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RE: Win 8.1--Is it Really All That Bad?

I have blocked all of the privacy concerns with settings from within Win 10's privacy menu. With a wifi internet connection, you can turn off all updates by setting the status of the wifi connection to a "metered connection". With this set on my laptop it downloads no updates. Don't turn on Catana or you will undo the privacy settings and open them up again. Win 8.1 had lots of annoyances that Win 10 does not have. I had Win 8.1 set to boot to the desktop, not ask for a password, and on the desktop there was a pseudo-start menu. But every time my mouse went near the right side of the screen the side menu would open - always at the worst times. No problem with that now in Win 10. I will keep Win 7 on my desktop, especially to keep XP mode for software we can't get rid of, use regularly, and there are no updates for. We still have laptops and a desktop on XP - all still do fine. It is all a matter of preference. Upgrade from Win 7 to 10 - absolutely not. Upgrade from 8.1 to 10 - certainly.
1775 10/08/15 11:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Dumping Holding Tanks - RESOLVED

Great to hear that you got this resolved. The tanks are the least of what you have to winterize on a Roadtrek. You need to get RV antifreeze into all of the pipes, valves, faucets, toilet valve, 2 traps, showers --- all hot and cold lines. If the fresh tank is empty that is all it needs. Put some RV Antifreeze down the black tank to prevent it from going dry over the winter. Put some also in the grey tank. Run some through the macerator. All of this will freeze and do damage with even just a little water left in the lines. See my site for full step by step winterizing of a Roadtrek - linked below.
1775 10/08/15 10:40pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Wingman on Sensar...No Joy!!!

I was looking at adding the Wingman and went up to the RV roof first and saw that I would have the same problem with the black tank vent - only more so on the roof of my small RV. I saw that the Wingman could not be mounted on the other side and just gave up on it. It would be nice if Winegard made one with the ability to flip it.
1775 10/06/15 11:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Dumping Holding Tanks

You can try turning the manual crank handle - check your manual for location and how to do this. This will turn the impeller manually and if there is anything that is blocking it, this is supposed to clear it. If it does not turn there is a jam in the macerator. If it does and when you later push the button and hear the macerator motor running but nothing comes out - the impeller is gone or it is time to replace the macerator (apparently again).
1775 10/06/15 11:06pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Van for 4 with example of what I am looking for

Sportsmobile custom camper vans will build you whatever you want. Also Advanced RV builds custom Class Bs on a Sprinter chassis.
1775 10/06/15 05:11pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dumping Holding Tanks

In a Roadtrek with a built in macerator don't put ice down into the black tank unless it is a very hot day and you are sure that all of the ice will melt before you dump through the macerator. If you do, you will destroy the macerator blade and impeller. Are you sure that the macerator is working - put some water into the grey tank and dump that to be sure the macerator is working. The black tank is off from the drain in the toilet and this is why a flex wand is needed for the Roadtrek 190 if going to flush the tank with a wand. There is the emergency clean out plug next to the macerator under the van. If something is clogging the macerator line, this can be opened - and it will let everything out - right down below so stay clear and expect a big clean up job when you are done. It comes out with the opening of each dump handle - black first, then grey. Through the macerator there is NO discharge through gravity. Put several gallons of water down each tank - as suggested above, and dump. Don't take any chances going into the winter that there might be a lot of water in either the black or grey tanks. Usually when a dealer service has to empty your black or grey tank to do a job they are going to charge you for it. you could call them to check - but if they did you would have been told about it when you saw it on the bill. Unless they did this as part of the install to make sure the hose held firm. Call them and see.
1775 10/06/15 05:07pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

I looked at it sitting on the driveway and thought, I really need to make reservations for our next trip - because the last trip we were going to take a few weeks ago, we could not get a campground site anywhere the day before the trip in the area we were heading to.
1775 10/05/15 05:50pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Travato or Roadtrek

Planning to buy either a Travato 59K, or a Roadtrek 170 Versatile. I will use it with my wife to do some traveling out west to see all the stuff, national parks etc, that we have never seen. (we are retired). I have owned several RV's, but my wife has never been as enthusiastic as me. Plan is to stay in hotels, and have the van just for the toilet, fridge, and a place to take a quick nap while driving. I will still use the RV by myself, to go camping with the dog from time to time. I do that in state parks near our home in the Atlanta area. The bath arrangement in the Travato is obviously more roomy, and doesn't require anything special to use. Also twin beds are convenient and comfy. Roadtrek is two feet shorter, and has somewhere to sit for a passenger other than the front passenger seat. Also, the Roadtrek looks more like a conversion van than an RV. If anyone owns either one, what have you liked best about it, and what are the shortcomings? Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences with these RVs CT51 You are comparing the smallest Roadtrek - the 170 to the Travato. The Roadtrek Zion is built on the same Dodge Promaster chassis as the Travato. The Roadtrek 190 has the two feet that is missing from the 190. If you want it longer then there is the 210. It is more fair to compare a more similarly sized Roadtrek to the Travato. The Travatos have their advantages and disadvantages and so do the Roadtreks. I am not saying to buy a Roadtrek - just compare closely equal RVs. My personal opinion of the Travato when I saw a G in person was that it was much too cramped inside compared to my 190. When I first went inside a 170 I came back out in a minute because of how close it was inside. Don't go by videos and photos. All of the companies that film the Bs have a talent for making small look spacious. Go to an RV show and see them all in the same place to compare - or go to a dealer with a Travato and then go to a Roadtrek dealer and make a much better decision. You might also want to look at some small Cs (sometimes called B+s) as you will get more room inside. If you are planning on staying in hotels you are spending a lot of money for a bathroom and fridge to use to stop along the road. The idea with any Class B - or any RV is that you never need to go into a hotel again.
1775 10/05/15 05:47pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: EZ Pass issues

