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Topic: macerator operating switch

Posted By: senf on 11/30/11 10:46pm

For those with a factory provided macerator, in paticular Roadtreks, with the operating switch on the door side of the driver's seat. The bugs, particularly mosquitoes, seem to be attracted to DW and she suffers greatly when bitten. The open door is a real invitation to insects when dumping.
Hss anyone moved that switch so that it can be operated without holding the driver door open?

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Posted By: WaterDaisy on 12/01/11 07:58am

I haven't done it, but I went out to look and here is how I would approach it:

Do to the location of the original switch, I'd leave that one alone and wire up another switch in parallel with the original. I'd mount the new switch on the bracket where the black/grey valve handles are located. The main challenge would be locating where on the 12V supply wire coming from the fuse panel to splice into. I didn't dig around this morning to figure that out.

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Posted By: FLSTFI on 12/01/11 11:59am

Just about everytime I empty the holding tanks I think about doing something about that switch. Especially when it is hot and the flies and yellowjackets and smell are hanging around. And also when it's cold and windy and raining.
What I would like to do if I ever get around to it is put in a remote control relay to operate it so I could get away from all those things and also keep them out of the van.
Anybody try that yet ?

The easiest would be like WaterDaisy suggested. But instead of leaving the switch connected, splice the two wires at the switch together and then cut into the wire going to the pump to add a switch by the dump valve handles. Then you wouldn't have to look for the 12 volt feed.
Might even be able to disconnect the wires from the switch and pull them down the door pillar and reconnect them at the new location.

For those same reasons I don't like the water fills being in the doors either. Especially with the undersized vent lines RT uses that make you fill the tanks at a trickle or have the water blow back on you and the doors (with the radio speakers).

Posted By: booster on 12/01/11 04:21pm

We went the quick and easy route, and just made a hold down for the switch. All I did was use an about 3/8" diameter, 1/4" high, Harbor Freight rare earth magnet, which sticks to the seat base, and a small piece of steel stuck to the top of the magnet. It stays in place, off the switch most of the time, and you just swing it over the switch when you need it to run. Door open or shut, it doesn't care, and you aren't stooped and holding the button for the whole time.

Posted By: gdoug83 on 12/01/11 05:10pm

I just wedge a toothpick in the side of the button. And shut the door if need be.

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Posted By: sergeant76 on 12/01/11 09:13pm

I just have my wife Rose operate the switch, no problem.


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Posted By: senf on 12/01/11 10:24pm

Thanks everyone. I was thinking along the lines of WaterDaisy's idea, but in the short term, Booster and gdoug83 came through with easy and simple solutions.

Posted By: PSW on 12/03/11 06:27am

I took an old house key and then removed the top mounting screw on the RT macerator switch in the door. I then reinstalled the screw with the key mounted just like a washer, inserting the screw through the key ring hole at top of the key. What this makes then is an elongated washer which is really a lever.

This does not affect the door at all and all you have to do is depress the switch and swing the key down over it to hold it in place. To stop it, just swing the key back off the button. Free solution, no wiring, no nothin'. Did that five years ago and works like a charm. The price is right, too: free.

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Posted By: yizit on 12/04/11 06:18pm

Ours has a push button switch mounted inside under the dash. Someone installed a toggle switch in place of the push button.

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Posted By: senf on 12/04/11 06:38pm

PSW I was wondering what I could use all those keys which I cannot find locks for. Now I know, thanks! BTW I have a few spare, need any?

Posted By: My Roadtrek on 12/04/11 08:30pm

Be careful if you wedge something in the switch, or go with a toggle type, you don't want to run the macerator dry for more than a few seconds.

Posted By: runeasy on 12/10/11 08:17pm

My wife holds down the button while I man the hose. If there's reason to close the door (weather, bugs, odor, etc.) she closes it and still holds the button down while sitting in the driver's seat.

What's the prob?

Posted By: markopolo on 12/11/11 09:58am

When I installed a macerator in my '04 Roadtrek I put a wireless remote switch on it. I got the switch from Wal-Mart for around $20 and it was rated 20 amps - perfect for the pump. It worked from inside my RT [emoticon]

Here's a photo of the remote module installed the side compartment for anyone who's interested in this idea. I kept the clicker in the glove box.


I had a normal on/off toggle switch on it also. The remote receiving unit was placed after that so that I had to turn the toggle switch on first then you used the remote. I did it that way to prevent "accidents". You know how sometimes something presses a remote switch when it is in your pocket? Like your keys press up against it or something. I did not want to "accidentally" activate the macerator!

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Posted By: 1775 on 12/12/11 12:07am

The simple solution is to just get the OFF belt clip mosquito repellant and have that sit on the RT door step while operating the switch with the door open. And as stated, it is easy to reach down and push that switch with the door closed sitting in the driver's seat. Get a pair of walkie-talkies and signal when to start and stop - cheaper and easier than taking it all apart and moving the switch.

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