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Topic: Dirty Clothes and Laundry

Posted By: SandyandLarry on 04/10/10 10:01am

How do you all handle your dirty clothing and the general laundry issue? We just bought a 2009 Itasca Class C, 24 feet and love it. We have yet to have our maiden voyage. I'm an organized person, but I cannot figure out how to store that dirty laundry. We are light packers when we travel. I have managed to get the laundry loads to one dark and one white. I hope that works anyway. Laundry baskets don't fit except in the shower, but baskets would be the most convenient for laundromats, folding, and carting back and forth to the MH. Suggestions?

Posted By: bldrbuck on 04/10/10 10:08am

We use laundry bags. They take up almost no space and keep the clothes separated. Folding boxes would be our second choice.

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Posted By: RicJones on 04/10/10 10:08am

We have a hassock that came with the MH. I can cram about 2 weeks of dirty clothes in it. What we also have done is get a large duffel bag and store it under the bed with the dirty clothes for longer trips.

Posted By: tatest on 04/10/10 10:13am

Old pillowcase. We put it in the closet. I sort light and dark as I load the machines.

I wash the pillowcase, fold in the laundry and carry clean goods back in the pillowcase.

A basket (or two) would be nice, but we don't really have room for it. It is traveling, we make some compromises, just like when we travel by air or go on a cruise, no laundry baskets then, either.

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Posted By: TexasShadow on 04/10/10 10:20am

mesh laundry bags, two, kept in the shower. I keep a box of bounce sheets in the bottom of one.

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Posted By: Skip and Norine on 04/10/10 11:36am

We have a regular, plastic hamper we keep in the bedroom and use mesh laundry bags to haul the clothes to the laundromat.

However, our rig is a bit larger than yours and we have more room for the hamper. If we had a shorter RV with less space, we'd lose the hamper and go with the mesh bags.

I wouldn't try and over think this laundry issue, though. You can always find a place to sock away the dirty laundry.

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Posted By: ArcticDodge on 04/10/10 01:11pm

We use mesh bags in the closet and we also have a basket under the "laundry chute" hatch. I keep a zip lock bag with a lot of quarters and a small ultra concentrate liquid detergent bottle in the basket after finding out that not all laundry mats have functioning coin or supply vending machines. Not to mention that the single use detergents get expensive for a family of four on a three week trip.

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Posted By: rolling_rhoda on 04/10/10 01:37pm

A medium sized plastic tote with a lid. Fits between the bed and the wall.

Posted By: Pawz4me on 04/10/10 01:44pm

We use fabric laundry bags for dirty clothes. When one gets full it's easy to shove under the bed or into a storage bin. But I'd like to find some kind of collapsible/folding basket for the rare times I use a campground laundromat.

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Posted By: ennajean on 04/10/10 01:58pm

We have a small flexible round basket that fits in the closet. Can hold up to a week or so dirty clothes. Plus its easy to get at and out of the way. Also nice to bring back the clean clothes in.

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Posted By: WeBeFulltimers on 04/10/10 04:22pm

We use the built-in hamper that came with our fiver.

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Posted By: 99Prowler on 04/10/10 04:56pm

I would love to have a built in hamper! We have the space for a hamper and use that. We got one last year that is on wheels and we just roll that to the laundry room. The pillow case and duffel bags are good ideas as well.

Posted By: LarryJM on 04/10/10 05:32pm

SandyandLarry wrote:

How do you all handle your dirty clothing and the general laundry issue? We just bought a 2009 Itasca Class C, 24 feet and love it. We have yet to have our maiden voyage. I'm an organized person, but I cannot figure out how to store that dirty laundry. We are light packers when we travel. I have managed to get the laundry loads to one dark and one white. I hope that works anyway. Laundry baskets don't fit except in the shower, but baskets would be the most convenient for laundromats, folding, and carting back and forth to the MH. Suggestions?

We use the collapsible net ones that are like 12" square by about 30" tall that fold flat when not needed and just put that in the shower or in the bedroom along side the bed. Very easy to move out of the way when needed and take up very little floor space which it at a premium in most RVs and folded clothes will go in them just fine back from the laundry mat.


