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RE: Electrical Issue 30 vs 50 Amps

The dual 30 to 50 adapters are generally more trouble then they are worth, They WILL NOT WORK in most parks less you have two sites.. DO not though it away though,, Because the key word is MOST.. and I know of one park that during the slow season (July/August) only allows parking on EVERY OTHER SITE and will rent you one of those boxes. just so you can use it as designed. I also know a few other places where it works. But they key word again is FEW places. Use a regular dogbone with one 30 amp plug and one 50 amp outlet If you want you can modify your RV so one of the A/Cs (rear in my case) is a plug in model (Basically you find the wire that runs up to it, and install a plug and outlet) Where I'm stuck (50 amp site) the result is OEM.. but on a 30 amp site I pull that plug and plug into the park's 20 amp.. IF such exists. using a 12 ga cord.
wa8yxm 09/01/15 11:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cleaning the Class A while using it?

Many campgrounds with "No washing" rules will allow you to wash for a small fee (Five bucks is an example) there is also waterless washing, Some allow "Bucket Washing" (no hose) as well. Blue Beacon while you move site to site also works. Used all the above methods myself. And lastly Find a better campground.
wa8yxm 09/01/15 11:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to determine rating of a new converter panel?

WFCO is model 8955PEC. I would prefer to just replace the converter "guts"). It looks like the PD 9200 series along with the Charge Wizard. Can these be reset for AGMs or do you have to order the correct one? 9200 has the wizard built in but there is another model that is designed to "Drop in" where the guts of the WFCO are now. Since your WFCO is a 55 amp, I'd go with the xx60 from Progressive Dynamics I believe the 4600 line is designed as the "Replacement/Upgrade" model. Basicaly it is a 9200 but without the outer case so it's a bit less expensive. Randy can advise you for sure. The dongle (is optional on both lines.. This is the device that gives you control over the unit. NO: They do not make a re-program kit for AGMs but even Lifeline says the Wizard does a good job of maintainint their AGMs so I'd not worry about that.
wa8yxm 09/01/15 11:03am Tech Issues
RE: Ovenight in a Truck Stop

I have shared many a Wal*mart lot with a truck driver. Also truck drivers have an option NOT open to RVers.. The local terminal.. Might not be the company you work for but I suspect many terminals might well have (or could be pursuaded to establish) a lot that is OUTSIDE the fence for overnighting truckers.
wa8yxm 08/31/15 08:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I-69 RV Wreck

THIS is why I have a CB.. Had two serious accidents close I-75 in front of me a few years back.. also in front of me was an Exit, Turn right at the top of the ramp for a truck stop, left for a Wal Mart.. I had a nice restful night.. Folks behind me.. Traffic jam. Oh and interesting that he news service admits to violation of federal law right in the news article (no.. I'm not telling which one). Shows how good they are.
wa8yxm 08/31/15 08:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Computer data ??

It would surprise me if free wifi hotspots (especially libraries) allowed downloading movies. Some libraries have good professional Information Technicians and the budget to put in a system that can do the job right and even block some URL's (None of which I'll ever type) completely. Others barely know how to open the box and plug in a router. In fact.. One campground I frequent, this has changed since (thanks to me telling the manager about it) but many people were having problems logging in,, I'd set them up with a manual IP address and directions on setting it back to automatic later and no problem. Finally I decided to check things out.. Turns out LINKSYS on their home/small office routers defauolt is 50 DHCP clients.. I changed it to 100 (yes the default password logged me in) and it worked much better,,, less folks needed manual set up Of course one woman I had to log in manually ask what the problem was When they first set it up it was nearly all laptops but now it's laptops game machines, PDAs. Cell phones.. I logged in downloaded the DHCP client list which included SUZIE's I PHONE. yup. she was Suzie. After a new manager took over and I tole him about it... I logged him into the NEW PASSWORD page.. then left the office while he changed the admin password.
wa8yxm 08/31/15 07:55am Technology Corner

