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Topic: Tengointernet

Posted By: ploiselle on 02/23/10 03:52pm

I am at a campground in Naples, Florida that has pay WiFi service through Tengointernet. This is the second year that I have subscribed for a month to have it down as much as it is up. After many many calls last year, I was assured by Tengointernet that they would have the problems resolved before I got here this year. It appears they were unsuccessful.

I have made at least a dozen calls to them under the same incident number, stating the system was down again and that I was requesting a refund for down time. I keep being told that they will advance the request to level two and they should call me in 3 to 5 days. I started calling them on February 6th. A lot of times when the system goes down I do not call as it uses up significant minutes on my cell phone.

When you call, they have pre-recorded long list of campgrounds that are without service and state they have no idea when they will be back up.

Is Tengointernet's service this bad everywhere else?


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Posted By: BuckBarker on 02/23/10 03:54pm

It certainly did suck in Palm Springs. Never again!

Posted By: dons2346 on 02/23/10 04:05pm

Ten go internet just flat out sucks. The company should change their name to Trygointernet.

Posted By: Delaine and Lindy on 02/23/10 04:21pm

We have been using Tengointenet since last Oct. its free for us here in this RV park. I must say we have had no problems at all, we have two Laptops and they are used each day. We also have AT&T wireless air card and of course its great but since the Tengointernet is free we use it instead of the AT&T air card. I agree when the system doesn't work it is a pain. We went back to the AT&T wireless last year in Florida because the RV park internet wasn't good at all. Hope you get things worked out. GBY...

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Posted By: rhochnadel on 02/23/10 04:22pm

Yes, they are that bad. They are one sorry excuse for a wifi internet company. I personally will never use them again, I will go elsewhere first.

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Posted By: christopherglenn on 02/23/10 04:31pm

stayed at a park outside Disneyland over the weekend. same tengointernet. I think from friday night ot monday morning when we left it was up, and able to be connected to for just over an hour. Usually errored out with the access point not responding.

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Posted By: oldflyer on 02/23/10 05:24pm

Tengo has been no-go for me mostly. I finally got so fed up with unreliable or overpriced campground internet service that I bought my own air card and subscribed to Verizon broadband wireless. It is not the fastest, but is pretty consistently reliable wherever we travel. I once signed up via a credit card with Tengo and it worked for the first day and then I never could connect after that. I called to cancel my order and they said it was my equipment's problem. I said I was right under the antenna with a full strength signal but was unable to connect. When I said I was going to call the credit card company to say I did not get the service I paid for, Tengo relented and canceled my order and I was not charged. Every other time I have been in their territory, the service was never adequate. To be fair, the conditions at the sites are not in their control after the installation and there is the local internet connection that can inject problems too, although Tengo may not be specifying proper installation and maintenance procedures to begin with. Who knows? I know where I will spend my money and it ain't with Tengo.

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Posted By: joecouch on 02/23/10 06:06pm

Tengo is a nogo most of the 2 months I have been here in RGV.

Posted By: avan on 02/23/10 06:28pm

I never had any decent luck with Tengonet. But then, each time after it would go down the first time, I'd cancel (in writing) and when the charge came through I'd dispute it with my CC. Quite often I could find another WiFi connection that I could access. Haven't had to try that route for the past 3 yrs since getting my aircard. It works great. FTing without a reliable net interface is the pits.

OP - assume you're at the Naples/Marco KOA?

Posted By: ronfisherman on 02/23/10 06:34pm

Stayed at a KOA with Tengointernet in Albuquerque last April.
System did not work. Called Tengointernet tech support. I was told there was no problem with their service. It was my computer. Went to KOA office to see what was going on. They were using a air card for reservations because Tengointernet was down for the whole park. There support is about as good as their WIFI. I will never pay for their service.

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Posted By: catkins on 02/23/10 07:06pm

I gave up and will NOT sign up to use Tengo. I now tether my cell phone and have success 98% of the time as only had no signal for a few hours on this trip. I donated $$ several times , called their non support number for no help and am done. Not a good situation.

Posted By: ADAD437 on 02/23/10 07:38pm

I have had great luck with it for the past 7 week's i have been here in Webster Fl. If i try to get on around noon when it is busy i may have a minor problem.

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Posted By: ploiselle on 02/23/10 08:05pm

Hi ADAD437

Does your campground have Tengointernet as a WiFi service provider?


Posted By: NorCal Dan on 02/23/10 09:54pm

We've had the same experience as most pay Tengo and it works for a short time then quits. I agree, never again will I give them my money. I have an aircard now and don't need the headache trying to get Tengo working.

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Posted By: Ames on 02/24/10 06:51am

We have used it in the past and when it was down for an extended time they gave me a credit. No problem except I could not get on the internet for a while.

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Posted By: Twomed on 02/23/10 10:30pm


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Posted By: WoodLark on 02/24/10 06:27am

We spent a week in January at a KOA in Sunset Beach, NC. We used TengoInternet for the week and had no problems at all.

Posted By: J Walker on 02/24/10 06:53am

I have not used Tengonet because I object to the cost and there was nothing really that important requiring me to be on the internet for a day or two. The approximately $5 per day is way too high. I would pay $1-$2 per day for good service. There is service available now ranging from $0 to $5 per days. The business plan has not settled down yet. I would avoid Tengonet just to discourage the high prices. As one poster stated in the past, CGs don't charge for swimming pools which are very expensive so why charge for internet. In ten short years I the situation has changed from going to the office to plug into a telephone line if you were lucky to picking up wifi in your MH. The situation has not settled yet and since it has to do with computers it may well be changing for a long time. How about WiMax or everyone getting aircards or internet via cell phones? Wifi may well be gone in another ten years.

