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RE: New life for old XP

I am not sure how whoever wrote the article about running XP on Win 8 with XP Mode is figuring on getting XP into the system to run with XP mode - unless one has a full install XP disk. The editions of Win 7 that came with XP Mode included XP Sp3 on the Win 7 install. What MS was providing for download activated the install and installed the Virtual Machine. There are several free Virtual Machines and all will run XP and most should run on Win 8. But why go for Win 8 just to run XP. Run it just like you always have. Run a good firewall and antivirus/malware software along with it and you will be just fine. We have several laptops and one desktop running XP and one Desktop running XP mode on Win 7 for software that does not run on 7 - and there are no updates to that software and it is required for business. All are connected to the internet. Not a problem.
1775 04/15/14 10:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Northeast

Early September in the Northeast you should be OK as far as weather but unfortunately in the last two years the weather here (and elsewhere) is anyone's guess. We are still waiting for Spring to start and there is supposed to be snow sometime tonight. So if you asked how is April in the Northeast what most would tell you does not apply this year.
1775 04/15/14 10:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What do you use as a Toolbox in your camper?

I was using a tool box and found that it too up just too much of the limited storage space that I have. I got zippered heavy pouches and split the tools into three of these. They are now tucked in between other things that I carry and take up very little space. I also got rid of the large tools that I had not used once in three years.
1775 04/15/14 05:54pm Beginning RVing
RE: Size matters

I have had the same experience as the OP. Small RV gets the worst of the sites. If I need to level I don't have a button to push or a crank to turn to level the RV. I have to try to balance on lego blocks hoping that I have enough and can make the right combination. But the big rigs with the auto-levelers are in the level sites and I am on the slope. Then there is the,"Here is your site, don't mind those two boulders you have to back through, you'll fit." At one campground last year - that I spoke to about making the same dates each year an annual thing, put me in a site and the next day when I came back to my site after a part day's outing, we found a large trailer in our site, assigned there by the campground. (My Class B goes with me when we go out for the day.) When I went to the office I was told a bunch of c..p and then put in the worst part of the campground in a site that I barely fit in with an electric box hanging off the post. That was the end of them. Do they care. I guess not, but corporate cared when I complained to the chain. I won't go back regardless. This happens a lot if you have a small RV - and I do get charged and pay the same rate as everyone else for a site with the same facilities regardless of the size of the RV.
1775 04/11/14 11:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: need info for campgrounds for ny

Go to this link http://www.epgsoft.com/CampgroundMap/ Put in Albany and then zoom out. You will see a lot of campgrounds all to the east and west of Albany at some distance. Some are our of NYS. There is nothing at all shown near Albany.
1775 04/11/14 11:02pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Before everyone loved Windows XP, they hated it

Before XP I had a desktop that ran Windows Millennium (ME)- that was a one year flash in the pan for MS. XP was a big advance up from ME.
1775 04/11/14 10:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Should I change transmission and transaxle oil?

For the generator oil - go to the Onan website and download the manual. Onan recommends different grades of oil depending upon where the generator will be run most often. There is a chart and directions to do a oil change in the manual for the 2800 gas Onan.
1775 04/11/14 10:42pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: valet parking

Would you really want to hand the keys of your B with all of your belongings in it to a kid who barely has his license to squeeze your B into a small parking space in a crowded lot? I wouldn't. Find a safe park it yourself lot and walk to the conference or party.
1775 04/10/14 10:48pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Help a newbie choose

Thank you. I have been watching Craigslist, RVtrader and Ebay. I'll look at Sunshine States. I had meant to ask about other reputable and worthwhile listings. There are dozens of RV listing sites, but, most look old, incompetent, or like scams, etc. So far, I think all of the Road Treks and Pleasure Ways I've seen in photos had either a sofa(bed) cross wise near the back, or had a night stand fixture between twin beds. Speaking of Road Treks, how do the showers in some of them work? A floor plan drawing I saw made it look like a temporary setup, in the aisle. We have a 2006 with the sofa bed. If that were reconfigured or removed (we have thought about it) you could slide a kayak in no problem. In fact, you can just put it in right over the sofa. Our bath is behind the drivers seat and would not be in the way. In fact, most Road Treks, Airstreams, Pleasure Ways and Leisure Travels have baths that will not be in you're way. Check out the numerous pictures you will find on sites like RVtrader and Sunshine State RVs. The shower in Roadtreks are either an aisle shower or a compartment shower/toilet with a door. You will find the aisle shower in older Roadtreks and many newer Roadtreks - depending on the model the compartment bathroom is an option or standard. The aisle shower and toilet are in a large closet. The toilet sits in the base of the closet with plenty of room to sit down on it or stand in front of it. Above the toilet is a shower head with hose and curtain arrangement that loops around into the aisle. There is a plate in the floor in the aisle that covers a drain. The shower curtain completely closes off the area around it and the floor is made so that all of the water will move to the trough and drain. A quick squeegee and wipe with a microtowel and it is dry. With the compartment or "permanent" bath you have a typical RV bathroom on a smaller scale with one room toilet that includes a sink and space to stand to shower. This cuts down on storage that is in the Roadtreks with the aisle shower. As to a 14 foot kayak inside a Roadtrek - not going to happen. The non-power bed Roadtreks do have an aisle that goes all the way to the back up to a platform in front of the cargo doors. Even if you could get it in over the platform and down into the aisle, you will no longer have access to the kitchen or either style bathroom or any way to walk from front to back. Roadtrek owners do carry kayaks - there are special racks that fit on the side of the roof to carry the kayak outside. Space is extremely limited inside any B. You could carry something from point x to point y but don't plan on using the interior for its intended purpose without removing what you are carrying. You would likely do better with a larger RV class or a toy hauler trailer with space for large "toys" in the rear and living up front.
1775 04/10/14 10:42pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Heartbleed Bug Computer Warning!

