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RE: Garmin Dezl 560LMT GPS

I recently went into Best Buy and there was a working Dezl on display. I set it to RV mode and entered all the vitals and then it asked to take truck routes and I did not check this box. I had it route to a location that could go through low overpass limited access highways or through a highway with no clearance problems at all - it went the route that would have torn the roof off an RV with the height entered into it. The truck route box had to be checked in the RV profile to have it go the safe way for an RV - but this followed routes for commercial trucks which was the longer way to go and not an RV route that would be shorter. If you are considering the Dezl go to a retail store that has it and try before you buy to make sure it takes you on correct RV routes.
1775 04/21/15 05:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Vehicle GPS's

I use free software named Tyre to plan my trips. It uses Google Maps as a base. Any trip planned can be uploaded from the software through a PC into either Garmin or TomTom. Once in the GPS it is important to review the trip and make sure the GPS's programming did not change the route in any way. A quick addition into Tyre of more waypoints to force the route (I do this to avoid known low clearances) to go how you want it to go and re-upload. It is free and simple to use. I do extended trips with different routings stored on the GPS as pre-planned routes so that I can start and stop with different planned stops on the trip.
1775 04/21/15 05:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Hagerstown-Antietam Battlefield KOA, Williamsport, Maryland

Thanks for the reports. We were at Yogi there two years in a row and will never go back. We had problems both years and only went back the second year to see if things had gotten better. They didn't. We were out for a day and when we came back in the late afternoon, they put someone else in our site and had very poor sites to offer us for that night. They were not apologetic and could not understand why we were unhappy about it all. We went all the way to Yogi corporate with our complaint. Harpers Ferry may be too far as this will be a base for us to attend an event in Big Pool, MD. Plans now look like they may have to change but if we go we may try the Williamsport KOA.
1775 04/21/15 04:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hagerstown-Antietam Battlefield KOA, Williamsport, Maryland

Was there last summer, won't be back. What did you find wrong?
1775 04/20/15 02:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Hagerstown-Antietam Battlefield KOA, Williamsport, Maryland

Has anyone stayed at this campground recently? Opinions of RVparkreviews are mixed. My concern is about the entrance road that many reviewers mention. I have a Class B RV and do not think that it would be the same problem for me as it seems to be for large rigs, but the satellite images on Google maps pretty much just show the tops of the trees that cover most of this road so it is hard to judge what this road is really like. We would be arriving at night - so this makes the road a concern also. Any opinions at all - about the roads getting in and out - and any other comments about this campground would be appreciated. Thanks!
1775 04/19/15 10:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Rand McNally or Magellan gps

Another recommendation for a Garmin - no traffic routing with the Rand McNally. The Garmin RV 760 includes free lifetime maps and traffic. Watch the routing on a Rand - it will take you onto low clearance roads no matter what the height is set to. Had one - brought it back because of this. I would not even consider the Magellan.
1775 04/15/15 10:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Is Trailer Life a Recommended Read?

I don't mind the advertising in this and Motorhome Life but they will have articles about where to visit and never talk about the campgrounds to stay in for that area or the RV/TT friendliness of the area - parking, roads, etc. Any travel magazine can tell you to go and visit X but I expect a trailer or motorhome mag to tell you how to visit X in a trailer or motorhome - both always fall short in this.
1775 04/12/15 10:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: GPS purchase

X3 on the CoPilot App Tried the Garmin Dezl in RV mode yesterday in Best Buy. Had it route me to a place that I knew so that it would chose between a road with low clearances or the route that is safe to go on in the RV. It chose wrong. Sent me in a 13 foot RV on a road with low clearances. Very disappointing. If the Garmin RV unit has the same routing algorithm stay away. My CoPilot app gets it right!
1775 04/12/15 10:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Disinfecting Water Connections

So many say no need to sanitize the tanks - and yet so many are drinking bottled water and will not drink the water from their tanks...
1775 04/11/15 11:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: Disinfecting Water Connections

