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RE: coach batterys on a 1997 Damon intruder

What kind of diagrams are you wanting. The basic is this Chassis---{-battery+|-Main fuse-(1)--Switch----Fuse box---Converter (1)---Steps and possibly slides. Fuse box--Several lines---All 12 volt stuff save "truck" stuff. Note that the switch may be a solenoid operated by a remote switch.
wa8yxm 05/26/16 09:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator won't start unless RV engine has been started

At 3 years, if they were properly maintained the batteries are the equivlent of a human teenager, Not even "in the prime" yet (that would be 4 years) Batteries properly maintained are like a popular convience store 7-11 (years though) (The store, originaly, was open 7am to 11pm in case you wonder where the name comes from, I'm old enough to remember those days). However if the batteries are LOW.. or if they have not been maintained, or if the terminals are a bit dirty. (All very common) then you must supplement. Two ways to do that. one, you figured out Two, Press and hold the EMERGENCY STAT (may be labeled aux start or BOOST) switch, while starting Generator (what I do) this is the same button you use to "Jump Start" the main engine from the house batteries. But have your house batteries tested.. Clean and test.. Easier to test 'em than replace 'em.
wa8yxm 05/26/16 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Glad we didn't quit over high gas prices.

You want to know what HIGH PRICES are... Ok here goes 3 miles from where I'm sitting just now is a story with signs proudly proclaiming you can buy a 16.9oz bottle of water (Dasani, coca-cola's brand) for $1.69.. Yup that is #12.80/gallon And you thought Gasoline was expenive. Nestles also bottles watter and sells it.. A county in Oregon just refused to sell all their water to Nestles.. Nestles, Pepsi-co and Coke all want to buy up all the water in the US so we need to pay them for it... Think about this.
wa8yxm 05/26/16 09:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Service nightmare, is this typical???

Sadly this is typical at some dealers but let me tell you a story.. This has only to do with engine and chassis, not body (All your issues are body) Had a recall on my engine.. So I went to the local authorized dealer 2 weeks before I wished to set out on vacation.. Told them I'd like to make them the first stop.. They ask if I had the part (for the recall) which had been sent out with the recall letter. Now my dealer told me they would take care of registering my purchases with all the warranty folks so I did not need to notify Workhorse I was a new owner.. Guess what.. They did not, so instead of a letter I got an E-mail from customer Service.. no part (obviously) The part is a small part that the authorized service center (A Chevy Dealer) likely had at least 2 dozen of in the parts room. The service consultant told me they could not get the part that fast so they could not do it in 2 weeks.. I told 'em schedule the repair, i'd get the part (I lived in N.W. Detroit, Workhorse at the time was in Troy,, I often visited Troy for assorted reasons). I went home, this was at 2 pm give or take, made a phone call to Troy.. Spoke with a man I'd met at an FMCA convention.. 6 PM he pulls into my back lot and hands me the part, and another copy of his business card.. We chat a while.. I attach the part to his card and toss it on the tray in the RV.. 2 weeks later I hand the part, card and keys to the service consultant. A few months later the brake light switch went out.. They scoured the nation, found 8 of them in the box and had one FED EXed to them for installation. Why the change from "We can't get it that fast" to moving heaven and earth. The business card was for the national Customer Service manager for Workhorse, He is the man who decides IF they are an authorized service center. Very effective Some days.. that is what it takes. There is also a story like that about a reporter's CHEVY.. The dealer was giving him the run around when at a Press conference the CEO of GM ask if he was happy.. He was not.. A porter with a loaner car rang his doorbell and picked up the defective car from his wife before the Press Conference ended, It was fixed and made 100% very, very, fast.
wa8yxm 05/26/16 09:03am Beginning RVing
RE: questions,,,newbie,,,,confused ,,engine issues ?

All I can say is if the dealer is warming you about all those things.. do not walk away from the deal.. RUN LIKE BLAZES away from the deal.
wa8yxm 05/26/16 08:54am Beginning RVing
RE: CD's to Thumb drive - new car with no CD player

As I recall Windows Media Player will let you RIP at least some CD's.. I used to have software that more or less did not care busted the bits out of all forms of copy protection and let me save anything to thumb drives... (I recorded my daughter's performances for her use and had to have that stuff to deal with the recordigns I personally made of her performances) That said.. This is what I use... I have a "line in" adapter for my radio, this lets me use an external CD player.. Of course I have yet to find an external CD player I liked,, Every blessed oen of 'em was too sensitive to bumps in the road and the like.. not at all like the dash radio in the RV. BUT... For 50 bucks I got a portable DVD player at Dollar General a couple years back... Dang thing is not even bothered by multiple rail road tracks!!!! What I'd really like to see in a portable CD player is a gig of buffer.. Put in the CD and it loads the puppy at like 400x playing speed, then returns head to rest.. stopps the motor, and you can play kick ball with the player (inside the ball) and never miss a note.
wa8yxm 05/26/16 08:44am Technology Corner
RE: Ham radio monitoring.

