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Topic: Screwing into shower wall?

Posted By: blackcows on 07/01/19 10:05pm

We have a dispenser that holds shampoo, body wash and conditioner. I attached it to the shower wall using heavy duty Velcro which I have used many places in the rv with success but it’s not working for this application. I’m not sure if it’s the surface or the weight but it continues to pull away from the wall. Any thoughts on using screws and anchors? The Velcro was easily removed but holes from screws are a bit more permanent.

Posted By: pianotuna on 07/01/19 10:28pm

Look at the 3-M VHB tape intended for out door use. There is even a formulation with a "plastic" velcro.

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Posted By: craig7h on 07/02/19 02:07am

Did mine with command strips, so far so good

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Posted By: Guy Roan on 07/02/19 03:20am

On all three trailers that I have owned, I just used screws into the plastic surround. If you push in on the plastic you usually can feel where there is a solid surface (wood) behind and that works well, but if not just into the plastic will work. (naturally make sure there are no pipes where you want it)
I drill a pilot hole through the plastic and then force the screw into the wood. I also put a dab of silicon at the hole prior to screwing the screw in.


Posted By: SidecarFlip on 07/02/19 07:02am

I recommend double sided tape as well. Screwing into something in any RV is asking for trouble. Walls aren't that thick 1.5" maybe and internal framing is hit and miss.

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Posted By: SailingOn on 07/02/19 08:50pm

My soap holder is indeed attached with Scotch VHB tape, and remains in place after two years; also, the solar panels on my roof. Surface prep is important - be sure to eliminate any grease/oil.

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Posted By: Mike LeClair on 07/02/19 10:25pm

Well, if nothing else, the thread title certainly set my mind wandering.



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Posted By: way2roll on 07/03/19 06:32am

I wouldn't screw into the shower housing. There is a reason this isn't done at the factory. It's very thin and provided you got into a stud, the flexible nature of the shower and the constant movement while travelling and expansion and contraction due to weather, it's bound to end up with a crack and/or a leak. And unfortunately, you'd probably never know when it starts to leak as it would be behind the wall.

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Posted By: Grit dog on 07/03/19 08:52am

Lol, LeClair!

Agree, use tape, velcro, suction cups. Leave the drill out of the equation.

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Posted By: camper1013 on 07/03/19 02:06pm

So, what is the difference between a screw that is siliconed vs. the plastic plugs they use at the factory that have no sealant on them at all?

I agree, less holes is better but for the record, I mounted a holder in mine with screws. I siliconed the hole and the screws to make sure its sealed. It also up high out of the spray zone. I also took out all of the factory plastic plugs, siliconed the holes and plugs before putting them back in. I don't see how those don't let water in.

Posted By: malexander on 07/04/19 05:13am

I mounted a couple of things in my shower. I just drilled small pilot holes and screwed the things to the wall. I "felt" the screws actually go into something solid (no, it wasn't wire or pipe either, lol) behind the plastic surround.

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Posted By: garmp on 07/04/19 02:45pm

Another vote for the 3M command strips.

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Posted By: myredracer on 07/05/19 07:43pm

The brackets that hold a shower head on the wall are screwed in place with an ordinary screw. So the walls are obviously thick enough to hold a screw.

Not sure I'd want to add a screw into a shower wall, but if you plan on the holder being there "forever" it should work. You could always add a dab of epoxy to the threads for extra holding power.

The bracket for our shower head was coming loose. I found that whoever put the screw in over-tightened it and stripped out the hole in the fiberglass. I simply drilled a new hole next to the original one and carefully tightened the screw back in. Gets very little water spray up that high and wasn't worried about using anything to help seal the penetration.

Posted By: JoeH on 07/06/19 04:28pm

I'm in the VHB school vs screws. I installed led strips under the coach 6 years ago with VHB. 50+K miles all around the country and still inplace. Get VHB rated for the weight you are considering and you'll be good.

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