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RE: Air compressor will it work?

I would say NO.. for a 125 PSI tire you need at least 150 PSI if not more in the tank. (Compressor tank) Oh, theory has it it will eventually get the tire up to 125,, but you will get tired of waiting.
wa8yxm 06/24/16 06:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: IRS calling

Well the IRS did contact me to tell me I owed them money.. It was a letter.. And I called to find out where i had to go to figure it out... While the young lady (Well I assume she was young, sound of voice, but I've been fooled there in the past.... By no less than Dr. Kevorkian short story,, he called me). While she was entering my vital stats (name, social security) I found the answwer to all my questions in the papers they sent, She verified and I paid what I owed.. (nicest call she likely had all month).. But you are right,, They will send you a letter.. Ignore it and they WILL come calling... But they will never phone ahead.. If they call it is not them it is a scam. There are many scams. NOTE: Publisher's Clearing House... Small prizes, you get a check in the mail ()IE: $10.00) Large.. you get a knock on the door.. They do not E-Mail, they do not call, they do not contact you on facebook.. Except to answer a direct question. YOU sent to them. Finally "YOU ARE A WINNER" Just send us $500 shipping and handling fee which you will never see again and we will send you your $2.00 prize.
wa8yxm 06/24/16 06:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery "jump packs"

I have one of these in the tt for emergency jump starts, and have used it to run tv and ant booster in a pinch. My question would be, if it is used, can it be recharged from my tow vehicle? Can I make up a cord to go from the 12 volt receptacle on the jump pack, to a 12v accessory outlet in the truck? Would I need to use a small inverter to charge it via the 120 plug? I appreciate any opinions and look forward to the gurus setting me straight. The short answer is: YES.. You can, in fact some of them come with what at 120 volts is called a "Suicide cord" (Double male) you can also buy cords already made up like this. If there is room in the battery area you can clamp them to the main battery while driving as well but this does not always work as well NOTE it may take a lot of driving to fully charge it.. HOURS.
wa8yxm 06/24/16 06:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: What's up with RV Sales People?

One of the problems is that many companies have "Cut back" across the board to save money, They have layed off or not replaced retiring mechanics, Service consultants, and yes SALES PEOPLE. Now. Think about this for just a little bit... Your profit comes from sales and serivce, If you do not have enough sales or service people.. YOU GO BROKE. Another problem may be timing.. I do not know what is going on just now but often companies like PPL will go to big RV shows.. I know some companies where when that happens the office is occupied basicallly by a janiotor, Not much more. And then there is the "Event of a lifetime" IE: Owner's daughter getting married and entire company invited type things That said... I would think they woudl keep the sales office staffed. But,, Well, What I'd do and what many folks do.. Two different things.
wa8yxm 06/24/16 06:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: 110 hookup only ???

50 amp breakers are dual voltage, 120-240-120 Depending on which wires you draw power off of.. The TT 30 outlet has, clearly printed upon it "MAX 125 Volts" And is not to be used for 240 volt service.. Still many do wire them that way. and live to regret it. Because they are 120 volt. 15 and 15/20 and 20 amp outlets are,, as you would expect, normally 120 volt (Though I do know of one that was or may well still be an exception). But yes, There are many threads around here about folks who had an electrican install a TT-30.... Wrong Even one from a Rver do did it himself I did mine right.
wa8yxm 06/24/16 08:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV toilet question

"Install" a large measuring cup (however big you need) or mug in sink. To be more specific, Using a 1 cup measure manually fill toilet, Note how many times you need to dump in a cup to get the level you wish. now get that same size measure cup (They come in 1,2 and 4 cup sizes as well as fractional cup sizes) Glass or Mug and put it in the sink.. Then manually fill the toilet using said container.
wa8yxm 06/24/16 08:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Check your toad registration!

That can be an issue for me as well. though I do not have emmissions testing where I'm registered... (Some areas do) my birthday and thus the plate expiration are in the winter.. In fact, traditionally we have a blizzard that week... (or at least it seems we do) the deepest part of winter.... Michigan in deepest winter is not class A Friendly. (So I'm out of town).
wa8yxm 06/24/16 08:30am Beginning RVing
RE: Generator/surge protector question

You can use it, but it's not needed I will second that.. Though there is one slight reason to use a surge protector if you wish...... You can monitor how much power you use (The inline ammeter function of the surge protector) Invertor generators are very well protected as it is .. if the voltage goes out of range.. They have a tendency to stop working (Actually the internal computer shuts it down) frequency is crystal controlled and highly accurate, Voltage is also tightly controlled. Only engine speed varies.
wa8yxm 06/24/16 08:27am Tech Issues
RE: Dual Generators (not dual fuel, but two generators)

I will make a long story short. Honda EU-series generators are really inverters. An alternator provides power to an inverter. Output frequency is not dependent on engine speed so these units will speed up and slow down, Unlike regular generators where the engine runs at a constant speed. Since the inverters are rather sofisicated electronic devices they have the ability to "Sense" if they are already powered when they start.. And if they are they "Sync" up with the existing power source. Just exactly like "Solar" inverters do... (They sync with the mains power. Now... Though I likely could understand it if I did the research as to how they do it.. I have not done that.. The only thing you need to know is that the actually power source at the 120 volt level is an INVERTER, not the "Generator" part which is a DC device. This also explains the high cost of those units. Oh, because the output device is an inverter, instead of a coil of wire excited by a rotating magnetic field.. The output is a nice clean SINE wave,, They are True Sine Wave inverters. Very good, Very kind to your electronics. (most "Contractor" generators the output waveform is downright scary).
wa8yxm 06/24/16 08:23am Tech Issues
RE: 110 hookup only ???

