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RE: Robbed in Seattle

Sorry to hear that.
Shearwater 08/29/15 10:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Great visit to Advanced RV in Ohio !

We are in the process of looking for a custom B to replace our 2006 Sportsmobile Sprinter. My visit to Advanced RV convinced me that their products are superb - the best on the market. They use the best materials, cabinetry, and technology available. Their prices reflect this.
Shearwater 08/15/15 07:13am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: point & shoot camera recommendation ???

I went to my favorite online merchant, B+H photo, and selected P+S cameras, in stock, in the $300 to $400 price range with a viewfinder. This is what turned up. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?atclk=Features_Viewfinder+Built-in&mnp=200&ci=8612&N=4288586279+35+4048356960&mxp=400 There are complete descriptions of each camera together with user reviews.
Shearwater 07/12/15 06:37am Around the Campfire
RE: point & shoot camera recommendation ???

Some of the newer cell phones like the iphones do a decent job but are pretty limited - no zoom etc. Point and shoots do a much better job and have a lot more features. Just about all of them are pretty good. Different models stress different things - some are extremely compact, some have very high power telephoto zooms, some are quite expensive, some are waterproof, etc. Rather than listening to everyone rave about their favorite camera (which might not be yours) spend some time looking at the reviews at the following: http://www.dpreview.com/ http://www.imaging-resource.com/
Shearwater 07/10/15 06:43am Around the Campfire
RE: Health Care Costs

Increased premiums since Obamacare are only the tip of the devastating iceberg! We are retirees on Medicare and we don't see anything like what you are talking about.
Shearwater 07/06/15 08:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Health Care Costs

Over the last 10 years I've seen more of our health care system than I ever wanted to. My quick (and relatively simplistic) observation is that increases are mostly due to: 1. Insurance companies 2. Drug companies 3. Hospitals (surprisingly). I agree with westernrvparkowner about MD salaries. The new MD's are starting out with education debts of hundreds of thousands of dollars. That can't be paid off with $50 per hour jobs.
Shearwater 07/04/15 08:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Sportsmobile

The earlier posters provided pretty accurate responses. Sportsmobile conversions are mostly about function rather than glitz. The furnishings in our 2006 Sportsmobile with 106,000 miles are still solid. There is another factor that you should consider. B vans have limited space. Road Trek, Pleasureway, etc. each make only a few different layouts intended that are intended to fit "average" customers. They may include features that you don't need and lack features that you want. Sportsmobile allows you to design your own floor plan so you only get the features you need and don't waste space on features that you won't use.
Shearwater 06/22/15 07:59am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Camera ?

Although cell phone cameras are getting better and better your X-20 should still take better pictures. Several posters have suggested possible reasons. Here are some more possibilities: Your lens may be dirty. Your lens may have fungus growing in it - this is very common especially in humid environments. If you look through the lens you will see a cloudy cast. To prevent this, I store my lenses in a closed container with a few 25 g packets of silica gel. Check your iso setting - too low and your shutter speed is not high enough, too high and you lose resolution. Camera reviews state that the resolution of your camera falls off at isos higher than 200. Maybe the best answer is to go to a camera repair facility or a good camera store.
Shearwater 06/03/15 11:13am Around the Campfire
RE: How do you secure your gps?

Suction cups, particularly those attached to windshields, do not age well. The rubber gets stiff and will fail to hold after a few years. They are OK if you can buy replacement cups and put in a new one every few years. For us, the Garmin beanbag works well.
Shearwater 06/02/15 05:53am General RVing Issues
RE: AGM vs Lead Acid

AGM's have plenty of advantages over conventional lead acid batteries including faster charging and the ability to withstand amp-hour drawdowns. However, routinely drawing down an AGM to 25% will shorten its life considerably. In your situation, I would recommend 2 100 amp-hour batteries of either type. If you want to spring for AGM's for their other virtues, go for it.
Shearwater 05/24/15 09:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Good Sam campground guide

This is getting out of hand. I started the thread and stated that the new GS book is not as useful as the old Woodalls and gave some examples (which, by the way, are still true regardless of what the GS PR person said.) I DID NOT complain about the amount of advertising in the book or how GS raters should go about their business or anything else that RVers or RV park owners have been arguing about. The new book is significantly less useful than the old one, period.
Shearwater 05/17/15 03:55pm General RVing Issues
Good Sam campground guide

We just took our first trip using the new Good Sam campground guide instead of our old Woodall's. What a disappointment! Only the Good Sam campgrounds are rated and they are not necessarily any better than non GS. A lot of campgrounds, including KOA's have only an address, no phone number or directions. Worthwhile info such as distances between sites etc. has been omitted. I am now sorry that we threw away our last Woodall's it was far better even being out of date.
Shearwater 05/07/15 09:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Jumpstart from auxiliary battery

My Sportsmobile has a circuit that bypasses the isolater - just press the button and the house batteries start the engine.
Shearwater 03/26/15 07:58am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Pulled over in a Kayak.

The PFD requirement is SOP for most states. Coolbreeze - those requirements are for being out after dark on coastal waters (I assume the ocean). If you are out at night on the ocean in a kayak, these seem to be pretty much common sense.
Shearwater 03/24/15 09:29am Around the Campfire
RE: Red Squirrel or Chip Monk

Plugging the holes is the long term solution - traps, pellet guns, etc. are just a short term fix. Rodents breed fast and new ones will show up in an empty territory. In the interim, Decon works on chipmunks and squirrels the same way it works on rats and mice.
Shearwater 03/24/15 09:24am General RVing Issues
RE: help deciding on Class B

Try looking up Sportsmobile at www.Sportsmobile.com They build semicustom class B's on whatever chassis you like - Ford, Sprinter, Dodge or Chevy. You can specify whatever floor plan you like with whatever options you want. Their prices are quite reasonable and they do high quality work. Another, more high end, custom builder is Advanced RV- they only work on Sprinters but they also have a long waiting list.
Shearwater 03/23/15 08:38am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Which GPS bean bag holder?

We have the bean bag that Garmin sells - works like a charm. We're not concerned about where it will go in a crash - most likely forward, away from the people. I would never trust something attached to the windshield by a suction cup - sooner or later it will fail.
Shearwater 03/20/15 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kayaks - Does size really matter?

I assume you want a "sit on top" type kayak. They are relatively cheap, made of fairly heavy rotomolded plastic and stable but slow. Generally speaking, short kayaks are slower but more maneuverable than longer kayaks. In a wind, more maneuverable is not better. There is a lot of info on kayaks and gear at http://www.paddling.net/ You can paddle all kinds of different boats at Mountainman sports in Old Forge, NY. They have great prices and are very helpful. http://www.mountainmanoutdoors.com/
Shearwater 03/17/15 12:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Possible relocation to Minnesota questions.

Choosing between Colorado and Minnesota is kind of a win-win. Each state has a lot of good things but those good things are very different for each. Minnesota ranks high when people compare "happiness" stuff and quality of life. Minneapolis has a vibrant downtown, the State Universities and schools are very good and the people are nice. No mountains but lots of lakes and very beautiful rivers. The cold is real and the days are very short in winter. On the other hand, the really cold days are bright and sunny which partly makes up for the below zero temps. It all depends on what you like.
Shearwater 02/28/15 12:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: Spring maintenance? What's on your list?

Well, step #1 is to dig it out o the snow.
Shearwater 02/25/15 07:55am General RVing Issues
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