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RE: TIVO Lifetime Subscription "Deal"

BACK WHEN THERE was cmpetition I went with Replay TV.. I did get lifetime on 2 of th 3 units but alas ReplayTV is no mor.. So thy activated all of thm as "Forever" now the Rplays ar NTSC devics so thy do not rcord HDTV,but...They think my digital converters (ATSC) are satellit boxes hooked to A/V 1,, and they can thus select between OVER THE AIR which I am watching as I type.. and Cable,, automatically.. With Schdules Direct (Which costs me 2.00/month) they have full editable program scheduls (Networks I do not want like QVC go by by) and do all the things TiVo does.. In fact you have seen those commercials "ONLY ______ Lets you record in one room/watch in anothr. pause and pick up Download to portable device and watch anywhere" Welllllllll... DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Do it myself with my set up, all the time.> Replay has had that two room (or more) trick down since the very first Panasonic Show Stoppers.. Took TiVo till Revision 3.
wa8yxm 05/27/15 06:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Lots of lessons... lots and lots of lessons :)

I have been to sevral Upper, MI campgrounds such as you describe.. Try th T???????? Falls State Park just west of Paradise (Camping at lower falls). But if you want to dump via those 3/4 inch hose things you need two or 3 things `1: A macerator pump.. Min is a Fl0_jet portable. 2: some proprly colored hose.. Since I dump both wast tanks with this puppy mine is 50 foot,3/4 inch and BLACK it is also a winter grade hose (Does not stiffen) My Gray trickle dump hose is 25 feet and does stiffen. I have no problem using the dump station on the way out. And you need a dual female hose adapter... Just in case.
wa8yxm 05/27/15 05:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: Extra Fridge

I have an ENGL 12/120 volt model. This is a small chest freezer When run on batteries it draws 3 amps.. My Ceiling lights (Dual 1141) Draw 4 for comparison. They make them in several sizes.. The one I have cna be dialed all the way to FREEZER.. Works that way too.. That is how I use it.
wa8yxm 05/27/15 05:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: USPS package delivery...

You show "Out for Delivery" on May 26 yet you except delivery Saturday? Same as a package I recently got EXPECTED delevery was Thursady. Arrived on WED. (Day before it was expected).
wa8yxm 05/27/15 08:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Matching AGM Batteries to PD9245

That explains somethign I wondered about. NO,there is not an AGM with a 13.1 float. But they still work well with the PDI Wizard jobs.. The reason has to do with another feature of the Wizard (Auto-equalization for a few minutes every day) Now..one other observation: The 9245 is limited to 45 amps out.. LIFELINE says the initial charge current should be AT LEAST 20% (They used to say 30) of the C/20 rating..Group 31s are 130 amp hours so that's 40 amps FOR ONE battry. You have two.. You need a 9280. OF course that is only LIFELINE.. most companies want 30% as the MAXIMUM recharge rate. So again a 9280.
wa8yxm 05/27/15 08:20am Tech Issues
RE: Gen-turi on portable inverter generator?

Has anyone come up with some kind of gen-turi for portable generator use? Is it even needed? Two questions, One answer. NO The purpose of the Gen-Turi is to keep exhaust fumes out of the RV Proper placement of the Honda will do that.. At a distance,, Downwind if possible and with the exhaust pointd AWAY from anything with people in it. Sadly hardly a year goes by where we do not read of a Generator related death.. Either a motor home w/o a Gen-turi or a portable pointed at something full of people.
wa8yxm 05/27/15 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Weather Advisory

Since there is no single technology that you can not be "Out of range of" I recommend a multi-faceted approach The weather radio is a good one.. Epically if your radio is battery operated and has an EXTERNAL antenna connection.. And you have an external antenna.. I have a pocket unit and often my other VHF radios pick up NOAA clearly when it does not. Next is weather apps for your smart phone... Go to the app/play store and search on NOAA.. NOTE M-Ping (A NOAA app) is so you can tell NOAA about bad weather.. They have Radar apps.. ALert apps and more.. My phone sounds like Big a symphony of ring tones when bad weather threatens. Finally: http://radar.weather.gov/ridge/Conus/index.php Visit daily.
wa8yxm 05/27/15 08:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: WII Burns RV to Ground

IF it contains an internal LiON battery.. Likely made in China.. Those had issues a few years ago.. And he said it was a few years old. What were the issues... Well.. FIRE for one thing.
wa8yxm 05/26/15 02:13pm Technology Corner
RE: How can I improve wi-fi at rv parks?

There are several devices such as the Wi-Fi Ranger,, TP-Link and such that will improve reception and range. I use a home made version (Following instructions on Amateurlogic.TV episode 3 with the exception I did NOT re-cut or modify the antenna on the LInksys wi-fi Modem (Game adapter) I just set the can over it) Hugh improvment. They had other ideas in another episode later as well. The easiest is to find out where the node is and how close can you park.
wa8yxm 05/26/15 02:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Screen attached to awning.

