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RE: Have you gotten a call or text from 202-506-9060???

If I don't recognize the number, the phone doesn't get answered. Same for suspiciously bogus caller IDs.
tatest 04/16/14 03:14pm Around the Campfire
RE: permanent GPS track recording

never mind, you found a solution
tatest 04/16/14 03:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Something new going on with bookmarks

Nothing new, what you've always gotten by default is the name put on the page by the person who named the page. You just found a lazy web page maker, who didn't expect that page to be bookmarked. I catch a lot of pages with names like '1', '2', '3', etc once I get inside a site. Usually your browser lets you put your own name on any bookmark you save, when you save it. I know that Safari and Firefox do this. Internet Explorer used to have a "manage favorites" tool where change any part of the favorite (bookmark is what Netscape and descendents called them, with more limited scope). But I haven't been using Internet Explorer for at least ten years, so don't know how that tool evolved.
tatest 04/16/14 02:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Turning Pictures Into A Slideshow.

Start with #4 and work backwards. What is the software in your TV that does a slide show? The program producing the show needs to be compatible with that. I don't know what that product is, because I don't have a TV that does slide shows. I suspect those that do, don't all do it the same way. I've encountered the capability in DVD and BluRay players, and they don't handle slide shows the same way. It is mostly a matter of cycling through a batch of image files, but there is no consistency in how they handle directory structures and use naming conventions, nor what image file formats and variations are OK. If a TV that does slide shows does it the same way, then all you need to make a slide show might be your file manager, e.g. Windows Explorer, and an understanding of just what the TV wants. I've put together slide shows with Powerpoint (and predecessors), as video files with MovieMaker, and in Elements and Lightroom. But these all need a computer to play them back. I've assembled video slide shows into DVD-video packaging, but this still needs a DVD player for playback, my TV can't do it alone.
tatest 04/16/14 02:40pm Technology Corner
RE: How do dealers deal with this? (flooding issues inside)

Dealer either has insurance or faces bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has been widespread among RV dealerships in the U.S. for the past ten years, market issues as well as natural disasters. Longer term question, what will the receiver do with those units? Most often, sell as salvage, to buyers who might try to turn them around retail.
tatest 04/16/14 02:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: storage in Rockwood/Flagstaff A frame hardside popups

Have you talked to Scott's? They had a couple Rockwood hardsides when I was shopping in 2012, actually had an A-Liner traded in on one the day I visited. There is also a dealer in either Joplin or Springfield that carries inventory on Flagstaff hardsides. This is a bad time to try to find anything, as 2015 production has started, and dealers who did well with Fall sales or early Spring clearances get caught with low inventory.
tatest 04/16/14 02:09pm Folding Trailers
RE: Who makes Cruise America 19' class C?

Lately C-A has been having custom models made by what used to be the FourWinds company in the Thor group, now part of Thor Motorcoach. But they've worked with other suppliers in the past, so the current relationship may not be exclusive. Often special rental models will have similar floorplans to a retail model, but will differ in detail. Sometimes the rental models will be exclusive to a particular customer, especially for C--A, and there will be no retail equivalent. When you find the ex-rental for sale, it will usually be identified as to manufacturer, e.g. FourWinds Majestic for ex-C-A built by FourWinds, Coachmen Pathfinder or Roadmaster for ex-rental built by Coachmen. Winnebago rental models are usually identified by brand when you rent, and many rental companies buy the Chalet rental model rather than a retail model, but those also get used for rental when an early turnover is part of the business plan.
tatest 04/16/14 02:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Yellowstone weather

The first time we visited, some 50 years ago, it was just before Labor Day and it was t-shirt weather. We had come down from 100+ temperatures in the Missoula-Superior area. Day we left Yellowstone, stopped overnight in Cody to horrific thunderstorms. Yellowstone had gotten half a foot of snow, and our family in Superior were snowed in for a couple of days, foot to a foot and a half. Then it got warm again. So I would say September weather in Yellowstone is "changable" as need be your plans. It is really difficult to predict the first and last of winter storms in high country, as the first storm is often well before winter setting in, and the last can be well into what looked like Spring.
tatest 04/16/14 01:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Traveling without reservations

