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RE: window 8.1 sucks for me

I do not do MSN but Yahoo is no problem on my 8.1 box.. I upgraded to 10 earlier this week and though there have been a couple issues I've fixed most of them (All the ones I've found so far). There are several things about 10 I like APPS. on 8.1 they run full screen or half screen, so if I am working with pages that load slow and wish to play Solitaire to pass the time. Not all that easy. On 10 they have gone back to running them in windows (YIPPIE) Not as happy with the start menu (yet) I may fix this later. Microsoft Streets & Trips (My offline navigation program) Failed.. License error, Re-installed from DVD and re-authorized with license key and it works Canon printer failed,, Re-installed using utilities already on the HD EDGE does not work with several web pages I visit. MSIE still present and works fine. So do Firefox and Chrome.
wa8yxm 08/01/15 07:06am Technology Corner
RE: 30 amp adapter

I could make a political statement here but will not. Clearly the lady had a 1/4 amp brain.
wa8yxm 08/01/15 07:00am General RVing Issues
RE: How Ironic....

I guess now it's a "Raging Inferno"! Hey, at least you know they live up to their name! I was going to say the trailer was well named. but you basically said the same thing. Now Ironic would be a fire engine on fire (Happened in Detroit, brand new high pressure pumper. not the vehicle's fault.. got caught up in the fire it was fighting).
wa8yxm 08/01/15 06:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: MH Microwave...worth fixing?

If it were a straight Microwave I would say no But since it is a convection/microwave the answer is not as clear. Remove it to the picnic table outside the RV now inspect the thing,, Look for a fuse or reset button. IF you find none (I'll be surprised if you do) then... Remove the outer cover CAREFUL there may be sharp edges the use of gloves (leather) when handling metal parts is highly recommended. (Friend of mine read that warnign too late) Again look for a fuse or breaker. I have seen two of them where the only problem was a wore out fuse.. Fuses do wear out and blow for no good reason. I have also seen burnt wires and blown diodes And I have only worked on 4 Microwaves. (well 5 if you count the turntable motor in my DOMETIC by Lousy Goods (LG). (Replaced it with a GE part and now it works great).
wa8yxm 07/31/15 04:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windows 10

I can't believe someone would give up on W10 after ONE day! If you are referring to me (I installed it yesterday) I did not give up.... I did, however, fix S&T, dug the install DVD out of my bag, the Authorization key.jpg off my hard drive and re-installed it.. Works great now. So all that's left is the issues with Edge which really shines on one job I used it for but sadly is not so good on others. But MSIE is included (I found out today it is still included even on clean installs) so .... There is a way around that. In short. It's looking better every hour. One thing I really like.. on Win 8.1 many apps only ran in a full size window,, Some you could "Split" the screen into two (one traditional desktop screen and the other the app) but on Win-10 the same apps run in windows.. mostly resizable (At least the ones I've tried so far) this is very good. Very very good.
wa8yxm 07/31/15 04:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Myth that socket extensions change torque wrench readings

Dead on Mexico. Fun side.. I mentioned changing tires on that F-350... It was kind of fun looking at the Tire Guy's expession when he ask what I used to put it on and I answered him... (His poor impact wrench took rather a long time to loosen that nut, Thought I was going to have to get the Ford supplied toy lug wrench out again.) In a later story I had some Troopers who could not get the lugs (rusted) loose on the flat on the patrol car.. i put them on Dispatch and borrowed their 4-way.. I Got the lugs loose.. Torqued the 4-way but I got the lugs loose. (Yes I twisted one of the arms). You know.. When I did things like that they gave me serious respect for some reason.. (I'm not violent by nature but can you imagine what that kind of thing could do if I were?)
wa8yxm 07/31/15 04:45pm Tech Issues
RE: 6V Deep Cycle Batteries

Again I make my suggestion to paint and over spray onto the batteries. Way easier than worrying about it. RED for Positive. On my coach the house batteries I replaced the positive wire so it is RED, big, heavy, and RED, the negative is Factory original black,,, (The factory original on the positive side was black as well but,, well it's a complex hookup.. I'm into Rube Goldburg.. Shore HEAVY cable runs from batteries to generator fuse block.. Factory lead moved to fuse block. On the chassis battery I did something like that too 3 positive wires became one)
wa8yxm 07/31/15 04:42pm Tech Issues
RE: My normal morning routine