Well.. I multi-task so I have two Laptops here both low end,, one is a Toshiba I got a couple years ago (2013) as a Christmas special at Staples.. I upgraded it to both windows 10 and 10 (actually 12) Gigs of memory (do not know where the other gigs are but it says there's 12 of 'em). The other is a 200 dollar Wal-mart HP Stream (now 179) I dropped it and broke it so I got a new 179 version (For that 179 I get a spare 125 dollar battery and a new (much needed) power supply, about 50 bucks retail so that is one not-all-that-Expensive computer (4.00) since the drive was clean I had room to install Win-10 upgrade there too... I like it better than 8.1 but not as much as XP.
wa8yxm 08/31/15 07:47am Technology Corner
RE: AC electric problems

Had a 12 volt board go out that way too. Seems the crawleys are drawn to the electrical field.... Then There they fry. I have an insect issue here too. but it's improving as I feed them special suppers.. (Their last supper as it were) Once I feed them they depart. As in "We are gathered here to remember our dearly deaprted friend ______" depart. (Spectracide will do that to 'em along with several other products).
wa8yxm 08/31/15 07:42am Tech Issues
RE: 3 way to compressor refrigerator fitment guide

Not too many people intentionally throw their fully functional LP out and install a compressor. You might be surprised... There is a commercial on TV for Angie's List just now where the man is talking about cleaning the gutters on his house (I do agree with him it's a nasty job and that is why I did something about it on my house but that's another add) He also talks about all the warnings on ladders "They might as well say You're dead". Some folks have read about Fridge Fires when the unit fails.. I do not know why RV units tend to be more prone to failure than fixed or shipboard units but my Grandfather installed several systems still in full operation today with no failure (What he did for a living). YES. fires happen. More likely due to poor maintenance than system design in my opinion. Second... Well Propane. like the laddres above, comes with warning labels.. I mean it's not like Gasoline where you can fill your own tank (Most folks do not know you can only do that on specially equipped pumps) you have to have the trained pump jockey do it. So like the guy in the Angie's List add they are scared of the big bad BOOM one gets when one is an idiot around propane... I was trained to live with propane.. So I do not have that problem either. What problem do I have... Well back to the ladders.. I'm Acrophobic.
wa8yxm 08/31/15 07:40am Tech Issues
RE: Please drive safely

Not just in the parking lot but I drive a 2001 NEON. I was in the main entrance/exit isle at the local Wal Mart when suddenly from my left appeared an F-350 I missed him, but well.. Not by much. last 12/18 I'm on my way to the same Wall-Mart, this time though I have yet to reach the store, when an idiot hangs a left right in front of me.. Missed him too. but had to replace a brake wheel cylinder. Sadly the MINE, MINE, MINE, mentality applies to far too many drivers.. They feel the road is all theirs and none of the rest of us even have a right to be there.. Fact is the road belongs to the post office.
wa8yxm 08/31/15 07:33am Around the Campfire
RE: Bar Codes on Rental Cars

All cars are bar coded from the factory... Putting a 2nd bar code on it is a waste of money... So why do they do it? (They charge too much for the rental of course). NOTE: this applies to trucks as well.. The bar code is on the VIN plate.
wa8yxm 08/31/15 07:29am Around the Campfire
RE: AC electric problems

If the RV has an inverter then there are additional breakers.. They may be on the inverter, or they may be in a 2nd breaker box Bad wiring is a problem in many RV's as well.. I am very poorly impressed by Quick Boxes (What they use) and think they should be banned.
wa8yxm 08/30/15 03:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Stopped in motor home for going too slow on I-80