Repeater activity is heaviest on 2 meters. then 70 cm, then 6meterws 10meters and 220 Mhz. A Dual band radio is usually 2M/70cM and is your best choice. If you have a smart phone there are a couple apps like Repeater book you might want also EchoLink and IRLP apps. Many find the low cost Baofang and woxon radios hard to program.. I do not, But then I do not often find things hard to program... That said I'm not all that pleased with mine... A nice Icom, Yesau, Kenwood et-al much better epically the receive audio.
wa8yxm 05/26/16 08:38am Tech Issues
RE: Difference in honda generators Big store vs small dealer?

Many companies often advertise with ads like "If you can find it elsewhere for a better price we will refund twice the difference" or some such. What they do not say: The company uses a special code which is part of the model number.. all this code means is "Originally sold by _______" (The company making the ad) since no other company sells that precise model For any price.. They never have to refund twice the difference. Sometimes the difference "Company code' part is obvious.. Sometimes not.. but that may well be the difference... Just one means "Sold by a company dealer" and the other "By a big box store". Now. I'm not saying for sure this is the case.. but I do know it is a COMMON practice.. Same identical device will have twoo different model numbers in teh form of AA#######HD and AA######LW for home depot and Lowes as an example.
wa8yxm 05/26/16 08:29am Tech Issues
RE: Atwood 3 burner stove

I doubt locktite woudl work due to the nature of that screw.. As I recall it is a sheet metal screw not a machine screw.. if it is a sheet metal screw a special cli9p is made that is also a "nut" that can clip over the metal part the screw screws into... Of course all this assumes I'm thinking of the proper screw.
wa8yxm 05/26/16 08:24am Tech Issues
RE: Staining cedar.

I will only say I prefer the natural look over painted as well.
wa8yxm 05/26/16 08:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Battery charger

( am partial to Progressive Dyanmics 9230 over the IOTA but to be frank.. Not much difference between them. My recommendation is this: First post what converter you have.. That way we know if upgrading is even indicated Second you said you are going from a pair of Group 24 to a pair of Group 27.. WHY? These are MARINE/deep cycle batteires.. You really should think about DEEP CYCLE batteries. GC-2 (Six volt golf car batteries). They are a bit taller than the Group 24's but should fit in the same tray. Here are some numbers 20 hour Capacity figures (C/20) Group 24. 70-75 Group 27, 95-100 Since these are starting batteries (MARINE) first and deep cycle second, you really should not use more than around 30 percent of the charge Double the amp hours for two in parallel Six volt GC-2's hold 210 to 230 (even as much as 250 but those get real tall) you double the VOLTAGE when you put 'em in series so they basically become a 4D. They are DEEP CYCLE designed to go down to half full without major damage.
wa8yxm 05/25/16 12:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: tv

Our original tv has stopped working. Can we replace it with a tv from BJ's or Walmart, or do we have to get one from an rv dealership? I have 3 TV's one from a Pawn Shop, Two from Wal*mart. I really do not like shopping at Wal*mart but I could not argue with the price, and on the 2nd one it was a "Scratch and dent" floor sample special complete with out a remote..... Which I just happened to have in stock already (The very remote the set uses. not an "Universal" but the actualy Samsung tower remote) Now some considerations: The new TV's are "Wider" so on the front TV I had to modify the compartment.. on the rear I'd already modified it. Some run on 12 volt using a power brick or wall wart.. My Samsung says it likes 14 volt.. Some folks feel the higher than 12 volt power system in an RV can damage a 12 volt set if you choose to run battery direct.. I disagree, but I'm not set up for 12 volt direct so it really does not matter.. (I have 2,000 watts of inverter) But any TV that fits.. When I choose the front TV I first measured the width of the opening.. And then measured the TV's at the pawn shop One of them FIT EXACTLY.. I am watching it as I type.
wa8yxm 05/25/16 12:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Glad we didn't quit over high gas prices.