You could try some (Yuck) instant,, Folger's crystals is... Well I've had worse (And in restaurants too) Actually Folger's crystals is not all that bad.. There are a couple of instant brands that are ALMOST decent. However it could be worse.. Two ways 1: Put in 10 cups of water.. Put in filter, coffee, start (Forget carafe) 2 (Happened to my mother): Put in water, filter coffee, REMEMBER Carafe, press start,, Coffee brews, Coffee maker catches fire. Handiest water is... the fresh brewed coffee, to put it out with. (Minor damage to Formica counter due to swift action of cook but alas, NO COFFEE for breakfast). Turns out coffee pot was on recall due to its habit of catching fire.
wa8yxm 07/31/15 04:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Windows 10

There are a few issues with EDGE.. one was addressed in an update yesterday.. The "Menu" button is the far right icon, Choose SETTINGS and one of them (top one as I recall) is "Display favorites bar" turn it on and the favorites bar is back. Some web sites are not playing nice with EDGE BUT if you did an UPGRADE (as opposed to a clean install) you still have MISE on board and can still use it (I DO) I think I posted instructions. Right click on START icon,, Choose RUN Type IEXPLORE.EXE (lower case is ok) press ENTER This will open MSIE The icon for MSIE is a bright blue lower case E (Edge is a dark blue one) Right click on the bright blue lower case E in the task bar and choose "Pin to task bar" Now you can re-load MSIE by clicking the icon Works great. Streets & Trips.. Works not.
wa8yxm 07/31/15 11:26am Technology Corner
RE: Myth that socket extensions change torque wrench readings

No one nailed it. You're missing the point. Extensions act as torsion springs! The amount of force the spring gets energized must be subtracted from the force applied to the bolt being torqued. The skinnier or longer the extension, the greater the error. This error will probably be extremely small, but the OP has a valid point that should be considered in extreme cases. If you stop and think about it.. you may figure out why that is wrong. TRUE the extension (epically a long one) is a torsion spring.. BUT so long as it is straight on the amount of torque applied to one end is exactly amount to the amount of torque on the other.. What changes due to the extension is the distance you need to crank the wrench to get to that amount of torque. For example if for a given bolt position moving the handle through an arc of 45 degrees might get you to say 100 foot pounds.. With a long extension you might need to go 46 degrees.. but the displayed torque will be the same (100 foot pounds in this case) and that will be the force on the bolt head.
wa8yxm 07/31/15 11:22am Tech Issues
RE: 6V Deep Cycle Batteries

Suggestion.. Get either two bottles of Nail Polish -OR- two small cans of spray paint (or two large cans) one RED one Black With the batteries PROPERLY connected spray the positive terminal with RED (or brush it on) Overspray onto the battery is a good thing if spraying, Dripping red paint (or just flat brushing it on) the battery likewise. Use black on the Negative end now red painted wire to red painted battery terminal. Black to black, Unpainted to Unpainted and your job is always going to be right. Now,, the winter storage.. Did you use a Battery Minder (TM) or Battery Tnder (TM) or a trickle charger (Junk) to maintain the batteies? There are several different devices.. When I waS a child our only choice was a trickle charger, these low-amprage chargers had no regulation and depending on teh size of the batteires and the size of the charger either over charged or failed to maintain (IN THEORY you might hit one that worked 100% but odds are against it like 99.9 to 0.1) Today we have two more editions One is an automatic slow charger,, It charges 'em up and shuts down The other is the Battery Minder/tender 2-stage automatic charger (Absorption/float) these continuously monitor and will switch back to ABSORPTION (Charging) if necessary. READ the instruction manual because what I posted is a generality.. not all products work as well as others. But do paint both the wires and the battery in the area of the terminal (or and the terminal itself) to insure red to red.
wa8yxm 07/31/15 11:18am Tech Issues
RE: When did my name become a dirty word?

My nick name is D I C K, I try to sign it at the end of replies I post and it comes out instead with four **** instead of ****. **** Edit when I posted it up came the **** You sir have identified one of the major issues with ROBOTS.. they do not look at context but only the sequence of letters.. Thus it's very easy to post most any word you want by splitting the letters or playing games such as swapping one letter for a symbol. And of course they often block stuff you really need to know. (Not a fan of robotic moderation, but alas, understand the need for it).
wa8yxm 07/31/15 11:10am Around the Campfire
RE: Generator voltage question

Open ground is common on portable generators. Code does not require bonding. If you understand the reason for the safety ground, you will understand why,, You may choose to stop reading here. On the "Mains" power (Power mains) neutral is bonded to ground, in fact at one time due to wire shortages they used the GROUND as neutral.. Some places are still wired that way. THUS if there is a hot-to case short on the tool you are holding YOU become the path to ground and thus neutral (the "Return" path though that really is bad use of the word) and .. Well. for most folks,, been nice knowing you (I'm strange.. I throw when shocked, or at least I used to Good thing too). THus the safety ground which is hooked to case., IT takes the shock for you, trips the breaker/blows the fuse and protects you. But with the portable generator THERE IS NO GROUND, period.. The ground is NOT a return path, and thus there is no danger. You are protected.
wa8yxm 07/30/15 07:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Windows 10

