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Topic: Where is the fresh water tank drain

Posted By: sew0177 on 06/25/15 05:43am

I have a 2004 Fleetwood Revolution and can not locate the fresh water tank drain. Does anyone know where it is?

Posted By: yrusoslo on 06/25/15 05:45am

Did you check your manual?

Posted By: nelson on 06/25/15 05:48am

If you can find the tank check the bay's under the tank on both sides. My Damon had one on each side in the bays.

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Posted By: et2 on 06/25/15 06:16am

Try the water bay? Where the water hose gets connected. Our's on the Expedition is there on bottom left corner. Has a big red T handle. Connected to about a 1" PVC pipe.

Posted By: sew0177 on 06/25/15 06:42am

Thanks for the seggestions.

yrusoslo - The manual is very generic and only states that there is a valve on the tank but no picture or diagram. I'm a little suprised by this as we traded a 2000 Fleetwood Pace Arrow and its manual was way more specific and had pictures.

nelson - I was talking to a service tech at the dealer we bought it from a couple of days ago. He said it was probably in one of the passanger side bays but for the life of me I can not find it.

et2 - Its not located in the utility bay, I have looked that over very carfully. It has the fresh water city hookup and cold water low drain but no tank drain.

Posted By: sharibartling on 06/25/15 08:06am

Maybe try Google search or YouTube. We've found them to be a wealth of information as we still consider ourselves as "newbies" found the manuals for my fridge, micro-convection oven...etc

Posted By: sew0177 on 06/25/15 08:14am

Well, I call Fleetwood. The person I talked with said that the American and Revolution coachs didn't have drains until about 2012. She suggested opening the hot/cold water low drains and run the pump. I know that will work, kinda slow but ... no drain valve?

Posted By: olly72 on 06/25/15 08:51am

My drain valve is in the top right hand corner of where the propane tank is located.

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Posted By: Trackrig on 06/25/15 08:52am

I have a 2005 Fleetwood Excursion 39S so hopefully it's close to yours. The drain was very hard to find on mine also. All of the water and electrical connections are on the left side of the MH EXCEPT for the fresh water drain. It's on the right side a little over half way back. Get down to where you can see below the storage bins and it should be sticking down slightly below and behind the bins. Then the ball valve for it is up in the storage bin near the top of the bin.

Now this is the strange part. When I went to drain my tank to winterize it, my driveway has a very slight slant to it. The tank was over half full but would not drain so I kept doubting whether I'd found the right drain and valve or not. I finally used the levelers to get it perfectly level and then the tank started draining. I'd take a picture for you, but the MH is a long ways away.


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Posted By: FormerBoater on 06/25/15 09:41am

My 98 American Eagle has cold and hot water drains in the water compartment.

Clearly labeled.

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Posted By: sew0177 on 06/25/15 09:49am

Trackrig - thanks for the info, I'll take a look.

FormerBoater - That's what the lady at Flletwood was telling me to use.

Posted By: lanerd on 06/25/15 11:13am

I have seen some mh's that the drain valve was located in a storage bin "behind" a small door. Everything in the bin was black so the door was hard to see. Had a small latch on top of the door and hinged on bottom.


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Posted By: JimM68 on 06/25/15 11:36am

On the hope that "a Fleetwood is a Fleetwood" our 2000 pace arrow had the water tank above the framerails and driveshaft (yes I know yours is a DP)

There was a velcroed on fabric panel in the basement )actually behind the basement, since the basement storage came out with the slideout, I had to crawl under the slideout to get to it), which when peeled back, revealed the water tank and the mystery drain.

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Posted By: sew0177 on 06/25/15 11:47am

Our 2000 pace arrow had the fresh water tank in one of the bays with the valve in plain site at the bottom left corner.

Posted By: FormerBoater on 06/25/15 11:59am

OP, I forgot about the other 2 drain points on my 98 Eagle.

They are located in the cargo bays, passenger side in front of the rear wheels.

2 petcocks....

As I have never needed to winterize or drain I have only tested them once.

So, use the labeled drain valves in the water compartment +the two passenger side petcocks and you should be good to go.

Posted By: fivejackie on 06/25/15 02:22pm

My Hurricane has 2 metal rings on each side of the water pump. pulling both up drains the house system and the fresh tank.

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Posted By: Blackdiamond on 06/25/15 02:27pm

On my 07' Discovery it was on the passenger side in the luggage bay about in the middle of the coach 1 or 2 doors to the left of the front slide, toward the top of the storage bay was a pvc 1/4 turn valve.

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Posted By: Carvin Marvin on 06/26/15 05:52am

My 02 Southwind fresh water tank drain is under the coach by the frame rail near the steps. It is 3/4 pvc. Keep hunting

Posted By: John / Angela on 06/26/15 09:38pm

Wet bay, lower right hand side, two valves labeled low point drains. Open the cold and it will drain the tank.

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Posted By: robertbenita on 06/28/15 03:02pm

2001 American Tradition drain is behind water bay door with all the plumbing stuff.

Posted By: mike brez on 06/28/15 03:21pm

I just flip a switch for mine.


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