I am in NY. All NY EZPass are inside on the windshield under the rear view mirror. They are held in place with 3M grip strips. Some states that use EZPass or a similar system have plates in the ground as you go through the tollbooth that count axles. Some also weigh what is going over. The toll is determined by both (depending on the state).
1775 10/02/15 03:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: How To Block Pop Ups For Facebook and Twitter

Ad Block plus AND set flash in the browser settings to ask before opening. No ads, no pop ups, no flash when you don't want it.
1775 10/02/15 02:56pm Technology Corner
RE: ScanDisk Clip+ will not play M4b converted to MP3

As others have noted, 2GB mp3 files are way too big. Something either went wrong in the conversion or the settings to convert were not set to result in smaller files. I always split audio files for ebooks - just to make it easier to manage. If for whatever reason you lose your place (or bookmark) you are not scanning through hours of audio to get back to where you were. I use a Sandisk Clip + and have never had a problem playing an mp3 - but I have never had an mp3 file that big.
1775 10/02/15 02:53pm Technology Corner
RE: I'm back to Windows 10

You can use this link and download Windows 10 and burn it to a DVD or put it on a USB stick and then you can install it anytime that you like. It will only install on an computer with an eligible version of Windows. You can also install right from the webpage. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 If you are uncertain about the update, you can wait or you can do a complete image backup of your current boot hard drive and can always restore that image to your computer if you don't like Win 10. If you are moving from Win 7 you may just want to stay with Win 7. If you have Win 8 or 8.1, Win 10 is better - just be sure to go through all privacy and security settings and set them to where YOU want them and not where MS wants them.
1775 10/01/15 11:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Garmin RV760LMT Waypionts

I tried the trip planner on my RV760 and it REALLY messed us up. I tried to plot a route to avoid I-95 through downtown Baltimore (can't take propane into the tunnel and the RV760 doesn't know this - even in RV mode). It took us on a really crazy route and we ended up taking about an hour and a half longer getting from Richmond to Aberdeen Proving Ground than it should have taken. Coming back, I used a combination of old-fashioned navigation and the GPS to tell me how far to the next interchange, etc. GPSs are great - but they're no panacea. The weakness of the RV760 is that it has no propane setting. The Dezl 760, Garmin's truck GPS in truck mode (not RV mode) has a hazardous materials setting to take you around propane restricted roads, bridges, and tunnels. When the RV760 first came out I asked them if they were planning on updating the software to include propane restrictions and they had no plans to. They seemed unaware that it could be a problem not having it. Next time go south to go around Baltimore and take the bridge - and then come back to 95. You make a short half circle around the city and avoid the restriction. The Garmin won't know this - my CoPilot app in RV mode on my phone did. (CoPilot Android or IOS - ten bucks)
1775 10/01/15 05:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Onan 2800 generator

I am not sure about the retrofit, but Onan has three different inside start switch configurations for the 2800. One is just the switch. One is the switch with meter. The third is switch with meter and voltage readout. Search your model Onan - look for the right one as Onan has changed the 2800 in the past few years (There are letters after 2800 that designate the model on the correct manual.) There are three manuals that I could find with a search for mine - the operation manual, an installation manual, and a repair manual. All free from websites. You should also see accessories listed for your model on the Onan website - like these switches. Don't know if all of these are available for your year/model Onan.
1775 10/01/15 04:53pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: With today's prices

With the cases of beer, I hope that he cut a hole in the floor for when the beer needs to exit.
1775 09/30/15 11:15pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Will the fiberglass roof support my weight if I walk on it?

Even though there is a ladder to get up to the roof it does not mean that the roof was intended to be walked on. You should be able to get up on the roof flat and get to where you need to work and do what you need to do without putting full weight on any one spot. You have it looking real nice - it would be a shame to put your foot through it...
1775 09/28/15 03:45pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Stay away from the Philladelphia area this weekend.

Because of the Pope's visit the PA Turnpike will be closed from the Jersey border to well past Philly from this Friday through Sunday. All bridges will be closed into Philly. The detours go up to 78 which will also be a mess. The New Jersey Tpk is also going to be backed up because of the confusion that will occur because of the closings.
1775 09/22/15 11:51pm Roads and Routes
RE: Williamsburg VA

Looked up Williamsburg Campark - full hook up is water, electric, and sewer. No cable, no wifi. A lot of the website talks about tent camping - though they say RV sites. Photos show grass sites with a barely graveled road. Not listed at all on RVparkreviews. If this is the Pottery campground upgraded they did not do much of an upgrade. We were just down there and never saw a sign for it, or saw any brochures or advertising for it.
1775 09/22/15 11:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Williamsburg VA

American Heritage. We have been there several times. Really nice paved sites that are level and well spaced. Paved asphalt roads throughout the campground. Nice wooded grounds. Nice staff. Swimming pool. Hiking trail. Decent wifi and cable. They just added extra large sites positioned so that two campers traveling together can have the correct sides facing each other. It is the nicest campground of all that we have stayed at.
1775 09/22/15 11:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Data

Well if it is "day - tah" that is the android on Star Trek. If it is Dah - tah" that is what you use for your internet connection.
1775 09/22/15 11:27pm Technology Corner
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