I now have one computer that is XP (Can not upgrade those without $$$$) one 8.1 (Will likely upgrade next week) and this one running 10. So far I'm happy with the 10 As for "Bricks" it is true that windows 8 and above WILL BRICK some accessories.. The one I know of.. I have 3 "Genuine article" devices that work 100% under 8 or 10.. I do not have any counterfits.. The counterfits get bricked. I do have another Genuine Article version of that same adapter but by a different company.. That company has yet to provide drivers for 8 or 10 so their products do not work That adapter was repalced by the 3rd of the ones which do work. (These are USB RS232 adapters. FTDI (work) and Profilic (Work with XP) the counterfit FTDI chips turn to brick if used with 8 or 10 will no longer work or so I am told.. As I said, I do not have any. I got the good stuff.
wa8yxm 07/30/15 07:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Myth that socket extensions change torque wrench readings

I have had mechanics and one person who builds competition airplanes swear that torque wrenches are inaccurate when an extension is added. To me, this flies in the face of the Action, Equal and Opposite Reaction Law. Just wondering if anyone has seen any explanation for this widely accepted phenomenon. It depends on a couple of things For a torque wrench to be accurate the wrench must have a more or less specific relation to the bolt.. That is the extension must come straight off the bolt to the head. Any 'Side torque' on the extension will cause the readings to be off. If using a common torque wrench you need to provide a fulcrum for the head of the wrench (left hand) to insure it is straight to the bolt. NOTE: Wrenching with side torque.... I once had to change tires on a Ford F-350 Custom (10,000 pound) using the wrench supplied (The one bolted to the fender under the hood) I put the wrench on and shoved the bar through the holes and put uneven pressure on the thing so not only was there twist but side torque as well. That bolt whish is about the size of my XXXL thumbs snapped like a pencil. The other 9 I made sure I applied even pressure to both ends of the rod so the torque was rotational only.. Put the new tire on.. Poor tire store guy had a heck of a time removing it with his big air impact wrench.. Seems I over torqued them a bit.
wa8yxm 07/30/15 07:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Windows 10

Someone mentioned that EDGE does not have Ad-block. I gather Internet Explorer still does. OK, MISE is still in there,, HEre is how to get at it both 1st time and 2nd Right click on the windows in the lower left (Start menu) choose RUN Enter: iexplore.exe This should open MSIE with all your bookmarks in tact Now ther will be the familure "E" icon in the task bar (To the right of the start icon) right click on it and PIN TO TASKBAR.. next time you need it click on that E icon again. It is brigbhter than the Edge one. I am having serious issues with Edge not wanting me to access several web pages.
wa8yxm 07/30/15 12:09pm Technology Corner
RE: missing wire

There is nothing special about the wire save for the crimp on connector on the pump (and possibly other) end.. Assuming it's crimp on. Take the tank with pump to an auto parts or hardware store and get the proper connector(S) and a length of primary wire.
wa8yxm 07/30/15 07:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Suggest a winter destination that might still have openings

Last half of Jan is Quartsite AZ rally If you do not mind a bit farther East Cathead Creek RV park (Near Darien GA) has openings year round.. Come and visit. NO trees to block your sat antenna, No pool, Pets welcome up to and including horses.
wa8yxm 07/30/15 07:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving trailer plug in when at home.

Depepnds on the converter but generally YES. Some of the older converters like the Magnetek 6300 series I would not do it.
wa8yxm 07/30/15 07:10am Beginning RVing
RE: Delayed Typing While on Internet

There are two different ways sites accept typed info. Some.. They open an editor window/box/frame and when you click "SEND" they send it to the host site (post the post) I ***THINK*** this site works that way but the key word is THINK, I do not know for sure. Other sites the keystroke is sent to the host, and echoed back so what you see as a "Delay" in typing is really the PING time between you and host. You can see this time if you wish for many For example if you open a command prompt (off your start icon menu) and type ping rv.net you will see something like the following: Pinging rv.net {} with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=67ms TTL=50 Reply from bytes=32 time=62ms TTL=50 Reply from bytes=32 time=58ms TTL=50 Reply from bytes=32 time=53ms TTL=50 That "ms" number (next to last) is how long it took for the info to return. a ms is 1/1000 second.. I have seen some truly large numbers there from time to time. If the number is big y o y w i l ll be typing slowly.
wa8yxm 07/30/15 07:08am Technology Corner
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