So many opinions, so here's one more: The areas to think about are the ones that do not rapidly dry out, and continue to be moist/wet for longer periods. Things die quickly on dry surfaces. Quick bleaching does little, you need to let it soak for longer periods. For bibs, hose ends and hoses, a flushing with water will be more than adequate before you hook up. But, your water system can sit stagnant for long periods. What it will grow will usually give the water an off or bad taste. At the very worst, you might get an upset stomach - but you'd remember drinking the "funky" water. My Jayco manual recommends sanitizing when new, at the start of each season, or every 3 months of use. Standard is 1/4 cup of bleach for every 15 gallons in your tank. Premix it with a gallon of water before pouring it in, to pre-dilute it. After your tank is full, open up each faucet (hot and cold) and tank drain point, and run until you smell the bleach water. Turn everything off and let sit for 4 hrs. Then drain everything, and flush system with fresh water as needed to remove bleach smell - may take a couple of tank fulls. You can speed it up to a 1 hr wait time by doubling the bleach, but I've found an awful lot more flushing is needed. Make sure to flush hot/cold and drain points - forgetting one can leave a "pocket" of bleach water that can remix into the system. Won't hurt you, but may make everything smell bleach-like again. You'll hear advice to not bleach the hot water heater - not true, things love growing in the warm water! And this level will not harm anything. True, most city water has chlorine, but its concentration is very low, and it quickly disappears from water, so cannot be used to sanitize a system - ask anyone who owns a pool! It just prevents anything new from being introduced. Finally - always make sure to use the white "RV/Marine" water hoses! While there is a lot of concern about any use of plastics from some people, regular garden hoses do not need to meet any standards for being "food safe", so you can be ingesting all sorts of nasty things. At least the white have been tested to meet some standards of safety. And again - a sip from a garden hose is different than getting all your daily water for days/weeks/months from the same hose. Save the garden hose for black tank flushing, etc! PS - just saw the previous post about using 1 cup per 5 gallons - that is an extreme amount! The amount I gave gives you 50 PPM (part per million), which is about 20 times the amount in an average swimming pool. The higher amount will give 500 PPM, or 240 times the average pool! With that much, you would be moving into possible damage to heater cores, etc. So keep it low and slow! X2 - We also sanitize the water connection at a campground when we hook up a hose to it. We have seen more than one of these get peed on by dogs in the campground. We started by using the bleach/water in a spray bottle but that was a pain as bleach in water dissipates within 24 hours and all that is left is the smell - and mixing a new bottle of bleach each time was a hassle. We contacted the Lysol company and asked if their disinfectant spray could be used for this porpose safely on water connections and they told us yes, as long as you then run water through the faucet to rinse it off before connecting the hose. And that is what we do now. We do drink the water from out tanks and also from the campground. I have a filter on the hose going into the RV and also a filter on the kitchen sink faucet. It is not a question of being a germaphob, but common sense to avoid what can grow inside an enclosed water system that is only used on trips.
1775 04/09/15 04:11pm Beginning RVing
RE: HELP-need CG near Sturbridge, Mass

Use this website - http://www.epgsoft.com/CampgroundMap/ Put in Sturbridge and then zoom out to find campgrounds in the surrounding areas - you really may have to go far off to find something decent. We were considering a trip to Sturbridge also and found the same problem. If you look north and east you may find something that is nice - though as I recall looking, most seemed overpriced.
1775 04/07/15 10:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: hot spots

Traveling in the Northeast, Xfinity comes up often as available and open but when trying to connect to it, it seems to not exist to connect to, despite it showing up in the networks scan as one of the local hotspots.
1775 04/07/15 10:29pm Technology Corner
RE: computer slowdown

