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RE: HP Lap Top will not load.

How to repair Windows 8.1 Reboot Loop - http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-windows_update/how-to-fix-the-automatic-repair-loop-in-windows-81/bfc92bc7-031f-45d4-b623-bcb4847d32fd I have yet to find a way to stop Auto Update in Windows 8.1. If anyone knows how please share - it is not the same as Win 7 or previous.
1775 03/25/15 05:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Jumpstart from auxiliary battery

It is easier to carry a portable battery jump starter. The Jump and Go is small and light - about the size of a paperback book and holds its charge for up to a year. Very easy to carry in a Roadtrek with limited storage. It can be had for $60. It has 400 peak starting amps. This is better than hoping not to damage the coach batteries with the wrong connection.
1775 03/25/15 05:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sharing a word or excel file from drop box or google docs?

I use both Google Drive and Dropbox. Dropbox is simpler as on a PC with Dropbox installed and running you just start it and anything that you save to the folder on your PC designated Dropbox will go to the cloud and be there to retrieve on another computer with the Dropbox software installed and running signed into that account or with a Dropbox app on a phone or tablet. Dropbox is better for opening with your own software like Word. You also have the ability to just sign into the Dropbox website and see your files. Google Drive has evolved into a pain. Google Drive now wants to open everything in its own cloud-based MS compatible software. Both are free - try both and see which works best for you.
1775 03/23/15 11:01pm Technology Corner
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

I watched yesterday's snow start to melt off it - again! It has been a tough winter and first day of Spring.
1775 03/21/15 11:55pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Antiquing in a Class B, and our introduction

If you are antiquing for small items - items that fit in your hand - then a B is fine. If you look for furniture or large items, there is no storage for anything like that - not unless it is purchased on the last day that you are heading home and do not plan to sleep in the Class B's bed that night. We find the B's storage very limiting to what we can purchase on a trip. There is just so much room in a B and most of that is living space. We have bought antiques while we were out in the B but these were books, small glass pieces, etc. I have seen a few nice things that just would not fit anywhere to get them home.
1775 03/21/15 11:51pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How much should a night of camping cost?

I have never paid less than $35 a night at a campground and the campground that I paid $35 at three years ago now wants $55 a night. It all depends on what part of the country you are traveling in and what is around the area that attracts (or doesn't attract)people there to come visit.
1775 03/15/15 11:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Visiting the Statue Of Liberty

Another recommendation for Liberty Harbor Campground - easy access by subway (NJ PATH) to Manhattan in addition to a water ferry right next to the campground. You will not have to deal with NYC traffic or problems at all. Plus it is one of the few safe places to leave your RV - even for a day. This campground is just a paved parking lot with hookups and security. Nothing fancy - right on the river. Anyplace else means commuter trains and expensive transportation. Don't put yourself hours away when this campground is 20 minutes away for a few dollars subway fare. When driving there follow the trucks - never get on anything in NY named "parkway" - you can't go on it in an RV. Yes, there are lots of low clearances and propane restricted tunnels. Again, route yourself in advance how the trucks go. While here you can do anything you would like to do in Manhattan and visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island too. If you are saying that you don't want to be near NYC and just come to the area to park the RV and visit the Statue of Liberty, there is no place to park your RV - don't even think about it. If you want to stay a hundred miles away then find some place with a train and ride the two or more hours each way with the commuters and pay more than staying a night at Liberty Harbor for the train tickets for two.
1775 03/15/15 11:11pm Beginning RVing
RE: rv camping near Niagara Falls end of March/beginning April

Many campgrounds in the northeast close until April 1 or beyond. Check where you plan to stay to make sure they are open for the time that you are planning this trip.
1775 03/15/15 10:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Where to go for 1 month? East coast

Since you mention Williamsburg - a month is a lot but as a central spot if you are willing to drive a bit to go to attractions you could find things to do for a month. Aside from Colonial Williamsburg, there is Busch Gardens, two Jamestown attractions, Yorktown - then head east to Norfolk and further to Virginia Beach. Go west to the James River Plantations (several) and then further to Richmond with several Civil War battlefields, the Confederate White House which is adjacent to the Museum of the Confederacy. A whole month is tough in any one spot but you should be able to find things to do in this area. We can easily spend ten days in Colonial Williamsburg alone. If you are into history this is the area to explore as it is all here from the first settlement to WWII and beyond. American Heritage Campground is the one to stay at.
1775 03/15/15 10:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What not to miss at Williamsburg VA.....

After the history experiences, Williamsburg is a huge outlet shopping destination. If you feel the need to indulge in seafood, there are several options. We prefer Captin George's Seafood Buffett What are people favorite places to eat? Not super pricey please. Sounds like there are interesting places to eat...... Pierces BBQ is a good place to eat. Not fancy - you order and are called to the counter when it is ready and take it to your table. Capt. George's Seafood - huge seafood buffet - under $30 per. but it is an experience. Any of the colonial taverns in Colonial Williamsburg - but these are very expensive. Check the CW website for menus and current prices - this will set you back a lot - and the food lately is fair and not so much colonial. Chickahominy House - only open for breakfast and lunch - there are a lot of restaurants in this area that are only open for breakfast and lunch. The building is historic - the food is said to be very good. If you like KFC - have you ever been to a KFC Buffet? There is one in Williamsburg - cheap and if you like KFC worth it - especailly for a family. Food for Thought Restaurant - many like it - we have not been there yet but the prices are reasonable. The Cheese Shop in Merchants Square - area part of Colonial Williamsburg - good for lunch - tasty sandwiches - carry out - a couple of tables inside and there are tables outside. About $7 a sandwich. It is worth buying the Colonial Williamsburg refillable soda mug - this is good for a year and they will refill soda any time you ask, plus there are a few spots around the historic area that will fill this with softserve ice cream - all included in the price of the cup. If you are there during a hot week this cup pays for itself quickly. Place to avoid - Golden Corral in Williamsburg - too crowded and not good. If you like Golden Corral the trip to the one in Newport News is worth the drive as it is far better.
1775 03/15/15 10:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: which phone OS??