Alas. I remember the price of gas in the bad old days 4.17/gallon in August of 2008. I remember people hollering about 4.00 gas even after it dropped nearly a full dollar about a year later and down to 2.00 after that too... Alas I also know why it was 4.00+ in 2008
wa8yxm 05/25/16 12:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Another new OTA antenna

I still suspect teh Sensar IV will outperform it Remember look at the gain and range estimates for the antenna... I notice the following.. It says "Optimal UHF and Good VHF High band" There are still some stations hanging in VHF low band (2-6) and the Sensar IV has better VHF hi performance from the way that reads. Of course till I see the lab tests I can not be sure. Another thing HEIGHT is MIGHT and this antenna is not as Tall as the Sensar IV plus when you are driving down the road Hight is not a good thing.. For a low limb or _____ can get under the antenna and... Actually happened to the person parked beside me once.
wa8yxm 05/25/16 12:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Water inlet questions

I like (2) better; it seems simpler. But can I get a sort of'tunnel' thingie that goes through the van wall and has a waterproof cover for when it is not in use? Though you CAN get this stuff at an RV store. Might be cheaper to go to Lowes, Home Depot, Joe's hardware, Pete's plumbing. Et-al Note the last two are "Generic names" YOu will need the following A female hose adapter to iron pipe 1/2 inch 2 chrome trim rings (Shower trim) A male hose adapter (likewise to 1/2 inch) A brass or iron "Nipple" long enough to go through the wall of the trailer and the two trim rings (Drill and measure BEFORE goting to store) Some pipe tape or pipe dope. Assembly This takes two people Put one of the adapters on the pipe. Put a trim ring (outside toward the adapter) push through hole in wall, apply other trim ring and other adapter.. NOTE; When I did this the INSIDE adapter was an actuall "Wall ****" water spigot, like you might well have on the side of yoru hosue.. That way I was able to turn it off INSIDE if needed. You may also wish a screw in plug for the "inlet" (This you get at RV store) Worked great.. And winterizing is a snap. Just unhook hose (inlet) and let the short pipe drain back. Worked very well NOTE, if you use a wall **** spigot as I did, then you only use the chrome ring outside (you can also use any othe kind of trim ring you wish) and you can use a couple screws in teh wall to keep the inside unit from turninjg while you apply the outer adapter making it a one man job. Which is also how I did it.
wa8yxm 05/25/16 12:03pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Fridge / Household Fridge

If you are talking about AC power draw.. I suspect you are right. BUT... The RV unit can run on either AC or Propane, so when you are out and about you can burn propane. Also.. IF you do a bit of googling you may come up with a couple of high effiency all electric Fridges one by Dometic and one by Norcold.. These run on 12 or `120 volt. On `12 volt they draw less than 4 amps door closed (less than 1/2 amp AC) I hope this still works
wa8yxm 05/25/16 11:55am Tech Issues
RE: Glow plug

A glow plug is an electric heat element.. In many ways just like the electric element in your RV Fridge or water heater or a space heater.. As you may know all of these fail from time to time.. I've even gotten a brand new space heater with a failed heat element. Thus.. Replace it is the recommended procedure.
wa8yxm 05/25/16 11:52am Tech Issues
RE: Hypothetical Social Security Question

Hypothetical situation - I'm 71 and my wife is 70. We've both been drawing SS since age 62. I draw $1,500 per month and she gets $1,000 per month based on our own work histories. If I die how much does she continue to draw and if she dies how much do I draw? $1500. She gets the greater of yours or hers... My wife died 3 years ago, we were both on SS and that was one of the questions SS asked,, I like you get around 1500/month, she got about half that, So I continue to draw my SS.. But had the rolls been reversed I'd have gotten hers.
wa8yxm 05/25/16 11:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Increase Ground Clearance for Driveway

Pour concrete in to the dip and eliminate the low spot permanently might be the least expensive and best solution. I agree with that as well.. "Sissy Wheels" (Steel rollars that attach to the frame of the RV) may also help... THey are designed to roll up the drive.. Problem is they may prevent you from getting up the drive. More air may help too (in the air bags) The link below is NOT what I'd recommend.. but it is in the same isle at your RV store (The ones I would recommend do not swivel like these do and are much heavier duty) Skid wheels at E-Trailer dot com
wa8yxm 05/24/16 08:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newbie mistake, after 4 years...

Don't feel too bad.. I was in the Family center at a campground doing coffee (they provide) and internet one morning and a fellow camper was telling me how he was getting ready to call an RV service tech.. he'd already gone the water heater company customer assistance route...... I ask him about the outside shower he called the RV tech back and cancelled.
wa8yxm 05/24/16 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
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