This is on the news today and seems serious. This has gotten into all of those "secure" sites that everyone trusts so well. As I have said before there is no such thing as a secure site. Check this out and follow the links to check the sites you use and then follow the recommendations. http://mashable.com/2014/04/09/heartbleed-what-to-do/?utm_cid=mash-com-fb-main-link Those goes after all of those sites with “https” in the URL. And it has been out there for a long time.
1775 04/09/14 03:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 7 Desktop

There is a computer chain called MicroCenter and they sell computers with Win 7 if you want it. They make decent desktops and they have retail stores and are online for sales also. You may do better with them than with Dell.
1775 04/07/14 11:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Garmin BaseCamp

When I downloaded a new map update for my Garmin it automatically went into Basecamp on my computer. There is a place on the Basecamp screen that shows which map is currently being used and it also lists previous maps that were downloaded by the computer to the Garmin, which can also be selected for use for routing.
1775 04/07/14 11:12pm Technology Corner
RE: AV System primer

You have a DVD player and a TV. If you want Sirius get the portable. This is the most cost effective solution. A quick search comes up with no home entertainment systems that include DVD and a Sirius tuner. Most stand alone satellite radio home receivers are big bucks and all you are getting is the radio.
1775 04/07/14 11:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Tomorrow's the day!

A story on CBS radio news yesterday was that the State of CT has 40% of its government computer systems are running XP (and cannot change) and is currently negotiating with Microsoft for continued support for Windows XP at a considerable sum of money. Many businesses still use XP because of industry specific and custom written software that are required for the industry and cannot just make a change. I suspect that a number will follow CT and start paying Microsoft (who seems happy to talk where cash is involved) for XP support.
1775 04/07/14 10:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 9

Here is the same story as reported by CNET - http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-build-2014-to-highlight-one-windows-progress/
1775 04/03/14 04:02pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Park Reviews

The site seems somewhat confusing. Maybe it's the layout and all the data crammed on it. I'd like to see users able to submit photos. I love looking at photos of different campgrounds / RV parks. They include the campground's website when there is one and there are always photos there - not always what one is interested in seeing - like the actual campsites. A website has to have a lot of storage capability to be able to include photos submitted by users, and then what photos are included requires more screening by the site. So it is just as good to have a link to the park's website for photos. This website is financed by advertising so keeping costs down is important to be able to maintain a website like this for free to users. I, too, am looking to see if they start to allow more critical reviews now. It is nice to see positive reviews but I would also like to read the negative experiences also to be able to determine if I want to take a chance on a campground. The text reviews are far more important than the stars. Too often there are one or two stars given and the review says - wonderful place, we go every year - along with with five stars that talk about problems.
1775 04/03/14 12:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Windows 9

The following is from a trade report - "Few expect Microsoft to unveil the full feature list or even the target arrival date for Windows 9 at Build 2014. Instead, Microsoft officials are likely to discuss at a high level the company’s goal to create a new Windows 9 SKU that would run on Windows Phones, ARM-based Windows tablets/PCs, phablets, and other kinds of devices. According to previous tips, this “modern” SKU might not include a Desktop for running legacy Win32 apps. It would be updated frequently and regularly by Microsoft through the Windows Store." No desktop for running legacy Win32 apps. This is what is sometimes referred to as "jumping the shark". MS has a new exec at the top. Time will tell.
1775 04/02/14 10:28pm Technology Corner
RE: I need a Facebook solution please....

I use Firefox and under the "setting" option, I do not have the choices shown. Wish I could shut off the auto play too. Turn off Auto-Play on Facebook's settings, not Firefox's settings. Also there is a Firefox plug in to make all flash video not play until you allow it to run. It is called FlashBlock. Go into Add Ons on Firefox and click get addons and look for this to install.
1775 04/01/14 11:05pm Technology Corner
RE: I need a Facebook solution please....

Also, after turning off 'autoplay', update your flash player. Recently flash has been causing several video problems with freezing browsers, etc.
1775 04/01/14 11:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Would RV manufacturer have extra accessories for purchase?

This would depend upon the manufacturer of the trailer or RV but many do supply their authorized service centers with parts. They will usually order these for their customers from the factory. Some centers have accessory shops in which they stock some of these parts for the rigs that they sell. Check with a dealer of your trailer and ask if they will order replacements for you. For my RV this can be done and others do this as well.
1775 04/01/14 10:58pm General RVing Issues
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