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RE: Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos

I can't take credit for this idea, but do plan to give it a try... Last year while camping with friends, they used two square buckets (similar to kitty litter buckets) to secure their awning. They filled the buckets with water and attached ropes (or bungees?) connecting the awning to the bucket handles. The buckets weigh very little to transport and can double as water dishes for the dogs if you leave the lids open! This is a good idea for small winds, but we were in the Hell's Canyon and our friends had their awning out when a HUGE wind blew up. They had the awning tied down with the screwy kind of things that are to hold big dogs on a chain and they had 5 gallon buckets full of the biggest rocks they could find to fit. The wind hit and the awning was toast......
amandasgramma 04/21/14 07:54am General RVing Issues
RE: E-Z Pass, Convienience Yes, Intelligence... Um...

Hilarious......and another reason to live on the west coast!!!!! LOL no toll booths!
amandasgramma 04/19/14 09:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Highway 199 California to Oregon

Oh heavens....TAKE IT! And check out the Oregon Caves!!!!! Whoops -- on edit....not sure about that late in the season....Oregon Caves may not be open. :) I've driven it in a car.....nothing that alarmed me.
amandasgramma 04/19/14 12:25pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Handicap Parking

I have a handicap placard. I don't use it much anymore.....I've had treatments to my back that have improved my condition immensely. If I DO need it, or when I did, DH would usually drop me off and park somewhere else. I felt it was more for when I had to drive and park. I HAVE spoken up one time when I saw BLATANT abuse. A woman whipped into a parking space, HOPPED out of the rig and practically ran into the bank. She was fast in doing her banking, but then ran out and JUMPED (and I do mean jumped) into her big 4WD Dodge Dually.... Before she got the door shut I spoke up and told her she was out of line for using that space and shame on her. She smirked and left. I know she'll do it again.......sadly. Unfortunately, like so many laws in our country, they aren't enforced. It's up to the business owner to call in the police. Usually the offender has left the lot before the police get there. It's up to the offending drivers to get a sense of compassion and feel the guilt.
amandasgramma 04/19/14 04:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Can a 5th wheel be too light for my truck?

I don't believe you'll have a problem with you're older truck. The problem is with the new 3/4 and 1 ton trucks the truck companies are competing who can build the highest truck. We're running into this, too. We'd like to get a 3/4 ton but our 1980 5th wheel sits too low....even if we flipped the axles it won't work! Sooooooo -- gee -- guess we'll HAVE to buy a newer 5th wheel. :) :)
amandasgramma 04/18/14 03:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos

Ok, I'm looking for a gizmo (or is it a gadget?) and have only made it through the first 80 pages so far! I'd like to find a shower caddy that fits over the wall of the shower but preferably something lighter, like plastic or vinyl coated wire? I'm just afraid that if I forget to take it down it could break the glass? http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/productImages/400/93/9346d6d2-86ed-491e-a010-d28ae10766bd_400.jpg Also, our new TT doesn't seem to have a toilet paper holder. I'm a little leery of mounting anything to the walls, plus I'm not sure where there'd be room without bumping into it. I'm thinking something like this might work to mount over the vanity door. Opinions? http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/productImages/300/f2/f2062ff6-7f1c-49cf-b9b4-7c8875381d36_300.jpg Other suggestions appreciated also! We had something similar (towel rack) over our shower door and never had a problem. If you're worried about the glass considering shampoos, etc are heavier, then why not, before traveling, lay a towel over the door, then the rack....would buffer it. :)
amandasgramma 04/18/14 09:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos

After reading the whole forum, I told hubby alot of people were trying to figure out how to keep their toilet rolls from unrolling during driving. He asked "why not just take the roll off the roller?" I never thought about the obvious - duh! ;) :) you're married to a genius!!!!! We take our paper towels off the roll.....a LOT easier than worrying about bungee cords, etc.
amandasgramma 04/18/14 09:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Heading out west - snake precautions.

Your dog would have to be on a leash. You will SEE the snakes before you even get out of the cars usually....park away from others so none hiding behind a car wheel. Generally, snakes will move off to somewhere when people are around. A snake spread out......not coiled can't strike. Don't let your dog wander where you can't see ....like behind a bush. The only thing I wonder about....it's hot there.....will you be leaving your dog in the car when you go into the visitor's centers? They aren't allowed in unless they're a service dog. Leaving the dog in the car is FAR worse than worrying about snakes.
amandasgramma 04/18/14 09:19am RV Pet Stop
RE: Leaving your rig while boondocking

We've been boondocking for over 25 yrs. The ONLY time we've had something stolen was when some college kids were camping nearby and some beer disappeared out of an ice chest. Had they only asked, we'd have shared!!!! I believe things are different on the east coast.....more problems. However, out here, there seems to be more problems in campgrounds!!!!!
amandasgramma 04/18/14 08:41am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Class A toad caught on fire

SAD! Possibility that the electronic braking system caught on fire, too.....they've been known to do that. :(
amandasgramma 04/17/14 07:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: buying first 5th wheel today/insurance?