The wall outlet in your house is 120 volt.. If the slots are just parallel then 15 amps max. The wall outlet in your house is 120 volt.. If the NEUTRAL is "T" shaped that's 20 amp The 30 amp outlet in an RV park.. That too is 120 volt.... So telling us "only 110" or only 120 is meaningless For 15 amps yes, you will be able to charge the batteries.. once they are full you can run ONE of the following in most cases Microwave, Water heater and perhaps an A/C on 20 amps delete the word "perhaps" from the above 30 amps gives you one A/C and the fridge (Fridge mayu work on 20 as well) 50 is all you can eat.
wa8yxm 06/23/16 07:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What are those called?

For a single TV you use a Coax Switch. I will explain the amplifer myth later For multiple TV's you use a MATRIX SWITCH We call it a BOMB or Box of many Buttons here.. But a common multi-input coax switch will work for what you want. Radio Shack used to sell them with 2 or 3 inputs. THe amplifer Winegard's standard amplifier is in the antenna head, where it belongs, Only the power supply 9is inside the RV The SENSOR PRO, however, is an additional amplifer Now.. for best results with either a single TV or "All TV's Get Same Signal" Use a Sensar Pro Feed the park cable (Where you have it) or Sat Receivers' RF-OUT (Antenna conneciton labeled TO TV to an A/B switch (A for Satellits cause they are UP ABOVE and B for cable,, Down Below) and then with the Sensar Pro on.. ANTENNA tv (not the network bnut the rooftop antenna0 With the sensor pro OFF the A/B swich selects. If you want to use the same cable for both Sat Ant (to Receiver) and park cable then you need two A/B switches Cable-----A/b1---A/B2 A side to Sat LBN in B to other switch) A/B--1 (A side to Sat TV-Out, B to other switch) Switch both switches to "A" for satellite and B for cable.
wa8yxm 06/23/16 06:55am Technology Corner
RE: A/C runs for 5 minutes then pops breaker in 110 degree heat?

When mine does that it is time to go up on the roof and clean the condenser coils of accumulated crud.
wa8yxm 06/22/16 06:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: House battery "repair"?

Is there a way to save this battery? Likely no.. This is one of the problems with MARINE/deep cycle batteries, they are really starting batteries and when they die,,, they die.. Though sometimes you do get lucky. Try a slow charger, like 10 amps or less for 3 or 4 hours, then use your multi-stage converter to fill it up. But be aware. It may not last long, you may have lost capacity or it may have a shorteed cell (in which case it will nto charge) True Deep Cycle batteries can go down to half full safely, and stand a much better chance of recovery if you "OH S***!" them but... Even then in your case I'd not hold my breath.
wa8yxm 06/22/16 06:46am Tech Issues
RE: Extend a Stay, Which Hose?

Look for Propane Refill Adapters. I had a post with a link but the software is not being nice today and won't let me post it.
wa8yxm 06/21/16 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: Dum de dum dum Wanted Alive

I want a wall clock crystal lens, with day and date but not numeric, like grand father clocks, sorta, Atomic timed and if there is such a critter one that changes time whne you enter a different time zone. I want it for the MH. So far, all mostly I have found, is wal mart grade, chinese plastic, in the same four or five designs everywhere. i have found a couple that are crystal lens but no day date nor lighted but atomic radio timed I do not know but I know where to look Here, or one page "UP" from here for more options
wa8yxm 06/21/16 08:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Keep Wipers Over or Under Windshield Cover ?

Windshield wipers not touching ANYTHING is how I do it.. I have hold off devicews under the arms near the bottom.
wa8yxm 06/21/16 08:30am General RVing Issues
RE: when boondocking do you bring a weapon ?

I have several weapons.. Just not one that is classified as such My Brain (#1 tool for self defense) Fire Extinguishers (3 of them (Actually more but 3 near the door) They can put out more than fires Walking stick.. Helps me walk more easily but another name for a quarterstaff Just to name 3.. There are more
wa8yxm 06/21/16 08:25am Beginning RVing
RE: Memory Card Recovery??

Normally only the "index" is erased, the files are not, so if you took the card out straight away you will be able to recover... Perhaps more than you want. Fry's. Best Buy,, Staples (may) and many other stores. both computer and photography may be able to do it for a fee. I have never used the recovery programs on a SD card but have used a few on HD's (Same situation) and the results were good. But it's been like 20 years since I did that.
wa8yxm 06/21/16 08:23am Technology Corner
RE: Scangauge has made me paranoid?

You are worried because you know ater boils at 212(F) (At Sea Level, and no pressure)_ but in a radiator it can easily remain water at 210 or 220 due to the pressure.... And my car gets into that range without overheating often So yes, it's normal.
wa8yxm 06/21/16 08:22am Technology Corner
RE: Memory Card Recovery??

Normally only the "index" is erased, the files are not, so if you took the card out straight away you will be able to recover... Perhaps more than you want. Fry's. Best Buy,, Staples (may) and many other stores. both computer and photography may be able to do it for a fee. I have never used the recovery programs on a SD card but have used a few on HD's (Same situation) and the results were good. But it's been like 20 years since I did that.
wa8yxm 06/21/16 08:09am Technology Corner
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