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RE: How easy is it to revert back toW8.1 after W10 upgrade?

Just do a full image backup of the hard drive with Win 8.1 before doing the update. Then if you find it is not for you, you can restore the backup and continue on from where you left it. While Win 10 is installed do the same thing - so that if you decide at some time in the future you want it, you can just restore that image. I am still waiting for the Win 10 update and I have already made the full image backup of the boot drive for just this possibility.
1775 08/15/15 11:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Problems with Class Bs used as second cars where restricted.

This is discussed on a lot of Class B forums and in particular Roadtrek forums. HOAs are thinking Class A and C and Travel Trailers when they make these rules but a Class B is still an RV - whether it is a second car or not or if one "needs" it for some disability - yes,that is often suggested - "have to have a bathroom wherever I go...". You could park it in your new driveway and no one may ever realize that it is anything more than a van - and then one day a guy with a Class C or A comes along and wants to buy into the community. He goes to the HOA and says "how can you say I can't have my RV when that guy has his RV in the driveway?". The HOA says "what RV" and he takes them to yours - shows them the vents, antenna, A/C, etc on the outside and you get a knock on your door - "get it out of here - its against the rules". Even if you get away with this for awhile this possibility is always hanging over your head - and even if the HOA says yes now, and that guy with the Class A shows up and protests, you will be asked to remove the B. These HOA rules are not fair but they also are not secret and given to you before you buy. And if you buy in you agree to being aware of the rules and that you will follow them.
1775 08/15/15 11:38pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Win10 and data usage

I have W10 on 'reserve' for weeks now. No signs of it. Look in your update history and see if it says "Update Win10 Home failed". According to Microsoft, this indicates that you must wait for the notification from them and then it will install (when you are ready to install). This showed up on my Win 8.1 laptop this week after reserving a few weeks ago. There are apparently ways to force the install but it seems better to wait for this "notification" from MS and let it install as intended. I will give it until the end of the month and see what happens.
1775 08/14/15 10:36pm Technology Corner
RE: New York City Tours

Good advice, 1775. There's also a Wiki on how to be like a New Yorker. Most of that link is very true!
1775 08/13/15 05:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campground near Hershey Park?

Area campgrounds are likely already booked for the week of the RV show - they have been in years past. 20-30 miles away and you would find campgrounds with vacancies.
1775 08/13/15 04:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Extended warranties

Never go by what an extended warranty brochure says - they promise a lot and it looks like they cover everything but they don't detail what they don't cover and when they won't cover things. You want to see the actual contract agreement. Good Sam does have theirs for download on their website. Read any one of these carefully and then decide if it is worth the monthly cost. Also most coincide with the manufacturers warranty and for as long as you have the regular warranty the Extended Warranty cannot be used - so you are paying for a plan that does nothing until your regular warranty is up. Many plans charge a lot more to start them after the regular warranty is up because then they have to pay if something needs repair.
1775 08/12/15 05:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: What if have never used the hot water

If your water heater tank is not in bypass - as said - there is water in it and all of the need for draining and flushing a hot water tank that is used, holds for one that is not used - though you are using the water in the tank since it is not in bypass. Every time you open a hot faucet and get cold water you are taking water out of the hot water tank and putting new water in. If you want to ignore the hot water system all together, drain the hot water tank, flush it out, dry it out as best you can (usually there is still water on the bottom (I put the end of the tube on a hand water pump into mine and pulled out the rest of the water on the bottom). Close the tank and put it in bypass. Also look to see if there is a small electrical connection that a wire from the hot water heater is going into - usually right near the tank inside - and pull that connection off so that you can't accidentally turn on the hot water heater switch on the wall and do damage. (Mine looks like a little circuit board on the end of a thin wire that plugs into a receptacle on the cabinet wall where the hot water tank is.) Now, in bypass no water will go into the hot water tank and you get cold water out of all of the hot water faucet handles when turned.
1775 08/12/15 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: New York City Tours

