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Topic: Best adhesive when workign with foam?

Posted By: mgirardo on 09/04/10 07:10am

Anyone have a favorite adhesive to use when gluing Luan to foam? I tried liquid nails, but that eats the foam (whoops).

The manufacturer used something that looks like it was pretty thin and spreads out easily, it was a pinkish purle in color.

I was hoping to tackle this project this weekend, so I can't call the RV manufacturer.

Some background info on the project: I had to remove rotted luan and the foam under it. That's all out and now I'm putting new foam and luan (actually it's 1/4" Oak plywood) down.

Any thoughts on the adhesive?



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Posted By: lampooner on 09/04/10 07:18am

Most any hardware store will have "Water based contct cement or glue". I believe it will be safe for foam. Should say on the container.


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Posted By: LAdams on 09/04/10 09:32am

3M 77 works real well...


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Posted By: pigman1 on 09/04/10 10:48am

Good suggestions. This is a good site for gluing things and picking the glue. THIS TO THAT


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Posted By: mikebo on 09/04/10 11:20am

PL300 works great but takes a long time to fully dry or cure.



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Posted By: cm on 09/04/10 11:37am

You used the wrong model Liquid Nails. They make a style that is compatible with the foam materials.

Posted By: PapillonRV on 09/10/10 12:28pm

Be careful out there...
Most contact cements on the market will either eat or not work with polystyrene foams... water base will not work. I have not specifically read the lables on the 3M's #77 or #90's listed by previous responders. BUT, I do know that 3M makes a #78 and it specifically says on its front lable that it is used for gluing polystyrene foam. I did lots of experimentation recently in a major exterior wall rebuilding project to repair about a 3 sq. ft. water intrusion delam area. The 3M #78 worked perfectly!
By the way, I could not find 3M #78 locally, did find at a number of specialty vendors on line... but they wanted to charge huge "haz-mat" shipping premiums no mater what small quantity you wanted ($25 added to shipping fee)... check out Amazon dot com as I got two cans from them, reasonable price, and normal shipping, think they know that very small consumer quantites don't require special haz mat fees.

Posted By: mgirardo on 09/07/10 09:25am

I ended up getting the 3M Super 90. It didn't matter how far away I was when I sprayed the foam, it still eat away at it.

After putting down the new plywood without gluing it to the foam, I discovered that Liquid Nails makes a product specifically for binding foam. I found it at a local hardware store when getting flooring adhesive. Home Depot unfortunately doesn't carry it otherwise I would have bought it instead of the regular Liquid Nails.

Thanks again to all that replied! The subfloor and floor are down and dry and now I just have to return the furniture.


Posted By: javaseuf on 09/05/10 10:46pm

3-M General Trim spray adhesive.

Posted By: Lee185 on 09/04/10 11:39am

LAdams wrote:

3M 77 works real well...


3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive is the way to go.

If you spray it on the foam, just keep the spray nozzle away, direct spray will cause it to eat the foam. I believe its the Aerosol in the can that does it.

The easiest thing to do is just spray it on the plywood, (if it isn't installed yet) then put the foam in.

If you do spray it on the foam, just keep a 12" distance & you shouldn't have any problems.

Best of luck, Lee

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Posted By: W8NONU on 09/04/10 12:22pm

or 3M Super 90.

It's 3M Super 77's big brother used in high-strength applications.


Posted By: old guy on 09/04/10 01:16pm

my friend is an upholster and he uses the 3M stuff pictured above.

Posted By: mgirardo on 09/04/10 01:57pm

Thanks for the replies guys! The 3M stuff looks like it is the way to go, I just hope I can find it around here so I can get this wrapped up this weekend.

Thanks again!


Editted to add: Both Home Depot and Lowes carry it, hopefully one of them has it locally.

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Posted By: mgirardo on 09/04/10 03:31pm

Thanks again for the replies. Home Depot had 3M 77, 80 & 90. I picked up a couple cans of the 90.

Looking forwward to get this job done.

Thanks again!


Posted By: LAdams on 09/10/10 03:08pm

The reason I initially recommended the 3M 77 is that it will work with polystyrene foam - have used it many times... I was not aware of the newer one's though - good to know [emoticon]


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