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Remote Home Monitoring

What do you use to monitor your home while away? Interested in the devices and apps that can be used with a smartphone (and without monthly fees). Cameras, sensors, etc. :@
pasusan 02/13/16 08:08am Technology Corner
RE: Lake George NY CG Recommendations

We stayed at King Phillips Campground & Resort and really liked it. We may be different than most - we prefer to walk to get around and there is a nice walking/bike path that gets you right down to the lake and town.
pasusan 02/13/16 07:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: search failure?

I find the site: search in Google to be much better- not sure if the emoticons will let me post the exact syntax, but it is site : rv.net what you are searching for, without the spaces. That searches just rv.net.Thanks for that! My search for "never" took .29 seconds. No wonder I haven't been able to find posts that I surely remembered certain words in.
pasusan 02/11/16 09:54am Forum Technical Support
RE: Aerodynamics Matter !!

I was reading an article about how the dimples in golf balls affect lift and drag and thought about this thread. Ever thought of adding dimples? :B If you notice my sig pic we have a low profile supposedly aerodynamic trailer (wind tunnel tests done in England) and we get a whopping 8.4 mpg. Then again our tow vehicle has a carburetor and no computer.
pasusan 02/11/16 08:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Babyboomer RV'ers Have Experienced it All!

It is truly the last generation of real music. Singers all had their own bands. The bands had instruments and could read and play music and most of them 'wrote' all their music.The only musicians who could read were studio players and symphonies. And studio players (ie the Wrecking Crew) made up a lot of stuff on the spot. Bands read music? No. I still hear good new songs all the time.Back up the truck! What about Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney? (I got The Pet Sounds Sessions for Christmas and am still immersed.)
pasusan 02/05/16 11:21am General RVing Issues
RE: How to stop automatic win 10 upgrade

Hi elivi8, I have some legacy software that will only work on xp and win 7. I need it for my work. That is an example of Microsoft's ultimate game plan. It will force users to upgrade all their favorite software programs and upgrades will require subscription services and/or internet cloud plans. Vendors love it. Microsoft loves it. Consumers will PAY.Yes, the corporate plan. A fee based society. And to respond to the topic - I have Win 7 and have turned off updates long ago. I'm happy with the performance of my PC.
pasusan 02/05/16 10:34am Technology Corner
RE: Mildew in the camper. Ugh!

Okay, I just read all your responses to DH. I think it *finally* is sinking in that we canNOT save this camper. I say, it's better than having to pay someone to haul it to the junkyard. He sighed and said he'd give his assent to sell the camper for $500. He and my son will need to go up next week to give over the keys. They can retrieve the things that can be salvaged while they're there(TV, DVDs, folding chairs, utensils, cookware, tools, etc.) It's truly the close of an era for us. We've been RVing for about 14 years. Due to serious health problems and PTSD, we had to give up towing. It was just too anxiety-provoking. Maybe some day we'll decide to buy a MH or Class C, but now is not the time. I think we'll "camp" in cabins for now. There's still a lot of this country to see, and our Prius gets a lot better mileage than our old F250.I wouldn't let your DH go anywhere near that camper. As someone who cleaned up a badly mildewed classic car interior and developed a lifelong mold and fungus allergy, I would advise against anyone breathing any of it in. And you say your DH has lung problems already - please keep him away. Those spores are teeny-tiny and fly around easily.
pasusan 02/04/16 12:55pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Does anyone have an Instant Pot and if so do you like it

I have one and after having it for a couple of weeks I gave away both my regular crock pot and pressure cooker. I use it all the time and I bring it with me when we camp. Couldn't be happier. :)
pasusan 02/01/16 03:55pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: need a good cabinet cleaner

Believe it or not, I use Mother's car wax - it works well on our fake wood fridge door as well as on the real wood cabinets.
pasusan 01/22/16 05:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Oil prices down.Y is a quart so high?

This doesn't respond to the question, but - Valvoline is $3.00/qt at Tractor Supply right now - on sale. And their regular price seems to be $4.49. Advance Auto parts has the same qts for $5.99. :R
pasusan 01/21/16 05:12am General RVing Issues
RE: For those with Amazon Echo

I've had one for over a year and I'm not aware of any app or appliance that can be attached and do what you want it to do. Why not set up a web cam or two? Actually, "Ask My Buddy" found here gives the Amazon Echo the ability to send out lets call it an emergency message to pre-selected people. While I think the Echo is terrific, I'd get my loved one a Life Alert / here, or similar that she would have hanging around her neck and a button on it to summon help. Can tell you the Echo would be a terrific gift for here for other reasons. She has to have WiFi in order to set-up an Echo.I was hoping there was some app. At this point she doesn't want to hang anything around her neck. I'll keep a link to the Ask My Buddy thing - thanks!
pasusan 01/20/16 06:01am Technology Corner
RE: For those with Amazon Echo

Thanks Trackrig for your response - I also didn't find anything about it doing what we specifically want.... I was hoping for more input as I think there are a few here that have this gadget. We think we found an app to use with an old iPad that will do the trick for now...
pasusan 01/19/16 09:52am Technology Corner
RE: Home sensors for seniors?