the Android phone today that you buy with Y Android version, will not get an update to Android Z comes out in six months or a year. I don't find that at all. If you buy a new model Android phone you can generally expect the next 2 versions of Android will be made available. The S4 for instance came out with Jellybean. It was updated with KitKat and will be updated with Lollipop in the next month (builds have already been released to vendors). My prior S3 was updated several times over its life. Older iPhones often are not compatible with the latest iOS. Same reason as older Androids. Newer OS's require newer hardware. My three year old Samsung phone came with Gingerbread and never got updated past Gingerbread. I own the phone - paid for in full from the start. My Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet that is a year old has never been updated past the original Android Jellybean version and Samsung says there is no intent to update it. Maybe it is a Samsung thing - but three Samsungs and all the same story. As to not being able to be updated - if it can be rooted and updated with a custom rom to run any of the versions of Android, it should be updated by the phone's manufacturer.
1775 03/14/15 11:10pm Technology Corner
RE: which phone OS??

If you "jailbreak" or root the phone you will invalidate any warranty that you have left on the phone. If it is no longer under warranty, do a search on the apps that you have to make sure that all will still work after "jailbreaking" or rooting the phone. Some apps, particularly those that are connected to streaming video apps and some financial apps may stop working. If this is so for any of your apps, a search of the internet will turn up plenty on it.
1775 03/14/15 11:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Can't figure out why 1/3 data usage on iPhone is for video?

If your phone browsers are displaying "desktop" webpages rather than "mobile" webpages you are streaming video data with every ad in motion and flash display. If you are connecting your phone to a laptop you are streaming even more and not realizing it. Bottom line is does it matter? Are you being charged extra for this or are you using up high speed bandwidth to a level that you will be throttled by Verizon to a slow internet speed on the phones? If not, it should not really matter if you use x% of data on video.
1775 03/14/15 10:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Wiliamsburg KOA

The City of Williamsburg does run a bus around the area but I am not sure that it goes out to Toano where American Heritage is. It may, though the campground is a distance north of Richmond Road that the bus may run on. As far as campgrounds with shuttle services. In other areas some do - Cherry Hill in MD to D.C. for one. And as I said earlier - Colonial Williamsburg has RV parking - plenty of room for any size RV.
1775 03/13/15 05:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

There are televisions that already have computer monitor connections on the back in addition to the television connection. Many Samsungs have this. I would suggest looking in Costco if there is one near you. You can get a monitor or a television at a great discount there. You should be seeing monitors that are less expensive that televisions - they are basically the same device with the monitor less the tuner = which should be less money. Make sure your laptop has the connections it needs to connect to a monitor.
1775 03/13/15 05:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Curious on the social aspect of rv'ing

Since we first started looking into RVing and then in the past four years that we have been RVing, we had and keep hearing about how friendly RVers are. How people wave to each other and say hello. How welcoming RVers in a campground will be. It has been our experience that this is the rare exception other than the norm. We wave - very rarely does anyone wave back. We say hello and we are ignored. Maybe it is the East Coast that is the exception, but we have yet to find this comradely among RVers that gets talked about. My wife keeps asking me where are all of these friendly people that you keep telling me about at the campgrounds.
1775 03/12/15 10:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: Long Island, NY RV Parking

When we were shopping for our RV I looked for storage in Nassau for a trailer or RV. Lots of luck - what I could find were compartment storage centers that would rent a spoy to park the RV or trailer - at a cost of almost what an apartment costs to rent. And few were secure. We decided to go small and park on the driveway. Long Island is not an RV/TT friendly place.
1775 03/12/15 10:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: Wiliamsburg KOA

Call American Heritage and ask. There may be. Colonial Williamsburg has RV parking.
1775 03/12/15 10:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What not to miss at Williamsburg VA.....

In three or four days you barely have time to see Colonial Williamsburg. If you are making this trip to see history, spend your time at CW. There is plenty to see and if you try to split what you visit to all of the historic sites in the area - or the amusements - you are going to come away without any real appreciation for anything. When in Colonial Williamsburg you now can get a ticket good for the length of your trip - same price - which compared to other places is very reasonable. See the Rev City program that takes place throughout one entire day - all of it takes place on the streets and the historic properties. Go see one of the Nation Builders programs and encounter Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, or George Washington. You will come away from one of these swearing you just met the real man. Go into all of the buildings and trades locations. There are evening programs each night that have their own tickets - see Cry Witch, take the Tavern Ghost Walk. If you have kids there are special kids' programs. All of this is living history - not static museum displays. You are going to meet and encounter people who lived in this city before and during the Revolution. This is not to say that Jamestown, Yorktown, and Busch Gardens are not nice. They are very nice, but you really need a lot more time to do justice to any one of these and see CW also on the same trip. And yes, American Heritage is the campground to stay at - paved and level sites, clean, and very nice people running it.
1775 03/12/15 10:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Maps Alternative

In Copilot when I select Google as the search, I can try and find KOA West Chester. It won't find it. All I have to do for Google Maps is speak what I want and it will find it. There is some flaw with Copilot integration with google. CoPilot has a fairly good collection of POIs in the app itself and POI collections from a site like POIFactory can be easily installed into CoPilot. There is no need for Google integration. If you are stuck and need an address - use data to go to Google Maps,get the address and paste it into CoPilot. The big advantage of CoPilot is you can have the entire country's maps on your phone and never use data to navigate anywhere.
1775 03/12/15 10:23pm Technology Corner
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