Depends on if the screen is anchored to the ground and a few other things. For going down the road I would (DO) remove the screen and stow it. For HIGH WIND expected... I roll them up as one. (once I get everything working again) Currently it is anchored such that a 70 MPH breeze won't bother it.
wa8yxm 05/26/15 02:07pm Tech Issues
RE: OH******Check Engine Light

More BS - Check engine light will NEVER come on for an overdue oil change. I agree with I RV - it will be back! That depends.. Some motor homes have one all purpose Motor needs attention light..Both for Oil And "Other" issues. Some have two and some (of both)Have a 3rd light for the tranny. I do not recall a separate "Check ENgine" light,,however Driver info display translates the trouble code so that does not matter. (Access to dash is a tad tough just now)
wa8yxm 05/26/15 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Pushers, Do The New Ones Smell?

Your question is poorly worded.. Smell is what the nose does. Stink is what the Diesels (Well some of them) do. And the answer is way too complex... Some do, Some do not, it depends on how finely the engine is tuned and what fuel you are burning and how well it is maintained. But if Diesel aroma bothers here... Play safe.. Get a Gasser Just watch the towing and cargo ratings.. For example one model I know of can haul 900 pounds of cargo (not much) and tow only 4K.
wa8yxm 05/26/15 02:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: OK, A little Help please

You can use one or the other of the phones.. DEPENDING On the phone you MAY (or not) Loose internet when a call comes in.. IF this is a problem use the call forwarding to send the calls to the other phone. page 2... Verizon likes to give you only so much data,,Then encourage you to subscribe to NetFlix or other streaming video.. Then CHA CHING when you get your bill and find 1,000 in overage charges (OK, perhaps not that much).
wa8yxm 05/26/15 06:37am Technology Corner
RE: Genesis 2.0 Radio

IF it is a slot feed unit and you put in a CD with a stick on label you may need to coax it out.. On my dash radio I can remove the face plate.. Reach in with a pair of mini-needle nose pliers and gently grip the very edge of the CD and pull it out (There is usually no programming there to bother). However you have other problems.
wa8yxm 05/26/15 06:35am Technology Corner
RE: Electric

Just a thought... Do you have an inverter? If you do you have a sub panel.. WHICH MAY BE PART OF THE INVERTER It has circuit brakers that feed.. Gnerally,, the Entainerment center(s) Microwave and GFCI may feed other outlets as well.
wa8yxm 05/26/15 06:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: voltage drop with air

It is now how much it SHOULD drop (ideally it should not) The correct question is how much drop is acceptable. keep it above 105
wa8yxm 05/26/15 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Strange emergency vehicle lights, can you ID?

I can tell you if you are a police dispatcher and you run those plates they will come back to something like "Joe's Bait Shop" (A name I made up for this post NOT something I have ever seen on a computer printout) I also know how the car title may read. AND how the phone rings after you run it. NOTE: NO PART of that name (Joe's bait shop) Have I ever seen associated with such a vehicle. It is completely made up. But then so is the name the plates come back to. As for the light... I could not find one that matches that pattern. The fun fact: I have seen some of those unmarked police cars,, and I knew they were departmental vehicles long before I saw the plate.. I can not tell you how... but I've seen a LOT of police cars in my life (Hazard of telling 'em where to go for a a living).
wa8yxm 05/26/15 06:29am General RVing Issues
RE: 30amp camper plugged into 110 home outlet

FIRST: You said you need to plug a 30 amp cord into a 110 outlet... 30 amps is 110-120 volt.. Same as the 15/20 amp outlet on your house.. Second: Sears and K-mart sell a 12ga Extension cord, up to 100 feet long (I have one) with a push button on the outlet end that you have to push in order to plug in that puck or dogbone adapter others have mentioned or your dealer sold you. If you are going to run that far.. USE a 12 ga (or heavier) cord. In fact you might consider a 30' 30 amp extension (never know when it will be needed) and go with 50' of 12ga (Again th push button ones from Sears/K-mart)
wa8yxm 05/25/15 05:05pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Park, Full Amenities but no hot water

I agree that it should have been disclosed at check in. Having said that, I don't think it's fraud or deception (UNLESS they purposely shut off the hot water). It's simply one of those things that can happen at any time to any park. Ditto. And folks.. NOT ALL RV's have showers in them.. Mine does but for assorted reasons till 11 months ago I did not often use it. I normally use park showers since they are normally bigger and have more pressure and more HOT so I can take a longer shower. HERE though.. I arrived in late (last week) June,, and it was HOT out.. So you went to the shower oh about 150 yards away.. And showered.. Showes are small (About same size as my RVs) lots of hot water and pressure though... Well by the time I got back to the RV with the heat and humidity.... I NEEDED ANOTHER SHOWER. So now I shower in the RV... Ok so when I get out of the shower and gt in the car it's an oven.. but it's a DRY oven so it's not as bad as the humid outside.. and the A/C works real good.
wa8yxm 05/25/15 04:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Free public domain audiobooks

I subribed to an ad supported (I do not pay) service that sends me over half a dozen Kindle Titles every day,, Usually 3 or 4 are FREE on that day to download. So many books.. So little time.. (This is reading) I generally do not like audio books less I am on a long drive. But sometimes I will listen to a book I have read.. Epically if the author is reading it.. But then I know a few good author/readers too (Try S P Somtow if you like his books, Man reads real good. Epically in front of a live audience)>
wa8yxm 05/25/15 04:53pm General RVing Issues
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