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RE: Delamination! Any testing available?

I strongly second the suggestion of using a moisture reader. These are widely used in the marine industry to detect moisture damage in boats. I would suggest contacting a marine repair shop or sailboat dealer and having your RV inspected by a professional.
Shearwater 01/21/17 08:14am General RVing Issues
RE: 10 Places to avoid with your RV

How could he have not included Boston?
Shearwater 01/16/17 07:40am RV Lifestyle
RE: Tire Pressue Monitors - Onboard vs Hand Held

Tire pressure gauges are like thermometers - you only want one if you want the answer. If you have two, you are never sure. I'm sure you could get more accurate gauges but they would be a lot more expensive and a difference of 1 lb pressure in a tire is not significant.
Shearwater 01/13/17 07:06am General RVing Issues
RE: We have no heat

Most of what we do to sell a house has little or no ROI, but that's not the point of doing it. Ability to sell with peace of mind far outweighs the dollars invested. Totally agree - honesty and self respect are worth a lot more than money.
Shearwater 01/10/17 10:01am Around the Campfire
RE: Looking to hire mentor/share expenses for 2-6 weeks

I've read all the comments thus far so I might as well throw in my thoughts (in more or less random order). My wife and I have a class B (van-based) RV and we typically go out for a month at a time. Our goal is to experience the outdoors - State and National Parks, etc. Space is limited but we find it easy to deal with and it beats the heck out of motels and cheesy restaurants. Safety - We have never felt unsafe in any campground we have been in. As far as I am concerned the major danger in RVing is being on the road with the other drivers who may or may not be functional. Social interactions - For better or worse you meet all kinds of different people. Internet - If you really need access for 40 hours a week, there are expensive satellite providers. I know nothing about them but check the tech forum here for info. For cell phone service we have Verizon. Excellent service near towns and along the freeways but as a rule, we find that the more interesting the place, the less likely you will have service. Your process: 1. If you need internet access 9 to 5 M/F when will you travel? Will you be sitting in your RV every day pounding a keyboard? Why travel? 2. Just about everyone (including me) suggests renting an RV for a week as the first step. Why are you so opposed to that? You may find that there is some aspect of RVing that is a dealbreaker and a weeks rental is a small investment to find that out. A week of living in an actual RV at actual campsites is a far better test of your compatibility with RVing than living in a confined space in your home. Plus, if you decide that this is a route that you want to follow, you will know a lot more about what you need to have in an RV.
Shearwater 01/10/17 09:53am General RVing Issues
RE: insects

Roach baits work quite well. Since eggs will keep hatching you just keep putting out new baits.
Shearwater 12/29/16 01:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cataract surgery

I had the surgery about 9 or 10 years ago on both eyes. There have been no problems whatsoever. I contemplated getting adaptive lenses for both distance vision and closeup but was unconvinced that I could adapt to the lenses properly.
Shearwater 12/16/16 11:54am Around the Campfire
RE: In Defense of Fahrenheit

DrewE - I actually agree with your points but I have a few responses. Question 1 - There are actually 1760 yards in a mile but I had to look it up to be sure. The fact that you used the wrong conversion factor and I had to look it up really illustrates the point I am trying to make. Question 2 - If I had a longer board I would do precisely what you describe. Question 3 - I don't know the real answer to this and I don't actually care that much what it is. It's fairly important in real estate transactions, though. Question 4 - In my original post (since edited) I failed to say that the recipe was for a single serving. Sorry. glugs and scoops work OK for some ingredients but others, like salt and lemon juice, a fairly accurate ratio is important. Actually, volume measurements in the English system are a pet peeve of mine. Quarts and gallons and fluid ounces and cups and teaspoons and tablespoons drive me crazy.
Shearwater 12/16/16 11:23am Around the Campfire
RE: In Defense of Fahrenheit

