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Topic: Cracker Barrel Overnight Generator Ethics

Posted By: mejones53 on 10/02/12 04:45pm

I'm thinking of ovenighting in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. Arriving after 10 PM and departing after breakfast (at Cracker Barrel), probably by 7 AM.

I have an EF3000 inverter Yamaha "quiet" generator.

Is it okay to run the generator all night for A/C purposes?

I"m guessing if no one else is there when I get there it's not an issue.

What if someone else is already there? Would you go around and ask? just fire it up? Or forget about it?

I've never done this before --- The low murmor of generator from past (boondocking) experience puts me right to sleep.

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Posted By: Gale Hawkins on 10/02/12 04:51pm

Your call. The parking lot at ours is just a strip center mall parking lot that is dead after 9pm.

Posted By: Quick trip on 10/02/12 05:02pm

Check with the manager to see if you can run your generator all night.
Also ask to stay in the parking lot!
Good Luck & Drive Safe!

Posted By: ford truck guy on 10/02/12 05:15pm

On our trip to Florida this summer we had a blow out on 95... limped into a Cracker Barrel.. We decided to stay there so I went and spoke to the manager and advised her of our plans,, she brought out some snacks , cookies , crackers , apples and water because they were closing and she said we may get hungry ,, she introduced me to their maintaince man who works 3rd shift , told him to look out for us , told us no problem with the Genny... and she would see us at the breakfast table.!! We could not ask for more,,, just ask to talk to the manager... Joe

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Posted By: Sandia Man on 10/02/12 06:12pm

Don't think there are any enforced rules for staying overnight at Cracker Barrel, but if you get there before closing you could ask if it is OK to run genny. Otherwise, go for it, run your genny, get a good night's sleep, and have a satisfying breakfast before hitting the road. Although it is rare, we have occasionally stayed at Walmart, rest stops, truck stops, or other open spaces along the highway when traveling late into the night to make time, and we use all our TT's creature comforts as we see fit. Happy Trails!!!

Posted By: ArcticDodge on 10/02/12 06:30pm

Go for it if you are the only one around. If there are others, I'd swing by and see what's up. If you NEED to run your air, chances are they would want to run theirs also.

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Posted By: ScottG on 10/02/12 06:37pm

I think it would be alright unless someone else is also parked there.

Posted By: helperzack on 10/02/12 07:57pm

My daughter used to work at CB and she suggested we always call and ask. She said that at her store they never say no, but some locations may have local ordinances that do not allow overnights.

Most CB's have someone working inside overnight. Pick up one of their locator maps and when you arrive call and ask if OK to stay until breakfast. We have stayed when arriving after close even when we got no answer with no problem.

Generator use would be just fine, if someone else is there before us I always try to park where my generator is on the opposite side from them.

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Posted By: DiskDoctr on 10/02/12 08:21pm

If you're an early riser and don't impact their customers, that would be a nice touch and probably appreciated.

Posted By: 214mrj44 on 10/02/12 08:45pm

Soninlaw is a manager at a CB in Fla. I asked him if thay allowed it and he smiled and sead yes (cheap securty) makes sense to me. Mike

Posted By: rockportrocket on 10/02/12 10:38pm

Being the night manager at the local cracker barrell , I demand that quiet time be from 2am to 2:01 am BE WARNED ~~~~~

Posted By: M GO BLUE on 10/03/12 05:34am

We have done it more than a few times...most close by 10pm EST and we are usually up and ready to go by the time they open at 6am...we always go inside and have breakfast before we leave

...and we run the generator if needed

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Posted By: phillyg on 10/03/12 06:52am

Some local ordinances prohibit overnighting, but the respective CB should know those rules. So, ask the manager for permission. If anyone else parks near you, ask them if it's okay to run your genset all night. If someone else pulls in after you're asleep, maybe they'll just move as far enough away from you as they can. I wouldn't worry about it at that point.

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Posted By: Queens Carriage on 10/03/12 06:57am

Caution with exhaust fumes. Would be the only thing I can think of. Be safe and have fun.

Posted By: mlts22 on 10/03/12 08:34am

Other than the manager's OK and making sure to deal with exhaust fumes, I'd make sure the generator is properly secured (I use multiple chains that wrap through both handles.) Good luck.

Posted By: hershey on 10/05/12 08:51pm

I don't know of any rules as such for boondocking at Cracker Barrels or Walmarts etc. Nothing written. '
But common sense should prevail. Common sense rules are simple and easy to adhere to. If it is a source of irritant to anyone, don't do it. You don't let any liquid drop from your RV, even a leaking fresh water tank. Don't put out slides so you look like your homesteading the area. Don't take the chance of your jacks putting a dimple in the asphalt parking lot. Don't run the generator if there are others in the immediate area. They might not think that the "drone" of a chain saw generator as music to their ears.
Common Sense. Sometimes, not all that common.

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Posted By: jetboater454 on 10/08/12 07:45am

Run ours at Cracker Barrel,walmart,Flying J's ect.

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Posted By: BillB800si on 10/11/12 06:48pm

We almost drydocked at a CB once. Problem was the RV section was way in back of the restaurant. Dark & lonely. We moved on to a rest stop down the road.
Be as safe as you can be. There are bad guys out there.

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Posted By: Lantley on 10/11/12 07:08pm

BillB800si wrote:

We almost drydocked at a CB once. Problem was the RV section was way in back of the restaurant. Dark & lonely. We moved on to a rest stop down the road.
Be as safe as you can be. There are bad guys out there.

While I don't suggest parking in front of the main door you do not have to park in the darkest part of the lot. You also don't have to park in the RV sections. When hooked up I am generally too long for an RV space. Park in a out of the way spot and you'll be fine for an overnight
CB lots are generally well lit. I have over nighted at CB many times they are generally peaceful and less hectic than Wal Marts,Rest areas or truck stops

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