Traveling without reservations, I take what I can get, along with the risk that it will sometimes be nothing, and I'll have to move on down the road for the night. Works that way with or without the RV. Have spent some nights sleeping in a car in a parking ramp, and napping at rest stops so I could move on. Plans get cancelled, changed, adjusted. Not too long ago, got trapped in Europe by a volcano. Ten years ago, had much of my May Day holiday in China cancelled, modified, as hotels, transportation systems, and attractions were shut down to help control the spread of the virus that got called SARS in the West. Last summer had to drive another hour down the road because everything in the town where I had planned to stay was filled by the people who had come for cattle auction. You've been there, as you say, and if those risks are no longer acceptable, then you change your travel lifestyle to make plans to stay at, and visit, only those places where accommodations can be assured. Been there too, when my wife was sick and dying, and yet wanted to travel. I've learned that life changes, what I can do changes, as I get older, so I adjust to what can do, rather than what I used to do. That would be the strategy.
tatest 04/16/14 01:14pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Tax day and RV's

What is an "old age pass"? Read here; https://store.usgs.gov/pass/senior.html Is the Golden Age the same thing? Wife got one of those years ago. This one replaces the Golden Age, which was a NPS pass, with a broader pass for all Federal recreational properties outside DoD ( but CoE still honors it). When you try to use the Golden Age pass at a facility issuing the new one, they should offer to replace it with the new one, gratis.
tatest 04/16/14 01:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Keeping stuff from sliding on countertop?

I don't leave things on countertops. But then, in a motorhome, it is not so much about sliding around as it is something flying at my head in a short stop or a crash.
tatest 04/16/14 12:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oklahoma City to Chicago - best route for motorhome? Tolls??

PS tolls for a C motorhome on Turner and Will Rogers turnpikes are same as for a car. Under $10 for the two together. Unless you are towing, and then it goes up according to axle count. I think maybe about 4x as much for four axles vs two. Don't know toll structure for Kansas toll roads.
tatest 04/15/14 03:00pm Roads and Routes
RE: Oklahoma City to Chicago - best route for motorhome? Tolls??

There are numerous alternatives between OKC and Chicago, or Tulsa and Chicago, several I use frequently, but not to avoid the short toll sections on I-44 in Oklahoma, rather to avoid certain congested places (like St Louis, or Kansas City, kind of have to choose, as avoiding both gets tricky). One way is I-35 north through Wichita and Kansas City to DesMoines, then I-80 to Chicago, approaching west side. But that puts you on the Kansas Turnpike, where the tolls add up to more than the Turner and Will Rogers turnpikes in Oklahoma. A variation on that is to take I-35 north out of KC as far as US-36, take that to Hannibal, then I-72 to Springfield, Illinois. From there you can take I-55 to the west side of Chicago, or stay on I-72 to Champaign, and take I-57 to approach the southern suburbs. To avoid both KC and St Louis I will sometimes (from NE Oklahoma) follow US-54 through Missouri (I get it at Fort Scott, from OKC you'd connect at Wichita) either taking it all the way to I-72 in western Illinois, or going north in eastern Missouri to Hannibal (US-61 or Mo-19, which I used this last trip). Another way avoid KC is the west side, take K-4 NE from Topeka to Atchison, then US-59 to cross at St Joseph and connect with US-36. Or US-59 north from Lawrence, or US-75 or US-77 north to US-36 in Kansas. A lot depends on your time budget. While there are not a lot of extra miles, staying off the Interstates form NE Oklahoma to Chicago or southern Michigan costs me an extra half day. However, it does save moneyon gas, because I'm often cruisin 50-60 mph, rather than trying to keep up with 70 mph traffic, maybe as high as 75 on Oklahoma turnpikes, 80 on the Kansas Turnpike, and yes, the big trucks in the "slow" lane are trying to push those speeds. But you go through some interesting places on US-54 or US-36, if you take the time to stop and visit. In this part of the country we use the US-numbered highways as our main travel routes, we didn't get that many Interstates (except the ones that followed toll roads we had already built) and they are often a long way out of our way, from where we are to where we are going.
tatest 04/15/14 02:55pm Roads and Routes
RE: Possible Routing

Wondering why US-64 where it parallels I-40. I've done this, US-64 tends to be rough and slow going; because it was replaced by an almost parallel Interstate, the route did not get "trunk highway" status from the Gore committee and gets little funding for maintenance. US-64 remains marked, serving as I-40 Business Route for most of the communities between Conway and Sallisaw, but it is slow traveling. If you are headed toward Muskogee or Tulsa, better to stay on I-40 to the Muskogee Turnpike.
tatest 04/15/14 02:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: texas

