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Topic: How to find studs?

Posted By: sjstockton on 08/09/12 05:05pm

I just bought the "Extend A Shower" and was wondering how do I locate the studs to get thing thing in the wall? If I cant find the studs do you think anchors will hold it?

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Posted By: wittmeba on 08/09/12 05:37pm

Sometimes you can push on panel with hands about 8" apart and see where the panel bends. The high spot should be a stud.

If this is in a shower stall, you might to the same on the backside (if accessible) then measure from the wall and transfer the measure to inside the shower.

Otherwise you may need to rely on anchor bolts of a sort.

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Posted By: harold1946 on 08/09/12 05:44pm

Stud finders are available at Lowes and Home Depot. There are two types, one uses ultrasound, the other uses magnets and will not work if the stud are aluminum.

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Posted By: rbell on 08/09/12 05:44pm

Use a stud finder. I used one to locate the backer to mount a TV bracket in my trailer.


Posted By: CavemanCharlie on 08/09/12 06:32pm

The cheap magnet ones hardly ever even work on a house wall. I bet it will never work in a camper. The magnet looks for nails pounded into the studs. But, a lot of campers use staples and I'll bet you'll find there is not enough magnetism in them to make the stud finder work. I don't know about the other kind. Do you maybe have a friend or relative in the home building/ remodeling business? Maybe he has a good one and can help you out.

Posted By: Lynnmor on 08/09/12 06:41pm

I used a Black & Decker stud finder to find the TV backer board and studs. It failed on most locations.
When you drill a hole, use a tiny drill first and probe to make sure you are in a stud or possibly see how far you missed it. If you find a problem then there is just a small hole to patch.

Posted By: John H on 08/09/12 09:31pm

What you are go int to find is that on these VERY thin inside walls that the studs are few and far apart, saves weight, and space. I did not trust the lone stud on the outside wall & could not find one less that 24" away from the edges of the tub on the inside wall. Took 3 Oak, 5" wide x the length needed to span between 2 studs. Counter sunk and screwed. you should pre drill holes as studs are only 2 x 2's ~~split easy. Primed & painted 2 of them with white enamel for the bathroom side, stained & pollyed the one on the ad jointed wall to the bedroom. Put a O-Gee edge on all sides of all. Sandwiched with bolts the bedroom & the painted one from the bath side, all up tight to ceiling. Bedroom side one, has a couple of collapsible clothes hooks.

Fold out shower rod worked out extra good, because of the distance was less between edges, this allow a further extension and a deeper collapse. We hang all kinds of wet cloths on it collapse to the inside while traveling, with the full trust that I did it right with the oak wall reinforcements.

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Posted By: BobsYourUncle on 08/09/12 11:05pm

Go outside in the early morning and look at it when there is still dew present.

On many units you can see all the studs on a trailer when there is the morning moisture on the walls.

Doesn't always work but its worth a try.

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Posted By: Sampson-Shack on 08/10/12 04:17pm

Just screw it in to the wall with wood screws. Unless your planning on swinging from it you won't have any problems. I had no studs anywhere near the mounting location on mine and it's been holding fine for years.

Posted By: rbell on 08/10/12 04:28pm

The stud finder I have is made by Zircon. It calibrates to the type of wall material and will also find live wires in the wall. You might ask a woodworking friend to see if you can use one.
BTW once you have one you'll never be without it.

Posted By: daveor on 08/10/12 08:34pm

I have found that if I look really close,, I can see where the paneling is stapled to the studs,, they usually put some kind of putty or whatever to make them invisable, but if you look, you can find them,

Posted By: mobeewan on 08/11/12 02:26am

To the OP:

Don't know how they work with aluminum framed walls, but I haven't had any problem finding any wood framing in the wall yet using an ultrasonic stud finder. It took me a little getting used to using it initially.

It measures the difference in wall density and alerts to when the density increases. Start in several different locations and it move to the spot you are searching for studs. For practice you can start at a points you know don't have any framing and move away from those spots until you find structure then move to a different spot then back to the point you found structure again to confirm it is there.

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