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RE: Low hot water flow

What Old-Biscuit said ^^^^^^
Gene&Ginny 10/08/15 06:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Camping World Closed...

My local RV dealer is closed on Sunday. They are an old family run business now in the third generation. When the "Blue Laws" in Rhode Island were changed to allow Sunday sales they still close on Sunday. They feel the employees should be able to spend the day with family.
Gene&Ginny 10/04/15 07:09pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: water heater flame fades out

... The gas valve makes a "thunk" (noise of closing) after the flame peters out. ....That tells you that the flame sensor and probably the control board are working as they should. Loss of flame causes the control board to release (shut off) the LP valve. That narrows it to a flow or mixture problem.
Gene&Ginny 10/03/15 07:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane vent or leak???

... and the black indicator handle should point to one tank or the other, never straight up in the middle.
Gene&Ginny 10/03/15 07:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Cataract?????

...How would you prove to ANYONE that you have implants?My wife was given a card with the lens information for the lens that replaced the cataract.
Gene&Ginny 10/03/15 06:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Gray tank won't drain

..I am noticing that this a.m that it's drained down to 1/4 of the tank overnight....My black tank does that. After I dump it often shows 2/3 full. Next morning (valve closed since dumping) it will show 1/3. Seems like the sensors need to dry off. About twice a year I put the wand down the toilet and give it a cleaning. Seems to be the only time I see 0 (empty). Sometimes the grey tank will show 1/3 after dumping and the next morning, with the valve still closed, it will show 0. Try actually filling the grey tank with the gate closed and then, when full, open the gate and dump. Some Dawn dish soap and Calgon water softner does a good job of cleaning grey and black tanks.
Gene&Ginny 10/01/15 08:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Cataract?????

My wife had both eyes done about about 3 months apart. NO NEEDLE. As others said, drops in the eye. They did give here something in the IV to put her out for a few minutes. We were in and out in well under 2 hours total each time. No pain, no drama.
Gene&Ginny 10/01/15 07:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: Where to attach the Breakaway Cable

... So hooking mine to the frame is incorrect?:hI thought yours was the first correct answer. Everybody after used more words to say the same thing.
Gene&Ginny 10/01/15 07:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Where to attach the Breakaway Cable

I put a clip on the end of the cable and found a place for a shackle on my frame ...That (IMHO) is the correct way to do it. If the hitch fails the cable to the vehicle frame pulls the pin. I use spring clips like that too.
Gene&Ginny 09/29/15 08:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: What does (not responding) mean

... and also really bad with this campground's Wifi connection....That may be the 32 people streaming video and the connection can't deliver the bits to you to complete the page. I also get that at home from time to time from pages trying to run scripts and active x controls which I have blocked. Eventually the page gets loaded and the "not responding" goes away.
Gene&Ginny 09/29/15 08:18pm Technology Corner
RE: AdBlock Plus Allowing "Paid" Ads Through It's Filters?

If you use an ad blocker, you likely missed out on CW's free shipping weekend. It was advertised on banner ads. :BI got the email(s) :R Never saw the banner add. :B I don't use any add blocking but I have a lot of stuff routed to
Gene&Ginny 09/29/15 08:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Need help with Airstream plumbing issue...

The pictures http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/2918824/view/air1.jpg width=640 . http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/2918824/view/air2.jpg . http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/2918824/view/air3.jpg
Gene&Ginny 09/29/15 07:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Hearing aid advice

Wrace, the Starkey Halo you mentioned earlier was made to connect to an iPhone but not all Starkeys require that nor do other brands. I have Oticon aids and they use what they call a Streamer. A little box on a cord I wear around my neck. The streamer uses bluetooth to let me change programs, adjust volume, connect to my OLD flip phone using bluetooth and has a tiny jack to connect to other audio devices.
Gene&Ginny 09/29/15 07:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Doh!

Is that area under the couch or bench seating? Open it up and install a compartment door? My thought but you beat me to it. :C How about a "RV Camper Electrical Access Compartment Door / Power Cord Hatch with Lock". The outside dimension is about 8" wide and 8-1/2" tall. The cut out size is about 6-1/4" wide and 6-3/4" tall. - $20 on ebay, free shipping. LINK http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/m4hnx77VhNsuBqZxrB8tKyg.jpg
Gene&Ginny 09/26/15 07:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: What Tree?

The fact is EVERYONE wants to camp in the forest, but NO ONE wants to be near any trees.Well said. I am going to steal that line from you.
Gene&Ginny 09/25/15 07:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ideas for lifting AC unit to the top of a RV

OP here.... Cost $48 .......and nothing for the back doctor. :C Thanks for letting us know how you did it.
Gene&Ginny 09/25/15 07:28pm Tech Issues
RE: VW caught Cheating

The news media have done their usual good job with the doom and gloom but I would like to see some facts. I would like to see the emission numbers with and without the "test mode" being active. Exactly what polution is being put into the air verses what is allowed and exactly what is above the limits and by how much. The news media doesn't seem to be doing well with hard facts. (JMHO)
Gene&Ginny 09/25/15 07:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: quick connect hose for outdoor grill

... Hose clamps on a pressurized LP gas line? Sorry, but that's VERY dangerous. .... A pressure of 11 inches WC translates to 0.3974002101014 PSI. One clamp would handle it but I used 2.
Gene&Ginny 09/23/15 08:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: quick connect hose for outdoor grill

The connection on your trailer is already regulated. you need to remove the regulator from your grill to use it with the trailer supply.This is what I did for my older version Road Trip. The regulator was on REAL tight but it does unscrew. http://i53.tinypic.com/nv7ejd.jpg width=640
Gene&Ginny 09/22/15 08:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winterized w/compressed air

Don't forget to "flush" the toilet. Many have had the flush valve freeze and break because there was still water in the flush valve of the toilet. The water pump is another place that holds water when you use air pressure at the city water fill.
Gene&Ginny 09/21/15 08:15pm Travel Trailers
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