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Topic: Trying to find our Battery disconnect Switch.

Posted By: Heidi Renee on 05/15/13 07:54pm

We have, to us new, (2009) Jamboree. We are stummed as how to make the slides and the stairs work. We used it a very few times last fall when we first bought it.No issues then. We winterized it , took out all the batteries and stored them. Now all the batteries are replaced they have a good charge; the vehicle drives, I can turn the lights on, but now no power is getting to the slides or the stairs. I know I have to turn on the Vehicle to operate the slide , but nothing happens. There is a sticker on the monitor panel that says "!WARNING Entry Step, Propane Detector and CO Detector Will NOT operate, on 12-Volt, if the ignition switch and battery disconnect switch are both turned off." What do I try now?

Posted By: tenbear on 05/15/13 08:11pm

My battery disconnect switch is down by the door. It is a rocker switch, press the top to connect the battery, bottom to disconnect it. Since I don't have a Jamboree, yours may or may not be the same.

When you say the lights work do you mean the coach lights? Usually if the battery disconnect switch is set to disconnect the coach lights will not work.

You did install the batteries with the right polarity???

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Posted By: Beverley&Ken on 05/15/13 08:16pm

On ours, the battery disconnect is beside the coach entry door. It is a rocker switch that operates a relay to connect or disconnect the coach/MH batteries. I have seen other types of switches on other coaches, but the location has always been near the entry door.

On the other hand, our steps and slideouts operate off the chassis battery. The steps also have an on/off switch near the entry door.
Perhaps you may have missed a wire when hooking up the chassis battery.

Beverley and Ken

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Posted By: RetSgt7114 on 05/15/13 08:25pm

Ours is at the entry door too.

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Posted By: kennyd63 on 05/15/13 08:25pm

My battery disconnect is on my left side as you walk in to the coach. It is also a switch.

we hope you find it.[emoticon]

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Posted By: mockturtle on 05/15/13 08:37pm

Mine is in the cab, on the door side below the driver's seat. It is a round knob. But, then, Born Free does a lot of things differently.

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Posted By: Heidi Renee on 05/15/13 10:00pm

Well we have not found switch yet. But I thank you all. I'm very excited to have all this help. We have someone coming over to check the connections once again. I'll try and be patient.

Posted By: snowdance on 05/16/13 07:34am

Some do not have a disconnect switch and just unhook the ground on the battery. If you did not turn it off or disconnect odds are the battery/s are dead. That would give you just what you have. No real way to know with out checking it..


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Posted By: ReadyToGo on 05/16/13 07:39am

Simple solution is to call the mfg.

Posted By: Bordercollie on 05/16/13 11:35am

On our 2004 Fleetwood Tioga 26Q there is a control panel with rocker switches and LED's showing what's on or off (etc). One switch is marked "Aux Battery" or something like that. When you rock this switch to "on" you should hear a click coming from where the house battery compartment is, probably under the entry step.If you don't hear a click, the relay device may not be working/stuck, or the house battery may be discharged/dead.Sometimes rocking the switch will get the relay to work, then the house battery may provide power to your 12 volt stuff. There may be a separate switch for the slide(s). Call Fleetwood or Fleetwood dealer for assistance.

Get as smart as you can be about 12 volt DC and 110 AC power and charging systems including how to proactively keep house and engine starting batteries charged when rig is not in use.

Posted By: Livies Dad on 05/16/13 07:47pm

On our 06 Tioga to operate the slides, the engine must be running and the emergency brake must be on. Do you have the brake on??

Posted By: jdog on 05/17/13 10:43am

The EMERGENCY brake HAS TO BE set before the slides and the step work! Try it! How do you know you have the optional battery switch?

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