Some years ago the Feds passed a set of laws calle RICO (Racketeer Influenced Criminal Origination as I recall) These laws allow the government to seize cash and property from those accused of a range of crimes.. IE: Narcotics, Bribery, Murder.. IF the government feels that illegal money was used to obtain said property.. The law's intent is to put drug dealers (Primarily) in the poor house. Two problems however: First. The odds a sniffing dog would "HIT" on the money in your wallet is so close to 100% it is outrageous.. Understand I'm not accusing you of anything other than haveing money in your wallet. The money itself is drug tainted. (From prior handling). Second: I know for a fact that even in relative law abiding (As far as police are concerned) states such as Michigan there have been seminars on "How to confiscate cash or houses even if NO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY IS SUSPECTED" In fact. I have met the instructor. I will not post my opinion of this... Because if I did .. .Well.. I just do not like using that kind of language.
wa8yxm 08/29/15 05:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: window 10 on laptop

Thanks.. I never had that problem with Win 10 (yet) but one of my computers did it with 8.1` all the time.. Of course I upgraded that box .... Yesterday.
wa8yxm 08/29/15 05:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Winegard Rayzar Automatic

I would love to see the Winegard Rayzar auto against a properly aimed Sensar III with Wingman.. But alas when the last set of independent lab tests I saw came out this was NOT an option. Oh, the Wingman equipped Sensar III beat all other devices in the lab test I added the SENSAR PRO to my system... IN a recent side by side with a jack I detected 5 stations to their 4.. Park has free cable.... I am currently watching a re-run of the original SUPERMAN TV show.. It comes in BETTER off the Wingard than off the cable.. How's that for performance (Without the sensar pro I'd not be able to watch save by cable) My DVR's are smart enough to use multiple inputs.
wa8yxm 08/29/15 05:13pm Technology Corner

Upgraded for about a week on my laptop. Reverted to 7. 10 seemed OK, but on my laptop everything seemed blury and nothing I could figure would make it better. Check your CLEAR TYPE settings I upgraded one last month and I am getting very used to it.. I do like it better than 8.1 since they fixed a few of the issues I had with 8.1 I upgraded the other one yesterday still getting it up to speed.. But the only MAJOR problem I am having is not with either computer just now.. it's other hardware
wa8yxm 08/29/15 05:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Hughes Autoformer power booster and surge protector

Other than change 30 to 50 I use both.. Currently it's park-SG-Hughes-RV but I plan to change that as soon as I get ye old round tuit. Proper sequence is park-hughes-SG-RV That way if the voltage does down the HUGHES will bring it up and the SG will not cut you off till the voltage is beyond the HUGHES ability to compensate.
wa8yxm 08/29/15 05:03pm Tech Issues
RE: How long do you allow your Generator to run?

Usually 1/2 to 1 hour for exercise 1st of every month. WHEN NEEDED.. (For example when on the road in hot weather) as long as needed. When powering a Ham Radio Field day.. 25 hours When powering house during a power fail.. As long as needed or 3 days (IF gas tank is full) whichever comes first.. After 3 days I need to re fill tank. Onan generators are designed for the long haul.. They can easily handle runs lasting several days or even weeks. I knwo many folks who run 'em 12 hours a day every day from like May through September (They sell Soft Serve ice cream from a truck) First ONAN I ever worked on was so employed.
wa8yxm 08/29/15 05:01pm Tech Issues
RE: How to determine rating of a new converter panel?

What is the model of your WFCO? most of them have a 4 digit model number The last two are the Max DC output of the unit. NOTE: if you are upgrading there are two levels. First: (Recommended) is a product line at Progressive Dynamics that replaces the ELECTRONICS which are behind the fuse/breaker panel. This means you keep the original WFCO box, and distribution system. just sticker it to indicate the Progressive Dynamics upgrade in the back. The other (A lot more work) you replace the whole shebang.
wa8yxm 08/29/15 04:58pm Tech Issues

If this was 60 yrs ago, I'd say, stick a nickel (or was it a penny) in it,....that worked every time when the breakers were round :) Caused more than a few fires too.
wa8yxm 08/29/15 04:56pm Tech Issues
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