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Posted By: ADAD437 on 02/24/10 07:42am

ploiselle wrote:

Hi ADAD437

Does your campground have Tengointernet as a WiFi service provider?



Posted By: ploiselle on 02/24/10 11:21am


when it was down for an extended time they gave me a credit

They did offer to extend my time, but since the next 3 places I am camping for the month of March do not have Tengointernet, the extra days have no value to me.

It was up the first 5 days, but has not been up for 24 consecutive hours since. I am paying about $32 for 30 days of service.


Posted By: avan on 02/24/10 12:43pm

Presume you paid via credit card and presume that your discussions with them expressing your inability to get adequate service from day 6 through day 30 or whatever have been in writing via email or, if verbal, at least documented by you with date, time of calls, who you spoke with and substance of the conversation. If so, dispute the charge to your CC company (in writing) and include a copy of your communications or notes.

This is how no service companies make money - they count on their customers not knowing how or being willing to take the time and make the effort to jerk their chains. Since the cg is also making a commission on their sale and since the cg is advertising the service as a perk, send a copy to the cg as well.

Posted By: mwallace61 on 02/24/10 07:27pm

Make sure you tell the campground folks that you are not happy with this situation and you will have to consider it next year in your decision in where to stay...

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Posted By: john b on 02/24/10 07:40pm

We are in a C/G in Gulf shores that has had tengonet for the last 45 days and it works fine and is free so better yet. We each have a computer and both work fine with an occasional rainy day slowdown when everyone is on at once.IMHO

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Posted By: CROSSBOLT on 02/25/10 09:28am

My experience with Tengo has been mixed between "Horray!" and "^&$@@!!?X*&^." Had to even fix one system in Maine that Tengo was so happy since it saved them a service call. All the hassles we have had with park systems, rent-a-systems like Tengo and so-called "free wi-fi" has driven us to the Verizon "air card" which SEEMS to be quite reliable, so far. I will probably never darken Tengo's door again.



Posted By: tumbleweed97 on 04/02/10 10:11pm

I've just completed a 3 month tour of the southwest and several campgrounds I've stayed at have switched over to Tengo Net.

Some of these campgrounds offer free connection coupons that you use to log-in for 24 hours and if your are staying 1 or 3 nights you get a coupon for each night. Because I did not stay a week I don't know, and I did not ask, if you still get coupons or not. My suspicion is you don't. Some Tengo Net WiFi campgrounds do not offer any coupons at all but the net is wide open (these were very rare and I may have only ran into 1 or 2 of these campgrounds). The last option presented at check-in time was, do you want WiFi; Yes; then connect to the router and when the web page comes up use your credit card to sign up for however many days you wish to be connected.

First of all, Tengo Net can be one crappy connection and it often is due to the antenna location or lack of antennas strategically placed in the campground or the antenna line of sight is being block by a building, a park model or another RV that gets placed next to you and is bigger than you and covers the line of sight. The other reason for a crappy connection or no connection at all is the network and or network equipment/installation at this park may have been bad or lacking to begin with. Unfortunately it appears that Tengo Net is trying to take over as many private RV campgrounds as they can and I suspect they would like to have every campground in America signed up and requiring a fee for usage.
When I decided to pay a fee to use Tengo Net it was $4.95 for a 24 hour period or $12.95 for a 7 day period. I did not see any pricing higher or lower for that number of days. You can also get a 30 day access at an even cheaper price.

Now, when I read the fine print there was a couple of very nasty caveats: 1) Your connection access at this campgrounds Tengo Net may NOT be usable at any other Tengo Net service at any other campground. In other words the access privilege is only good at the local providers internet service so if you pay for 30 days and think after staying at a park for a week that you can move to another Tengo Net RV park, forget it. It most probably will not work. 2)They have the right to graduate or restrict your usage as your time on the net goes along meaning they can regulate you by how many megabytes or gigabytes of data you are eating up.

What I did when I found out the park was Tengo Net and I had to pay I fired up my laptop and activated the WiFi software that was installed with the interface on the Dell. This application has a signal strength meter that tells me how well the parks WiFi signal(s) are doing. When I saw the range of the signal bounce from 3 or 4 bars down to 1 or 0 and did this consistently I knew I would not have a very reliable connection and would experience a lot of drop outs. So I did not purchase air time. On the other hand if the signal stayed steady at 2 or 3 bars and up to 5 then I would consider purchasing.

At one park the Tengo Net connection was the meanest of them all. It right up front told me that if I used more than 2GB of data transfers within 48 hours I would be shut off. I tried this WiFi and after 48 hours I had only used about 17% of the 2GB allowance but when you hit 48 hours the usage meter does not reset to zero. It is a continuous running usage meter so you will still show some usage. The real problem with this connection was it did not tell me where I could go to monitor my usage. Only when I started up the laptop the next day and had to log in did it tell me once what my usage value was and then it would never show me again. I think for normal emails and maybe an update or two that an application might invoke during your login time the 2GB allowance would easily get anybody by. I had a chunk of pictures I needed to upload to my web photo album but the images were not so big in size as to eat up my allocated usage. It was not a smooth upload but it was steady with jerks. Often I had to do repairs or just walk away and come back later.

Bottom line for me is this; if I find out the RV park is Tengo Net I will be looking for another park and only stay at a park that is on Tengo Net if I'm desperate and can not find any other park worthy of my dollars. I currently do not have an air card to connect via a cell phone but I may have to consider going this route.

Posted By: brobox on 04/03/10 12:57pm

If we pull into an RV park that has Tangointernet, we are gone the next morning. I have been ripped off by them WAY too many time and will no longer use them.

This year I will probably purchase a Verizon air card and do a month to month service with them. WI-fi was way to spotty on our trip last year, so I think it's time for us to upgrade.

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