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RE: Battery in a cell phone

I have to agree that sometimes when there is a problem the only way around it is to pull the battery. Iphones have non-removable batteries. Those are the only phones that I have heard that are like that. I have a tablet that has a non-removable battery. You can generally get a replacement battery with full instructions and the tool needed to open the case from online retailers. But still, pulling that battery when needed is a big deal. I am glad that I saw this thread as my wife is on Straight Talk and was looking at the Moto as a replacement phone. Just did some checking - Straight Talk is offering the Moto E - here is link to removing the battery door - just like any other phone - https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/prod_answer_detail/a_id/98974/p/30,6720,9146 BUT SURPRISE this only gets you inside where you have to take apart the phone to get to the battery - so yes, it has a non-removable battery which is not mentioned by any of the reviews.
1775 03/02/15 11:26pm Technology Corner
RE: windows 8.1 or windows 7

I would go with a Win 7 computer. I have a new laptop that came with Win 8.1. The day I started it up I got a message from Microsoft that said Win 8.1 would soon be discontinued and replaced with "Win 8.1 Update" and I must update now. (Yes that is the actual name of the OS that is now supported - Win 8.1 update.) This was before the announcement of Win 10 which has yet to happen other than in Beta testing. The Win 8.1 Update put back a few familiar features from Win 7 including a Shut Down button. The first thing I did with the new laptop is tweek it - only with Windows settings - to not have to log in every time the OS starts and to open directly to Desktop bypassing the annoying app screen. The app screen is nothing more than a glorified Start Menu and if you stop all of these apps from connecting to the internet and delete most of them what you get is a full screen start menu with all of your installed software - not just the mostly useless Microsoft apps. With the computer set up like this - especially on the desktop, it is no different from Win 7. But you have to stand on your head to get it there. I have experienced a few problems - when it wants to update it updates and I have found no way to turn this off - and it will not shut down until the updates are complete once started. I also wanted to back up the hard drive with Acronis and Win 8.1 would not work with the version of Acronis that I have (it could not find the laptop's hard drive) and apparently only works with the newest Acronis version. I had to find new back up software just for the laptop. Installing printer drivers was not as easy as Win 7. Screen resolution on the laptop is limited and if you have trouble seeing small fonts there is no way to just set the resolution to a easily readable font without losing half the screen. The touch screen can be bypassed. My laptop has a touch screen but I don't use it unless the mouse is being a pain. All and all I would stick with Win 7 - it is all there and you don't have to jump through a circus hoop to get it to work the way you are used to. And apparently Win 10 is going back to Win 7 in its interface - chalk up another MS mistake with Win 8/8.1- like Windows Millennium and Vista.
1775 03/02/15 11:20pm Technology Corner
RE: lemon law for class B

Going back about four years there was someone on this forum that was successful making a claim on his Class B under the Lemon Law in his state. You might try looking back in the archives to 2009/2010/2011. Every state has different rules under their Lemon Law and certain attempts have to be made to rectify the problems that have been unsuccessful to be able to go to the state and file under the Lemon Law. Start with the Consumer Affairs office in your state. It is often connected with the State Attorney General's office. They should be able to guide you - and you may want to involve an attorney with experience with the Lemon Law in your state.
1775 03/02/15 11:02pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Richmond area camping?

I stayed in Americamp in Ashland, VA when it was a KOA. It was nice and had just been completely re-done - that was three years ago. Right after that they left KOA. It was convenient to get to - right off 95 the exit from 95. It is a wooded campground off an industrial area. It had the best cable tv selection of any campground we have been to. There was a small swimming pool and a small playground. Easy to get to Richmond or any place else in that area.
1775 03/01/15 10:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Why is the Class B forum so dead?

What I have noticed over the years on the forums on RV.net is that in the winter, there is some activity talking about campgrounds and travel in warm areas of the country, and in the various forums more talk about researching to buy than in dealing with problems - the Class B forum included. Then as the Spring gets underway, the activity increases greatly, there is more activity about trip planning on the East Coast and elsewhere, and progressing through the season the problems that come up RVing are discussed more and more. Now if it would only stop snowing, maybe it might look like all things Class B can get started again...
1775 03/01/15 05:31pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Generator

You have pretty much gotten the word on the under chassis Onan 2800 microlite. Major service involves taking the generator down and there are Onan service centers all over - there is a list on the Onan-Cummin's website. Regular maintenance can be done with the generator in place but you have to crawl under and access it. Changing or adding oil involves pumping oil up from the oil bottle and then down into the fill hole. There is a hand pump sold for boat motors that attaches to a standard oil bottle that makes this easier to do (find it in a marine store or Walmart in Sporting Goods marine section). Onan suggests exercising the generator every month for two hours under at least half load - 1400 watts. This is very important and will save more serious costly maintenance later. It is made to run with up to 15 ethanol gasoline but it can still get gummed up. Add some ethanol treatment to your gas tank and when you exercise the generator you will be putting the treatment through at the same time. I do this when I winterize and then through the winter when I exercise the genny, I run the treatment in with the gas. If you don't want to change the oil yourself, any RV shop will do it for you. Some have asked their mechanic to do it - but you will likely have to explain and show them where it is. It takes only one quart of oil. The type varies and there is a chart in the Onan 2800 manual.
1775 03/01/15 05:21pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: how long let b sit before starting

FYI-to anyone interested. I cancelled the Onan and will go with underhood generator on zion. will this work? we will see I am surprised that you cancelled the Onan. I see the Onan as better than the underhood generator as it has been described. I would not want to be running the van engine all night. I would rather put up with the noise of the Onan. I can move the exhaust of the Onan up and away with the Genturi - can't do that with the engine exhaust.
1775 02/26/15 05:51pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: how long let b sit before starting