Thanks for the replies and helpfulness folks! She does get out a lot and has friends stop in - but that's not foolproof. And she does have a nice walk in shower with slip resistant floor and a grab bar. One thing that happened a few weeks ago - she didn't hang up her phone correctly and we couldn't get through to her for one evening. When the phone was still busy the next morning we called a neighbor, who wasn't home, then a relative that had to drive 40 minutes to find out her phone was off the hook. Of course we were imagining that she had fallen, dragged herself to the phone, pulled it to the floor and passed out. The good thing is I think we've found a solution - will have to check more into it. There is an app called Presence that turns an old iPhone or iPad into a motion sensor that will then email you. It can be used for all sorts of things - like a video camera to catch unwanted visitors or even to monitor your house while away. She has an old iPad that I think we'll set up in a room that she walks through a lot and the app will notify us that she's been through there and we will know she's OK.
pasusan 01/19/16 07:13am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
For those with Amazon Echo

I started a thread under the disabilities and health forum about a remote monitor for my MIL. The device that I asked about in the other thread has sensors around the house that are wirelessly connected to a hub which connects to the internet so that we could remotely see that she is moving around the house as usual. I just thought of this Alexa device. Does anyone know if it could be used in some way to remotely check up on my MIL? She also has an iPad, so she could get the Alexa app for that.
pasusan 01/18/16 06:22am Technology Corner
RE: Home sensors for seniors?

Did you notice? Range...Up to 100 ft indoor My Mom's (can't remember the name of the gadget) wouldn't work as advertised. We finally ended up with a phone that she carried in a case around her neck. So she could call 911 herself or talk with friends. Everybody's different and some things are a hard decisions. We found the phone option best for our situation. Yes, (painfully slow) learning curve if she hasn't been exposed to a med app or receiving medical report as text message. But hay, thanks for thinking about MOM. You only get one.The range thing is for the distance between the hub and the sensors. The hub sends the information to the internet and can then be viewed remotely by smartphone or computer. If you have a "device" or "phone" to call 911, how do they gain entrance once they arrive with no one to let them in?There are other neighbors and relatives we could call - but if we did call 911 we know the garage code to get them in. Thanks for the replies!
pasusan 01/18/16 06:04am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Home sensors for seniors?

I'm looking for information on remotely monitoring my MIL. She is in her 80s and lives alone 350 miles from us. She is in very good health, but we're afraid she might fall or something and nobody will know while she suffers. We do have a neighbor who watches that she brings in her paper every day, but that isn't especially timely and sometimes they travel. We saw an ad for a thing that has sensors around the house - like if you open the fridge door or something - and then you check it out with an app on your remote smart phone. It's called Silver Mother - here is a link. Anyone know anything about this or something similar?
pasusan 01/17/16 06:41pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Aggh Correll Dishware Shatters!

Grease resistant? Down here? Pianotuna, I am very leery of aluminum It's the only metal not found in nature. Aluminum does not exist. It only comes into being after Bauxite is electrolysized. Same for plastic. I just don't trust putting hot food or liquid in contact with it on a continuous basis. Look on the bottom of any pastic utensil including foam drinking cups. You will find an embossed triangle with a number in it - can you explain it's significance? It's a warning of some kind. Carcinogenic danger. I did price stainless steel tins and came up with @ $40.00 each for a plate├žEasily looked up - try here or here or many other sites...
pasusan 01/15/16 08:05am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Tough driveway to back into

I must say - you do a really great job! We have a hard one too - backing our trailer up a hill into a bank barn. We used a winch for a few years to pull it in, but then installed a front hitch on the truck. Now it is easy peasy. You might think of a front hitch as that makes maneuvering more exact (and it's easier on your transmission). You can't see where you are going, but DH and I use our cell phones so I can guide to the fraction of an inch.
pasusan 01/12/16 08:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Enclosed Underbelly or Not

Check out this thread.
pasusan 01/10/16 06:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: To run or not to run

Keeping the battery hot and the engine cold is a good as it gets in the winter in my view for machines not being used.I like this answer. :) We have many engines that don't get run or exercised for months (to years) at a time. Stabil or something similar in the gas and Battery Tenders on the batteries and we have always been good to go.
pasusan 01/08/16 12:10pm General RVing Issues
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