Recommendation: Download Windows 10 Do a full and complte disc image (You will need 3rd party software) Install Win-10 and try it if you do not like it... Restore from image If you do.... Great let us know. I am not quite daring enough. Windows 10 does not release until "Late 2015". The OP does not sound like someone who would want to get involved with the Win 10 BETA release that is available now for beta testing. "Win 8.1 Update" which is beyond the first release of Win 8.1 is available now.
1775 04/07/15 06:01pm Technology Corner
RE: computer slowdown

Wired or WiFi? Are you sure that the internet provider is putting out service? After that run a virus scan and a malware scan.
1775 04/07/15 05:57pm Technology Corner
RE: how cold

The answer to this when I asked an RV tech was two days at 28dF to 32 at night is OK as long as the days go well above freezing. More than two days like this and you better winterize. So you are right on the edge. Problem is the forecast says 27 or 28 and it gets to be 22 that night and you have costly repairs from frozen pipes and valves.
1775 04/07/15 05:52pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: GPS specific for RV's

CoPilot app is made for IOS and Android. For ten dollars it does everything the standalone GPS units do and has RV Mode for routing around low clearances and propane restricted roads, bridges, and tunnels. Lifetime free maps. No need for a data connection as all maps are stored on the phone or tablet's memory. There is traffic routing which does require a data connection (uses very little data) and this is free the first year and costs $10 a year after that by subscription. I think this is all great stuff but for starters, you're talking about a very small phone screen vs a 7 inch full featured GPS. For a few short trips in the summer it would probably be ok, but once you use one of the dedicated RV GPSs, like my RM 7720, I think you'll see the advantages. There's a reason these GPSs have large screens. It's easy to glance at them and get the whole picture. My 7720 has all kinds of info on the main screen. And additional info is just a tap away. You can install CoPilot on a tablet with any size screen you want - even 10.1". So screen size is only limited by the device you have to run CoPilot on. I can duplicate a Rand 7720 with a $60 seven inch Android tablet and $10 CoPilot, total $70 as opposed to a $300-400 Rand GPS. And all the info is right there on the screen along with the map, the route, and selected POIs. Two years ago I bought a Rand McNally RV GPS and had it route me from my home out of state. The first part of its route was onto a highway with a height clearance allowance of 7'10" with the Rand set to route no lower than 13 feet. Of course, I did not follow that route - and the Rand was returned for refund the next day. When I contacted Rand McNally they told me that they can't know about all of the low clearance roads - this one is a major route in NY and is listed as low clearance in their paper trucker's atlas. CoPilot routed correctly.
1775 04/03/15 04:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Best MPG

My Class B (6L gas engine) gets 19 mpg on open flat highway (no stops). I get an average of 16-18 on general highway driving, 14-15 local driving. The only RV that will do slightly better (at a higher cost for fuel) is a Diesel Sprinter Class B.
1775 04/02/15 10:35pm Beginning RVing
RE: Uploading from Garmin Base Map

I have used Basecamp. If you want an easier way to plan routes and upload them to the Garmin try TYRE - free routing software that works with Google maps and then uploads all of the waypoints you put into your route into the Garmin. Much easier than Basecamp.
1775 04/02/15 10:28pm Technology Corner
RE: GPS specific for RV's

CoPilot app is made for IOS and Android. For ten dollars it does everything the standalone GPS units do and has RV Mode for routing around low clearances and propane restricted roads, bridges, and tunnels. Lifetime free maps. No need for a data connection as all maps are stored on the phone or tablet's memory. There is traffic routing which does require a data connection (uses very little data) and this is free the first year and costs $10 a year after that by subscription.
1775 04/02/15 10:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Want TV to show whats on PC

Some laptops HDMI port is recognized as a monitor port and will not automatically connect just because a cable is plugged into it. Some may, but not all do. I have a laptop that does not. All I had to do was go to the Monitor setting on the laptop and switch from the laptop monitor to the HDMI monitor -that was there as a choice (with the cable plugged into the HDMI port). With this the laptop display will go off and the TV will show the laptop display. Make sure the TV is set to HDMI as the source.
1775 04/02/15 10:16pm Technology Corner
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