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Posted By: Finally Time on 04/10/10 11:54am

I have under the bed storage so I keep a basket underneath a corner of the foot. Just raise the bed a little and drop in the dirty clothes.

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Posted By: mowermech on 04/11/10 11:44am

The shower works great for us as a "laundry hamper".
Especially since we are normally camping without full hookups, and it never gets used as a shower anyway.
If it doesn't get used as a hamper, it is where the dogs sleep.

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Posted By: SandyandLarry on 04/12/10 01:00pm

I cannot thank all of you enough for your help for this newbie with what may seem like a small problem. I love these forums and have learned so much. You're the best!

Posted By: Ranger431 on 04/12/10 08:07am

I have to have the world's biggest laundry bag - this thing is HUGE. when it's fully loaded - which doesn't take long with 6 kids, and add in a few wet towels it weighs pretty darn close to what my backpack did when I was in the Army - and that's no joke [emoticon]

We have a wardrobe closet that is essentially a big hamper, and it houses the MOALB - Mother of All Laundry Bags [emoticon] Unfortunately, we end up starting laundry loads on day 3 of any trip longer than 3 days. For a long weekend, we will wait until we get home, and longer than that and we start usually very early in the morning and knock it all out an once. Otherwise it takes forever to get caught up at home.

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Posted By: Mr.Beebo on 04/12/10 02:59am

We're usually only out 3-4 days so they go into a white trash bag and when full into the back of the truck.

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Posted By: skrams on 04/11/10 01:11pm

We use a tall plastic hamper with a lid. It lives in the shower mostly, the bedroom when the shower is in use.

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Posted By: Clay L on 04/11/10 09:27am

We also use the pop open mesh bags. Easy to store when not in use. One fits nicely in a corner by the bed to hold dirty clothes.

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Posted By: MackinawMan on 04/11/10 11:33am

We simply keep a couple of the "tall" type laundry baskets in the tub, and when the baskets get full it's time to head to the laundromat.[emoticon]

One thing I noticed early on, usually by the time we leave to return home on our big summer trip, the laundry is quite full, but since we're going home we just haul the dirty laundry home because the DW would rather wash it at our house.

However, I noticed how having ALL those dirty clothes (for 6 total people) sitting at the very rear of the trailer can affect the way the trailer rides on the way home. (i.e. the shifting of that weight from where it was on our ride up).

So, we started "distributing" the dirty clothes onto the floor towards the middle and front of the trailer to balance things out.

It blew my mind how clothes could have such an effect, but they certainly did!

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Posted By: Tothill on 04/11/10 12:02pm

I had a couple of the collapsible mesh baskets, but found out the hard way that one of them bled colour onto damp towels.

Now if we are going for a longer than a week trip I use 2 regular laundry baskets. They ride on the beds when underway and sit on the driver's seat when camped. Shorter trips we just being one basket.

I have a small plastic basket which holds laundry detergent, clothes pegs, travel iron etc. I also have a think yellow rope to use for a clothes line.

I have a stash of coins for laundromats too.

I prefer to go to a bigger laundromat as I can generally get access to as many machines as I need at once, especially when washing towels and sheets.

I will often go to a big laundromat when we get home from a long trip for the same reason. I can get all the laundry done in less than 2 hours, as opposed to taking a day or more at home.

Posted By: VirtualGarage on 04/11/10 12:56pm

We use something like this for our laundry:

Lightweight and easy to carry. We have several of them to sort clothes and store them under the queen bed.

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Posted By: chele on 04/10/10 07:58pm

I use the collapsible mesh. It fits on it's side underneath the bathroom vanity. I keep the laundry detergent under there with it. It has handles for carrying it to the laundry mat and it's a nice size for folded laundry to carry back to the camper too.

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Posted By: soos on 04/10/10 10:19pm

we use a regular laundry basket that we keep in the closet, on the floor. It doubles as a cat bed. lol...

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