Gerry - I saw on FB that you got your answer from RT. The solar package will keep all batteries charged including the engine battery. Really good to have that confirmed!
1775 02/23/15 10:19pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: how long let b sit before starting

I run the generator for two hours in the middle of every month (per Onan recommendation) and then plug in to shore power for 12 hours to bring the batteries up to full charge at the end of every month. It is on a schedule kept on my calendar with reminders. In the winter - like now - with unbelievable cold I go out and start the van engine in between and let it run 20 - 30 minutes. In the cold the batteries run down much faster. I keep an eye on them and if I can I plug in more frequently. Gerry - is there a solar package for the Zion and did you get it? The RT solar package should keep the batteries charged with just daylight (according to RT).
1775 02/22/15 11:51pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Poor Wi FI at most RV parks

I have a range extender from Amped Wireless. You have to have a signal to boost. If you have no bars, it will not work. If you have at least a weak signal it will lock onto that and boost it. You then sign in to wifi through the extender's ID. As long as you remain in that campground, you can power down the booster and when you turn it on again it still has the signal you locked onto. It will keep it until the next time you have it scan for a new wifi signal.
1775 02/19/15 10:55pm Technology Corner
RE: 2005 ROADTREK 210 Left Rear Turn Signal Bulb is Out

Chevy lately seems to go out of its way to make things not easily user repairable on their vans and cars. The danger is breaking the black piece above the light and the light itself - as shown in the video that is linked above. As crazy as it sounds, I would drive it into a Chevy service and let them do it - so if something breaks they can replace it right there and you are not left with no tail light.
1775 02/18/15 11:22pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Fireworks in NYC or Boston?

Washington, D.C.- free big show with celebrities at the Capitol and then big fireworks over the city.
1775 02/17/15 11:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Eliminate password,how to?

On XP just set a blank password - nothing in box where you set the password.
1775 02/16/15 12:01am Technology Corner
RE: Nursing Home WiFi

Try to see if you get any bars at all in his room from the wifi. A range extender will only work if there is a signal to grab on to extend. Even one bar will do. If he will use a laptop, you may also find that a different wifi adapter will pick up the signal where the internal laptop wifi receiver (and likely older version) won't. These are inexpensive and run through a USB port - but not for a tablet just a laptop. Sorry to hear your FIL has to go through this - hopefully if you can get the slightest signal you can extend it - OR demand he be moved to a room in that other wing - for his emotional health just for this reason.
1775 02/15/15 11:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Are there any class B's that do not look like RVs?

A fast look at my Roadtrek without any identifying decals and you see just a conversion van but if you know what to look for you will see it as an RV - AC vent in the back of the roof, fridge vent on the side, and classic RV furnace vents. Also the antenna on the roof is a big give away that there is more than a van inside. And then there is a mandated small plate on the bottom side of the van that says RV in compliance, etc.
1775 02/15/15 11:49pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek 190

You have already heard that the Popular has three seats up front and the Versatile has four. In the Popular on the driver's side there is a wardrobe cabinet behind the drivers seat instead of the fourth seat in the Versatile. The bed is longer in the Popular and you have the option to sleep side to side or back to front - not in the Versatile in which the bed is side to side. The inside is the same regardless of the windows - the solid looking windows are black paint between the windows. While all 190s are on the Chevy 3500 chassis SINCE RT stopped using the Dodge in early 2000s - not all 190s have the 6.0L engine which was an option until recently. So you could get the smaller Chevy engine in a 190. Check the VIN which will tell you both the specs and the chassis year. Roadtrek builds, for example, a 2009 on a 2008 chassis and also on a 2009 chassis - depending on the time of the year the Roadtrek is built inside the van when which chassis is available from Chevy. See my site linked below to learn all about the Roadtrek 190 Popular.
1775 02/15/15 11:41pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What to See and Eat in Delaware?

Winterthur Museum complex is in Delaware. It has extensive collections of folk art and historic furniture. (If this is something of interest to you.)
1775 02/12/15 11:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking for Guidance/thoughts on a Class B.

In addition to RV Trader, go to the Roadtrek International website and look at their classifieds section of Roadtrek for sale (you don't have to be a member to access that page). You will get everything that you want including the bathroom and your price range is just about right for an older pre-owned. Just be sure that everything works including the vehicle - you don't want to be spending more money after you buy it. Just keep moving to where it is warm all year.
1775 02/10/15 11:44pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek Help - Southeast PA

They may not want to do the A/C replacement on a 97 Roadtrek because it is not using the A/C that more recent Roadtreks have - the Dometic Kool Cat - heat pump and A/C. Most who replace the older Roadtrek air conditioners do so with a small home unit that fits - which is what the links in other responses here talk about. These A/Cs have to be shopped to find the correct one and then installed. If you had the A/C you may convince them to do the job for you. Since you are not dealing with a specific Roadtrek part, any RV shop may be able to do this job for you - but I am guessing all would want you to supply the A/C. As I recall, at one time Home Depot sold an A/C that fit. Of course, these won't be in the stores for several months.
1775 02/09/15 11:23pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek Help - Southeast PA

Fretz will service any Roadtrek. It does not have to be purchased there, but it sounds like the OP just wants questions answered (other than the A/C replacement). It does not sound like this is a Roadtrek under warranty. If it is, they will do warranty service whether purchased there or not - but it is a service call and not a show me or explain to me for free. There is also a Roadtrek dealer in New Jersey. Colonial RV in Lakewood, NJ. To the OP - what year and model Roadtrek do you have?
1775 02/09/15 12:00am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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