If you have never been to Manhattan then take one of the tour buses - either GreyLine or BigBus. Once you have been around the city this way, then pick where you would like to go to see on your own and then walk or take the subway or bus. Advice for first time NYC tourists from a lifelong New Yorker - Don't wander aimlessly looking as if you don't know where you are going. Don't talk to anyone who just comes up to you to "help" you, sell you something, or who seems just too interested in you and your family. Keep your wallet where no one can brush up against you and take it. If anyone wants to hand you something and says "Check it out!", just keep walking - you don't want to check it out - unless you are looking for a different type of a "good time". Mostly, everyone is nice but we have something in NY called "healthy paranoia" - just be aware of your surroundings and who is too close and you will have a nice time.
1775 08/12/15 05:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Windows 10

I saw in my update history yesterday on a less than six month old Asus laptop running Win 8.1 Upgrade, that Win 10 Upgrade failed to install. There seems to be a lot about this on computer sites, and Microsoft is saying that all this means is to wait for the notice from them to install. So I will wait. I don't want it to install before we are finished traveling this season anyway, so a few more weeks is fine. That is if the notice to install ever does come...
1775 08/12/15 04:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Tool For Removing Those One Way Screws ?

Shhh, don't tell anyone, but if you stop by Harbor Freight, they have a couple of bit assortments that have a bunch of different style security bits. This set works. There are different types of security screws and Harbor Freight has an inexpensive set of different security screw bits. I had to remove a lock that was installed with one way screws and one of the bits from this set took it right out. These sets are also often found at tool discount stores and tool stands at flea markets.
1775 08/12/15 04:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: How many GB's?

How many Gbs you may need is dependent on how graphic intensive the work that you will do on the computer is. When you said streaming video for movies you increased the need considerably. Average 1Gb for each hour of streaming video. 10 Gb a month - just for five movies during that month. Anyone can guess but you need to take an average night of work and see how much data you have used. There are several software applications for a PC that will do this and some are free. Take several night samples and you will know much better how much data to get for your hotspot plan. Also a tablet uses less data than a laptop to do the same online tasks if using a mobile browser not set to desktop mode.
1775 08/12/15 04:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Where to buy a PC?

Is there a Micro Center store near you? - the chain has been expanding. If not, they are online. They have their own builds that you can have modified to your specs. Prices are reasonable. I build my own and don't care for any of the name computers. Micro Center will build one for you - or choose one of their stock builds. http://www.microcenter.com/
1775 08/12/15 04:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Where to stay?

I am planning on visiting some friends in the NYC area. I was hoping to find somewhere within reach of north Bergen county and Manhattan NYC, I do not mind a 45 minute to hour drive from campsite if need be, any thoughts? I can not seem to find anyplace other than a place on the Hudson river on the NJ side for $75 a night, no can do. thanks! Not sure when you are going(some parks are not open year round) but you also have the following possibilities: http://www.nps.gov/gate/planyourvisit/camp-at-fbf.htm Floyd Bennett AF which is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. It's in Brooklyn way out by Riis Beach but easy to get to the Verazzano Bridge and Manhattan via various highways and on to NJ. HTH! Forget Floyd Bennett - getting a trailer or an RV there can be a nightmare. The main highway (parkway) from the Verranzano Bridge is no RVs or Trailers allowed. Coming down from the 495 means driving through the city streets of Brooklyn with double parked cars and trucks along the way. The Staten Island Expressway from NJ into NY is under construction (it is always under construction) and traffic can back up the entire length regularly. Also the George Washington Bridge is regularly backed up and the Bayonne Bridge is closed most of the time for construction. The NY Metro area is a very non-RV friendly place. RVs/TTs are not permitted on many of the main access highways (parkways). There are lots of low clearances. You would have to strictly stay on truck routes including in parts of NJ. Yes, Liberty Harbor is $75 a night and that is a lot but it is the location that makes it that price. It is going to save you a great deal of time and aggravation not having to drive through the City or finding a place to park in NJ to come across to Manhattan.
1775 08/06/15 11:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: T-Mobile New Family Plan