Aha, this thread has arisen from the dead. Let's do some quick calculations: 1. If you have a car that gets 30 mpg, how much is that in yards per fluid ounce? 2. If you had a board that was 32 and 15/16 inches long, where would you cut it to get 3 pieces of the same length? 3. If you owned some land that measured 120 by 230 yards, how many acres do you have? 4. If you wanted to make up a dish for one person from a recipe for 6 people that called for 1 can (14 fl oz) of tomato sauce and 1/3 cup of sugar how many teaspoons of each do you need? All of these are dead simple in metric but would require all kinds of conversion factors and mental convolutions in the English system (which, by the way, even the English don't use very much anymore). Of course, the other answer is I don't want to know those things anyway so don't bother me.
Shearwater 12/16/16 07:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Any health insurance tips for snowbirders?

Try calling BCBS and asking them who offers plans in TN. Then start calling those companies to find out if they have plans in TX.
Shearwater 12/15/16 10:00am Snowbirds
RE: Bill in Congress to increase Senior park pass to $80

When we got our Senior Pass, we realized what an incredible bargain it was. With the current funding for the Parks,now I feel kind of guilty using it. I have read stories, hopefully untrue, that the Parks might sell naming rights to commercial enterprises. I hope I don't see the day when Yosemite Falls gets renamed Walmart Falls.
Shearwater 12/07/16 05:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: In Defense of Fahrenheit

I'm a retired biochemist so I've always lived in both worlds. At work, temperature was measured in Celsius (or sometimes Kelvin), length in millimeters, and volumes in liters, milliliters, or microliters. At home it was feet and inches, quarts and gallons, and degrees F. Personally, I can't tell the difference between 72 and 73 degrees F so the presumed accuracy of the English scale doesn't mean much to me. As far as the negative numbers in the Celsius scale are concerned it is only confusing if you grew up using degrees F - people that grow up using Celsius know perfectly well what -10 degrees mean.
Shearwater 12/04/16 04:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: How do you deal with trash?

Buy some heavy-duty Command hooks. Find the best places you can and hang plastic grocery bags from them. I can't be more specific without seeing your rig.
Shearwater 12/02/16 08:44am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Youtube Channel

For youtube all you have to do is search for RV related videos and open them. The next time you open youtube there will be all kinds of RV related videos. The more of them you open, the more that will show on your opening page.
Shearwater 11/30/16 03:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Shark Vacuum

Also check out Dyson - their vacuums are better but maybe more expensive.
Shearwater 11/26/16 02:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Medicare question

The advantage plans work well - your payment will automatically come out of your SSS check. For us it is about $70/month. The downside is that each company has its own rules about what is offered. For example, what is covered by part D drug plans and what the copays are can vary from one insurer to the next. Another consideration is that each plan can and does have preferred providers - you have to check which doctor and which facility is on the preferred list - if you go out of plan you will have much a higher copay. This can make a lot of difference if you become ill while traveling.
Shearwater 10/17/16 07:34am Around the Campfire

My browser is Mozilla Firefox. It spell checks automatically.
Shearwater 10/10/16 08:33am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Trip to Sportsmobile Austin

We had a 2006 Sprinter from Sportsmobile. We replaced it after 10 years and 110,000 miles. They make a quality product at a very reasonable price. I suggest first going to their very extensive website to get an idea of how you can design your own van. You put in the options you want and can come up with a fairly accurate price. For custom built vans, a waiting list of a year is pretty normal.
Shearwater 09/18/16 11:20pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Exterior repair cost

I've done repairs on fiberglass boats and it is really quick and easy. it sounds like all that has tobe done is to cut a hole from the inside to remove the small rock, fill the hole with thickened epoxy, and repaint. There is no way that could cost $2600. Get more estimates.
Shearwater 08/20/16 06:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Used PW or LT for rough-road 4-season camping?

Used Class B's tend to hold value better than most RV's which makes them an expensive option. Another option is to buy a used van of your choice and get a custom outfitter like Sportsmobile install the systems that you don't feel like handling.
Shearwater 08/17/16 09:18am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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