I use the same insurance company as I do for house and vehicles. Ditto....I found ours covered just as much as those "special" ones.....and a lot cheaper.
amandasgramma 04/17/14 10:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Daytime side trips without the 5th

It's an RV..it belongs in a RV park. What's the obsession with Wal-Mart. I hate those places. Never spent a night there never will. I can't understand why some people are so cheap... B.O. Let's do a scenario......Your driving thru Bend, OR to go fishing 50 miles away at a lake. You need some things to complete the trip (maybe you're a full-timer and you've depleted a # of supplies). You know that when you camp at the lake, over an hour away, that you'll have to drive BACK to Bend and do your shopping. GOLLY.....I think I'll just stop on my way thru and get what I need. OH..well, Walmart doesn't have that special thing I need....so.............. I'll be DANGED if I'll pay $50.00 to an RV park in Bend, when I'm planning on camping a little more than an hour away. GET REAL.......the OPer did NOT say he's staying the night....he said he's going to do some shopping. How about site-seeing?? Do we HAVE to go to an RV park when maybe we're just passing thru a town and we want to see that particular tourist attraction that doesn't have enough parking room for your 5th wheel????
amandasgramma 04/17/14 08:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Daytime side trips without the 5th

Oh good grief.....the answers are the opposite of what we do!!! We will pull into an empty lot or Home Depot/Walmart.......go in and talk to the manager. We will buy something, but tell them our "problem"......the problem is that we need to run into town, too, but finding parking for the 5th wheel might be hard and wonder if he minds if we take it off the truck for a couple of hours. Or we want to tour their town or sites. And we promise we're not staying overnight.......NEVER have we been turned down.....
amandasgramma 04/16/14 09:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping World, Hillsboro, Oregon

Well, don't go to the one on I5 near Eugene! We stopped in today. Picked out a few things to buy, then before buying went out to look at rigs. A salesman came whipping up in his golf cart and asked if we were buying. Apparently you can't LOOK....... We told him we were planning to buy next summer....after we buy a new pickup. Well, he opened one rig, and left to say he'd get brochures. NEVER saw him again......all the other rigs were locked. When we gave up and went back inside, I *****ed at a man who got the sales manager. The sales manager apparently thought his apology was enough because he wanted to get a salesman for us. NO....if you treat us this bad BEFORE we buy, then I'll be damned if I'll buy from you....because once they have the money, they usually don't give a darn about you. CampingWorld, take note......my son is a very successful car salesman/finance manager. His philosophy is to treat EVERYONE that walks in the door with utmost respect and as if they will buy today. We would have come back......but now....NEVER.. BTW we went up the street and had a nice visit and looked around that lot. Wanna guess who we'll go to to buy next summer???? Oh...on edit......those items we were going to purchase?? About $200. worth.......yeah, they're still in your sales floor.....Not buying those either.
amandasgramma 04/16/14 08:52pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Cracker Barrel

Shari's, Applebees, ....others are right....nothing like Cracker Barrel. I wonder why they haven't come to Oregon!!!!! If you're in Bend,Oregon, look up Jake's Diner.........best home cooking EVER!
amandasgramma 04/14/14 08:49am General RVing Issues
RE: My search for a generator

We have a eu2000.....and it IS quiet. We saw a man running one on the tail end of his pickup bed.....it was loud. Where you set them makes a big difference. When we camp in our 26 foot 5th wheel (an old one)....DH puts it out the bedroom end. I have gone to sleep hearing a small hum.....not loud at all. We've had it running and have walked away.....I'd say about 100 feet away you can't hardly hear it. Since you bought it, why not take it in and see if there is a problem with yours.
amandasgramma 04/14/14 08:25am Tech Issues
RE: What a Shock

Ramp Digger.....that story brought tears to my eyes. I've never understood why someone would have a child with a person they supposedly love, then take the child from them. I'm so glad they found each other, even if it's for only a few years.
amandasgramma 04/13/14 07:55am Around the Campfire
RE: It's Official!

My mother adopted a black poodle that had been abused MANY years ago. Best dog she ever had. :) Good for you!!!! May you have many years together.
amandasgramma 04/13/14 07:52am RV Pet Stop
RE: What a Shock

Very true, Cookielady. And that's one of the reasons I harp on my kids and grandkids to NOT put everything in their life out on the internet.....One day it'll bite you in the butt! Sadly, I would have liked to have known my half sister. :(
amandasgramma 04/12/14 02:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: May have poisoned my dog

I hope your dog is okay, too. BTW where I grew up, our CITY water smelled and tasted of chlorine......I'm 64 and my brother is 66........we've survived. :) Course, we have no idea how much are in the well you used or in our city water, but it generally wouldn't kill that easily. Think of the city swimming pools! HOLY COW they use a lot of chlorine (at least they did when I was a kid)
amandasgramma 04/12/14 02:49pm RV Pet Stop
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