Once you leave a Metro Area T-Mobile is useless in most parts of the country. You get what you pay for. There is Verizon's coverage-and then everybody else. I use TMobile. In very rural areas my 4G data drops to a slower speed. I have never lost it completely. There has always been voice coverage wherever we have traveled.
1775 08/06/15 11:22pm Technology Corner
RE: signing into gmail

Keep in mind that if you sign out of Gmail you are signing out of anything Google - Google Drive, Blogger, Google + (if anyone uses that), etc. on that computer. To use those and gmail again you have to sign your wife's account out and sign back in.
1775 08/06/15 11:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Dog urinating and defecating on your site while owners watch

To some - maybe many - their dog is as important as a child - perhaps more so. The pooch can do no wrong and if poochy needs to go, then go wherever. It sounds like these were at least on a leash. We have seen a few just wandering around with no one seeming to be looking for them - and these were not from outside the campground. This is one of the reasons we spray down the water spigot with disinfectant before hooking up to it. I have had dogs. I like dogs. But it is a dog - not a kid. And if the dog has to go, be aware of where it is going and stick to the road and not in people's spaces.
1775 07/28/15 11:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: ATT GoPhone ----Anything Better??

Straight Talk on the Verizon network - now $45 for unlimited talk, text, and 5 Gb of 4G LTE data per month. No contract. Straight Talk uses ATT, TMobile, and Verizon carriers. If the phone you are purchasing from Straight Talk at Walmart is a CDMA phone the carrier is Verizon - and there will be a red US map on the package. I have not seen a better deal on a Verizon phone - not even from Verizon;s own no contract plans.
1775 07/27/15 11:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Roadtrek Water Pump - Revisited

Glad you solved the problem. Yes, the Summer Mode/Winter Mode two tanks in the 190 can drive you crazy if you don't know which direction to put each of the two levers - and to avoid the combination that messes everything up. http://roadtrek190popular.blogspot.com/2013/02/summer-modewinter-mode-two-water-tanks.html
1775 07/27/15 11:24pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Leveling block theft

This thread has taken many directions but just to remind everyone this is the Class B forum and a Class B in a campground that leaves in the day to go out sightseeing is different from a large RV or trailer that stays on site. We are coming back - and perhaps it just needs to be a given that if a site is empty with property still on it, this does not mean it was forgotten - and often these are things put there to mark the site as still occupied.
1775 07/27/15 11:18pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek Water Pump

The Roadtrek water pump should pretty much be silent when you turn on the switch on the wall or make a brief hum and then go silent- unless the hot water tank is empty and it will hum while it fills the hot water tank. When you open the faucet you should hear the pump start and hum as water comes out of the faucet or flush the toilet or run the shower. After filling your water tank, the first time you turn on the faucet a little water will spurt out and air will then follow that for a few moments until the water from the pump reaches the faucet and then it should flow steadily. There are two places that can be causing a problem for the water to flow slowly or trickle- two filter screens - one right before the water pump on the pipe coming from the tank and this looks like a black plastic short section of pipe with a round dome on top. That dome screws off - put a towel under it to catch any spill - water pump OFF when doing this. Inside the dome is a screen filter that catches any particles that should not go through the pump. This can get clogged if not cleaned at least once a year if not more. Take it outside and rinse the inside of that dome out. If it is not rinsing clean soak it in some vinegar and then rinse it again. Then screw it back on tightly. The other filter screen is on the sink faucet right at the tip - unscrew the tip and look at the screen and clean that off. This second filter will only effect the water coming out of the sink. If the toilet is slow, the toilet flush valve which is a part of the toilet in the back may be clogged or broken. Most problems are fixed by cleaning that filter in the dome before the pump. If there is a water leak after the pump the pump starts and stops and keeps doing that when no faucet is on. If there is a leak before the pump, the pump sucks air and continues to run and not stop. None of this should be necessary on a brand new Roadtrek - unless something is broken. On one that you have been using these are all possible. Any clog or kink in a pipe will effect the flow of water. Most of the Roadtrek plumbing is Pex tubing and this can get kinked. we had a section before the water pump that was kinked and dealer/service had to cut it out. That was causing the pump to run constantly and no water flowed.
1775 07/21/15 05:55pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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