn't in the office!)

Thoughts? Dr. Doug, are you out there?


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Posted By: Bumpyroad on 09/28/09 04:43am

well I take one full dose a day but I weigh more than 80 lbs. myself. but shop around and read the labels. you can buy these tablets with full amount in one tablet and can break it in two if desired. I certainly don't think that an 80 lb. dog would OD on a whole tablet myself.

Posted By: dturm on 09/28/09 08:09am


Note: Because of the variability in products available, it is recommended to choose a product that has been tested in the species for which it is marketed; consult the product label.


For adjunctive treatment of chronic pain:

1. Glucosamine/chondroitin: 13-15 mg/kg (of the chondroitin component) PO once daily (q24h). (Hardie, Lascelles et al. 2003)

For adjunctive treatment of cancer pain:

1. Glucosamine/chondroitin: 15-30 mg/kg (of the chondroitin component) PO once daily (q24h) for 4-6 weeks than half the dose. (Lascelles 2003)

For adjunctive treatment of chronic pain:

1. Glucosamine/chondroitin: 13-15 mg/kg (of the chondroitin component) PO once daily or every other day (q24-48h). (Hansen 2003b)

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Posted By: Calisdad on 09/28/09 08:22am

I don't think you are giving enough. I have a 48# Springer with 'sports injuries' to her knees. I use 'Synflex', a liquid form. The bottle says 1/8 tsp but I give 1/4 tsp daily and it works for her.

I tried going to a cheaper brand but upon closer examination it was weaker so we went back to Synflex. I swear by it. She's 12 and has been using it for almost 5 years.

best of luck.

Posted By: CatandJim on 09/28/09 08:24am

I found a product that has worked well for us, it was recommended by our vet for our two older Lhasa Apsos. They have both shown improvement since I added it to their diet.

It's called Synovi G3
Here is the ingredients & dosage information:


SynoviG3 Product Information

Protection from Degenerative Joint Disease throughessential nutrient supplementation.


SynovyG3 is supplementedwith Glucosamine HCI, a naturally occurring amino sugar found in alltissues of the body and part of the "glue" which holds tissuecells together. Combined with Perna Canaliculus, Glucosaminereturns viscosity to the synovial fluid and enhances its ability to carrythe essential nutrients necessary to rebuild cartilage, insulate the bonefrom friction and cushion the joint in movement.

SynoviG3 contains MethylSulfonylMethane(MSM), to alleviate discomfort associated with systemic inflammatorydisorders. Supplementation with MSM can result in the relief pain andstiffness along with reduced swelling and inflammation. MSM preventspressure buildup in cells, allowing nutients in and toxins out.

SynoviG3 includes CreatineMonohydrate, which enhances the energy required to fuel musclecontraction, strengthening the muscles that support and protect the joint.

SynoviG3 in enriched with Antioxidantssuch as Vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Grape Seed Extract to combatthe harm caused by free radicals, unstable oxygen molecules that damage thecellular structure and connective tissues.

SynoviG3 is formulated with Omega-3Fatty Acids - Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)- which have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. Through the processof competitive inhibition, EPA hinders the production of pro-inflammatorymediators yielded from the breakdown of Arachidonic Acid, inhibiting theinflammatory process.

SynoviG3 is fortifies withcarbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and is available inchewable tablet and granules forms as well as a variety of economical sizes.


30- 60 lbs Pet*
Supply for

60 - 100lbs Pet*

SynoviG3 Chewable Tablets


120ct 6 months

8 months 3 months

4 months

SynoviG3 Granules


960gm 4 months

8 months 2 months

4 months

SynoviG3 Soft Chews

120 chews

240 chews 4 months

8 months 2 months

4 months
*Maintenance Administration











(Per8 gram scoop)
900 mg 300 mg 500 mg 800 mg 180 mg 120 mg


900 mg 300 mg 500 mg 800 mg 18 mg 12 mg

SynoviG3Soft Chews

(Per2 chews)
900 mg 300 mg 500 mg 800 mg 18 mg 12 mg


Well... the information didn't cut & paste very well, sorry. There are other manufacturers of products made specifically for dogs so you might want to do some research.

At one time our resident forum vet/moderator Dr. Doug was giving his dog Megan Synovi G3. He might some insight to this particular product. It works well for us.

(Jim just reads the forum once in a while)

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Posted By: Happytraveler on 09/28/09 09:50am

I just started Charlie on Synovi G3. I think it's a good product.

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Posted By: Hiker3 on 10/11/09 09:05am

Thank you everyone for posting this info. The glucosamine treats that worked for my kitty are now tough on her sensitive tummy (additives and artifical stuff maybe?) and she cannot keep it down.

So I will try something else. This was helpful!

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