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Topic: 14 ply or 16 ply???

Posted By: teofff on 02/16/10 09:41am

I am shopping for new tires for my 01 Monaco Dynasty 40' with a tag...several of the tire shops insist I should run 16ply tires, and others insist that 14 ply will be more than adequate...while I don't want to spend more than I need too, I don't want to have tire problems on our next big trip....what are your thoughts????

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Posted By: The Texan on 02/16/10 09:51am

I just switched from 14 to 16 ply and the ride improved 10 fold, plus I got more weight carrying capacity. Where are you in AZ? I used Purcell Tire on Gila Ridge Rd in Yuma and they were very knowledgeable about RV tires and what you should be running. I switched from Goodyear to Hankook and was blown away by the improvement in ride and handling, plus they run much cooler than the 14 ply G670.

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Posted By: wolfe10 on 02/16/10 10:06am

Rather than look at ply ratings, look at carrying capacity. It is more widely used as a comparison tool.

What size tire are you running?

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Posted By: JFG on 02/16/10 10:12am

What load range tire came with the coach... G or H?
Do you know your coach weight on each tire or axle?


Posted By: Triker33 on 02/16/10 11:21am

You need to remember that it is the air contained within the tire that carries the load, not the tire components. If a 16-ply tire and a 14-ply tire of the same size are run at the same PSI, they have the same load capacity.

You can increase the load capacity of a tire in two ways:
(1) Increase the volume of air in the tire (increase the tire's size) for a given air pressure
(2) increase the pressure of the air in the tire (increase PSI) for a given volume (size).

In the "old days," tires were constructed using cotton cord material. When designers needed to add air pressure capability to increase the load a specific size tire could carry, they would simply add more plies of cotton cord.

Therefore, a 16-ply tire had 16 actual plies of cotton cord, while a 14-ply tire only had 12 plies of cord. This enabled the 16-ply tire to be run at a higher PSI and thus carry more weight.

Of course tires are no longer made with cotton cord. Modern truck tires only have one casing ply of steel. This is the reason the industry prefers to use "Load Range" rather than "Ply Rating." But since old ideas die hard, ply rating is still with us today.

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Posted By: teofff on 02/16/10 12:13pm

Thanks for the replies.....I am currently running 295/75/22.5's Bridgestone R287's....on my last trip I had to replace a tire on the rear dual, and fell into a Les Schwab in California, who put a Toyo model 154 on...I am looking hard at Toyo'sk here locally in Northern Arizona. Their model M154 is a G rating 14 ply.

Posted By: RayChez on 02/16/10 03:45pm

I installed Toyo's on my coach and I really like them. They are the M124Z 16PR. They give me a smooth ride, balanced with Equal and had the X-Air valve stems installed.

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Posted By: teofff on 02/16/10 04:37pm

I don't see a M124Z listed on the Toyo website?????

Posted By: Gale Hawkins on 02/16/10 05:04pm

With the weight you carry typically on a coach like that 16 will not be an over kill I expect.

Posted By: RayChez on 02/16/10 05:11pm

teofff wrote:

I don't see a M124Z listed on the Toyo website?????

They probably have replaced them with a different number now like M127Z. Call a Toyo dealer and tell him what you have and he will find the Toyo tire that will fit your needs. But I went with what they had two years ago and it was their premium radial all steel 16PR rating and I am very happy. I bought mine at Tire Discount, but they got them from somewhere else in Las Vegas.

Posted By: DaGunster on 02/22/10 10:15pm

Go with the higher load rating. G,H - whatever. This is more important than the # of ply's. You will also pick up better fuel economy with higher load rating - the tires don't get as hot - if you run at the higher pressures.

Posted By: teofff on 02/23/10 07:54am

The tire I have decided to buy are..TOYO...14PLY, G rating.....

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