San Antonio is my favoriteplace to visit in Texas, been there at least a couple dozen times since 1980. Probably visited Houston more often, but that was usually business. When I take the RV, I like to stay at Traveler's World for easy access to mass transit. This is not a campground, it is a RV park. Most of the places near San Antonio where you can stay with a RV are RV parks or RV resorts, rather than campgrounds, and most will not allow camping, require you to bring and stay in a self contained RV. Nearest campgrounds I know of will be north of San Antonio, on the Guadalupe River (a state park) or around Canyon Lake (CoE campgrounds). Other places I like in Texas: Davis Mountains State Park Copper Breaks State Park Palo Duro Canyon State Park Goliad State Park Dinosaur Valley State Park Fredericksburg at Christmas Palestine (one end of the railway trail) Port Aransas and Mustang Island, where there is a state park on the beach, but some of the RV resorts are nicer, if you can get a space.
tatest 04/15/14 01:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Are there no experts that sell trucks?

Sales people are hired, paid, and fired based on sales skills and productivity, or lack of. Product knowledge does not necessarily factor into this. I bought two pickups 14 years apart from the same salesman, at two different dealerships. In between, he sold me two suits and a half dozen pair of shoes. I didn't expect him to know much about the trucks, suits, or shoes, I have to go in knowing what I want. Shopping lately for a van, I found no salesmen at any dealers I visited, new or used, knew much of anything about the vans they were selling. I finally bought one from the owner of a used car dealership, who goes out to auctions and sales to buy the things, buying and selling about 400 vehicles a year, usually about 20 vans a year. I still knew more about what I was buying. What he knows is how much it costs him to buy, what he can sell it for, and how to deal with customers in a way that makes them feel comfortable so they come back. That latter skill is often lacking in less experienced sales people, and those don't usually stay long at any particular place. So don't expect sales people to be product experts. Even if there is one that knows the product, you get matched up with the one whose turn it is the moment you walk in the door.
tatest 04/15/14 01:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ? Pickup Truck Ques -- Rail Capacity ?

I have not seen any bed rails that were anything more than decorative, not for load carrying or tiedowns. Or are you talking about the whole bodyworks on each side of the bed? Or building something up from the stake pockets?
tatest 04/15/14 12:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: FIRST POST! Building my own campervan (E-250)

Check the seat belt laws in you state. Seat belts need to be properly installed with certified belts, and anchoring. Also, side sitting passengers, is very dangerous due to side whiplash, and is illegal in some states. Talk to your insurance company about what your liability would be for side sitting passengers, or an uncertified seat belt installation. Some may require a passenger sign a statement that they understand the dangers of sitting sideways in a van. Just be careful and make sure you are covered in case of an accident, you don't want to loose everything you own. Good luck with the build. Thanks! Those are the first things on my checklist, laws regulations insurance etc... Here's a question for you, if my DIY campervan is legal where I live, and if I get arrested somewhere that the laws are different making my DIY campervan illegal there, can I get into trouble? In the U.S. there is really no legal or illegal for camper conversions, beyond what covers their function as passenger cars, and rules for safety and emissions control systems that apply to all vehicle classes. What we are most likely to change as DIY converters will be passenger seating and restraints. Canada may have standards for certification of the living space, and rules that cover other modifications of the vehicle itself.
tatest 04/15/14 12:13pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: FIRST POST! Building my own campervan (E-250)

I've been thinking about that PUP cassette toilet/shower unit. Do you have installation dimensions for that? You'll need fresh water tank, pump, water heater, gray water waste tank. Much of left side inside the frame will be occupied by fuel tank and fuel plumbing, right side is exhaust system, back to wheel well. Biggest open space below the floor is behind the axle on E-series extended, particularly if you scrap the spare tire and lift. Probably why many Ford-based conversions with a bath will locate the bath in the extension beyond the axle. Just thinking, because I'm working on a conversion idea too, but with standard length E-350. If I want a "full" bathroom with me, it will likely be in a small TT. Working towards an "oversize Westfalia" idea for the van, keeping it at least five passenger legally.
tatest 04/15/14 12:05pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Staying in parking lots??

It helps to understand just where you are, and the parking lot culture. WalMarts that permit parking overnite usually police the activity. Parking lots for other businesses may become, after hours, the local drug market, and police will run you off or question why you are there. Similarly with truck stops, some are better managed than others. Some even have RV parking areas away from the noise of running reefer engines and fuel pump traffic. But there is also a lot of drug and sex trade for the trucker market, RVs have a role in both businesses, and in the wrong place you could have customers coming to the door, or find yourself approached by the bosses seeking their cut. Much more of this traffic is connected with rest areas and "no facility" parking lots, but it does drift into places you might otherwise consider "safe."
tatest 04/15/14 11:40am Class A Motorhomes
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