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Topic: Antenna Booster problem

Posted By: 04Coach on 04/17/11 07:59pm

In our 5th wheel our TV booster isn't working. When we push the booster button the green like flickers but doesn't stay on. It worked fine last Sunday. We haven't moved the camper since the booster was working.
Does anyone have any idea what we should do?

Posted By: houtrz on 04/17/11 08:33pm

In my RV, the booster is on the living room wall and on the other side of the wall is the bathroom shower. Last year the shower faucet leaked inside the wall, spraying the booster with water and damaged it. Can this be the case?

If not, have you pulled the booster out of the wall and examined it? Make sure its not corroded, connections are good and so on. Should have 12vdc going to it so you can check that. Other than that, not sure. Good luck

Posted By: sirdrakejr on 04/17/11 08:49pm

Moved from 5th wheels to tech issues.

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Posted By: waroland on 04/17/11 08:49pm

The booster is actually in the antenna, so you are turning on the power to the booster on the inside box. I would check the connection to the antenna on the roof to see if it is still connected.

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Posted By: houtrz on 04/17/11 08:58pm

What was in my wall? When I pulled it off, it was the button to thurn on the booster along with a small circuit board. Is there more to the booster than that?

Posted By: targaboat on 04/17/11 09:21pm

I do not thing it is necessary with the digital signals, or even works with those systems. I know on our new unit there is no booster that you can control. I also know it sure works better than any of the old systems.

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Posted By: Captain_Happy on 04/18/11 04:42am

Get yourself a volt-amp-ohm meter and check the voltage at the terminals on the back of the wall unit (pull it out of the wall). If you've got 12 VDC at the unit, all take the coxial cable loose at the antenna on the roof. Turn on the wall unit, now check to see if theres voltage coming up through the cable. The booster unit is inside the antenna itself. Also look for corrided connections.

Posted By: wa8yxm on 04/18/11 12:17pm

There are basically two or 3 possible issues (two of them are kind of the same)

First: The booster is not (Well there are a few exceptions) in the wall, that is only the power supply and video (RF) switch.. the booster is in the antenna, the coax to the antenna can become damaged causing a short.. I tend to doubt it (Would blow fuse I hope) but it is possible.

Second and third.. High resistance... The reason I gave this two entires is the switch itself is a common cause of high resistance.. To fix that there are two cures.. ONE is to find the fuse that feeds it and remove that fuse, then operate the switch 25-50 cycles, replace the fuse and see if it now works.. If so you have just cleaned a switch.. pat yourself on the back or buy lottery tickets.

The other is replacement.

The other source of high resistance is a bad connection.. The fuse is a common one here too. The above sequence will fix that as well. but the switch is more likely.

Since you say the power supply got wet,, Yes, replacement may be indicated.

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Posted By: Jim83Itasca on 04/18/11 12:27pm

John, Got a reply from the "Winegard boss" and he ask me to call technical services at 1-800-788-4417 and trouble shoot this critter..


Posted By: Triker33 on 04/18/11 05:32pm

Inside the antenna head is a signal amplifier.
If there is 12V in the cable at the head.
And no change in picture with the 12V on or off.
Winegard recommends a new head is needed.
Winegard Sensar III Replacement Antenna Head Mfg Part # RV-2005 or if you don't have the Wingman the Winegard Sensar IV Integrated Amp. Replacement Head Mfg Part # RVW-205

Posted By: ExRVTech on 04/19/11 04:14pm

Little know fact I learned while working for a RV OEM. The antenna booster unit mounted in you wall with the little green light is actually a self testing unit. A solid green light indicates no issues, a blinking, intermittant green light, indicates a short in the coax somewhere. FYI

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