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Posted By: Armand_C on 07/02/17 11:47am

10 years ago I purchased a pair of EU200i Honda generators and an after market junction box that screwed on one of the generators. On the junction box was the plug for a 30 amp cord with an on/off switch. It also had a cable that came out of the junction box that plugged into the other generator to parallel the two together. This has worked fine until the plugs on cable became brittle and broke. I am unable to find the cable ends online and was thinking I may have to find another parallel kit, but also have been unable to locate one of those. All I see is the new Honda's with a "companion" unit which no longer needs a junction box or adapter on one, just a cable for both, as one of the units has a 30 amp plug built into it. Does anyone know where I can find a junction box? or will I be forced to purchase a newer generator?

Posted By: SoundGuy on 07/02/17 12:06pm

There's nothing particularly special about paralleling 2 Honda EU2000i gensets as all you're doing is combining one inverter's 120 vac output with the other. Honda offers their own custom parallel kit which is designed to avoid the possibility of accidentally shocking yourself. As you can see in this EU2000i wiring diagram this parallel cable kit also allows for a fuse to be placed between it and the receptacle outputs.


Electrically though you can achieve the same result by simply using a suicide cord (Male 15 amp plug > Male 15 amp plug) to connect the 2 gensets together. However, use caution as it's called a "suicide cord" for good reason. [emoticon]

Posted By: Armand_C on 07/02/17 12:17pm

Thanks for the reply. I looked at the Honda website and didn't see any parallel kits, all I saw was parallel cables for the newer generators. I have also looked on amazon as well as google to no avail. Will I be forced to purchase a new gen?

Posted By: 2oldman on 07/02/17 12:20pm

Armand_C wrote:

Will I be forced to purchase a new gen?
No, not if you're handy at all with wires and stuff. Notice in the schematic that the parallel ports are wired also to the 120v socket outputs. All you need to do is spend about $25 making your own. Hot to hot, neutral to neutral. That's it. There's nothing in a parallel kit but wires.


The warnings I've received over the years about some kid coming over and yanking out one of the plugs and sticking it on his tongue have never materialized. Those plugs are not easy to pull out. However, you don't have to trust me. If this makes you uneasy then by all means don't do it.

Pictured is a 2002 and a 2007 Honda.

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Posted By: SoundGuy on 07/02/17 02:14pm

Armand_C wrote:

Will I be forced to purchase a new gen?

Read my post again - I already gave you the answer, so too did 2oldman. [emoticon]

FWIW, EU2000i gensets sold here in Canada only recently have been equipped with parallel ports so those owning previous versions would have had no choice but to use a suicide cord to parallel 2 of these units together. Whether it's worth the risk is up to you, no one else. [emoticon]

Posted By: Chad Heiser on 07/02/17 04:43pm

I just did a quick google search and found this one.

I have this same kit mounted on my eu2000i generator.

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