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Topic: 2001 Chevy 6.0l gas torque curve?

Posted By: VAfan on 05/15/16 07:07am

Planning on towing my 6500lb trailer in the West VA mountains and looking for a torque curve for my 2001 suburban 6.0l (gas). It’s ok in the VA mountains but will be “stretching it out” in the WVA mountains. Would be good to know the optimum RPM range.

Finding lots on everything but; anyone have one or know of a source?

Posted By: CampingN.C. on 05/15/16 07:16am

This should have all the info you're looking for, scroll to the bottom.
My previous TV was a 2005 2500HD with the 6.0. You'll spend much of your time in second gear in the mountains. Don't let the high RPM's scare you.

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Posted By: morphrider on 05/15/16 07:30am

I too have the 6.0 in a 2001 2500HD Silverado. You will be in the high RPM's, just watch your gauges. My tranny gets a bit hotter than I would like, so this year I am adding an extra tranny cooler which will more than double cooling capabilities. These motors are built tough and that's where they make their power, not like a diesel down low.

Posted By: travelnutz on 05/15/16 07:44am

Image result for torque curve chart for 2001 chevy 6.0 engine

477 × 427 -

Graph pic doesn't want to post nor does the http address due to length. However, the graph shows the torque curve peaks at around 4400 RPM and approx 375 ft lbs or lbs feet. You should have plenty of engine output to easily tow 6,000 lbs in WV as the tranny will downshift as needed for more grunt. Assuming you have the auto tranny.

Peak HP is at about 5500 RPM

I don't have my engineering manuals handy right now but the numbers seem about right as I can remember.

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Posted By: VAfan on 05/15/16 09:45am

CampingN.C. wrote:

This should have all the info you're looking for, scroll to the bottom.
My previous TV was a 2005 2500HD with the 6.0. You'll spend much of your time in second gear in the mountains. Don't let the high RPM's scare you.

Lots for great info; determined mine is a LQ4 from the vin.

I see the curve for the LS2 - 2005 Chevy SSR (truck). Probably similar; would love to have a curve for my exact engine.

Posted By: Sandia Man on 05/15/16 10:00am

I tow with the same motor and I don't worry about using high RPMs to get our 9K# rig through the Mountain West region of the country. I find ultimate power is available in the 4K to 5.5K rpm range. We predominately camp the four corner states and live at nearly 6K' elevation making all of our towing at high elevations.

Although gas engines suffer a 3-percent loss per 1K', I just rev her up and she always pulls us through. If I have towed through the area before I anticipate climbs in elevation utilizing momentum to minimize extreme RPM scenarios, usually have no problem maintaining posted speed limit. I do have a scan-gauge to keep an eye on tranny temps.

Posted By: krobbe on 05/15/16 10:57am


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Posted By: CampingN.C. on 05/15/16 11:22am

I believe at some point during the late 2000's the 6.0 got a HP jump when they went to the 6 speed, not sure how much though.

Posted By: Turtle n Peeps on 05/15/16 12:02pm

With all modern engines, the optimum RPM is where the computer sets it. There is no red line or bogging.

Put it in drive, hit the TH if over the manufactures settings and drive how ever fast or slow you want to drive. It's really that simple.

Some "think" that can get better performance out of their engine by manually shifting it. Good luck with that. Not going to happen in 99% of the cases while towing. The manufactures know exactly where the set the shift points to get the most out of their engines performance.

2016 is not like 1970 where that C6 or TH400 would not shift exactly where you wanted it to do you the temperature of the ATF or the altitude you tow at or the load you have.

Modern computer controlled engines and transmissions are amazing. Just let them do there thing.

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Posted By: VAfan on 05/15/16 05:14pm

Thanks everyone, typical great info.

Still looking for a torque curve for my 2001 6.0L gas...LQ4.

I'm thinking it's not readily available.

Posted By: ktosv on 05/15/16 07:07pm

VAfan, the torque curve that krobbe posted for you is going to be as close to the real thing (if it isn't) unless you find one yourself in the GM media archives specifically for a 2001.

The one krobbe posted is for an 07, but it is an LQ4. From what I remember, pretty much the only difference in that 6.0L that went into the GMT800 HD trucks was that late in the run the Suburban/Yukon XL 2500 supposedly got a slight HP bump. But for a 2001 model I would use this curve.

K&N also has torque curves demonstrating the improvement of their air intake systems. The nice thing about the K&N filter is it's for the vehicle, so you can see what it is putting to the ground. The GM one is for the engine alone.

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Posted By: LIKE2BUILD on 05/15/16 09:29pm

3400-4200RPM is the sweet spot for this engine. It pulls hard in that range and will run there all day long.


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Posted By: time2roll on 05/15/16 09:44pm

Yup if it drops below ~3000 it is getting time to shift down.
If you easily get to ~4400 it is time to shift up to go more or just ease it back to 3600-4000 and make your way up the hill.

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Posted By: Turtle n Peeps on 05/15/16 11:10pm

IOW's if you want to make it to the top of the hill the fastest keep your right foot firmly planted as hard as you can to the floor. [emoticon]

Posted By: kw/00 on 05/16/16 04:32am

I don't have the tq curve but the previous pic someone posts looks close. I have own an 02 and can tell you that what your pulling it won't be an issue. Pull in 3rd and it will kick to 2nd on the hills. Power is found 3400-4400 and it can rev around 5000 at times but won't hurt it. My 02 had 180k plus on it when I traded up to the newer version. That 02 had been worked basically everyday of its life. Incredible engine cause it never needed anything and had been abused prior my ownership. I bought the truck from someone who knew nothing about maintainance and worked that truck pretty hard at times. Regardless I bought it cheap and used for for several years. We checked the compression and leak down at 180 k and it was still within factory specs... Really surprised me since knowing the history, so it made a believer out of me on these GM 6.0 engines. Hence I bought the newer version and never have regretted it....The truck will use higher RPMs but like stated before, it can run all day in that range with no issues.

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Posted By: APT on 05/16/16 08:27am

Should tow fine in 3rd on flat land at 2500-2800rpm depending on 3.73 or 4.10 axle. speed up down hills and slow down up hills. When I had a similar power and 4-spd trans, I would let my speed drop to about 55mph and downnshift to 2nd gear. 3000-4500rpm is a happy power range for that motor.

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