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RE: shower hose

Your local big box hardware store I will second that, Might even get lucky at Wal*mart, RV stores (The better ones) should have 'em.. Very easy to find.
wa8yxm 02/09/16 08:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Windows 10 problems

All I know is Windows 10 -Cortana is not supposed to work on a laptop. Going to follow this as I also need info. I have two laptops (Toshiba and HP) and work on a 3rd (HP) the first two are Win-8.1 upgraded to 10, the last is 10 out of the box. All 3 Cortana works just fine. If I choose to waste my time with her (I normally use a different search engine.. one of several)
wa8yxm 02/09/16 08:17am Technology Corner
RE: HD question

In a gentle way, please explain why on a portable satellite you can receive HD on Dish but not Direct from the same sat dish just by slipping a few switches? Can they not make a portable sat to do this? Simple. To a radio antenna FREQUENCY is very important. For example in the old days a VHF Television antenna,, a Dipole, was around 9 feet across, (for channel 2) with sorter arms for higher frequencies Channel 7 for example is only about a yard across for the same type of antenna. Note that's seriously rounded. Dish uses 3 satellites, all broadcast in the same band, so the same antenna can (if properly pointed) see all 3 satellites.. All the portable "DOME" has to do is move a bit to see any one of the three. DirecTV however, uses three satellites as well, but in two DIFFERENT bands, one for SD one for HD.. So watching HD on a dome is kind of like trying to listen to your favorite FM radio station.... On an AM RADIO.. Out of band, won't work, can't work. Of course if you use the proper Multi-LNB Dish,,, that works.
wa8yxm 02/09/16 08:15am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 problems

"Is this a new way of getting an internet search?" Basically YES. not as nice as the old way Some browsers offer the old way still. I mostly use Firefox Though for one job Edge works best and another needs Chrome and so on.
wa8yxm 02/09/16 08:10am Technology Corner
RE: Battery weight

For Trolling you want a sealed battery, AGM is best for that since if the battery is turned over it does not leak (liquid filled types can even if Sealed Valve Rgulated). Beyond that. the watts per pound is fairly constant across all lines, manufactureres and types.. Watts = Range when trolling,, Would not want you to get to middle of lake and "NO POWER".
wa8yxm 02/09/16 08:07am Tech Issues
RE: Is it normal for the PD pendant to be on when not charging

YES. the indicator light is basically a volt-meter.
wa8yxm 02/08/16 08:42am Tech Issues
RE: GPS Why not a smart phone?

Stand alone GPS uses on-board map data so it works no matter if you are in range of a cell tower or not. Phone.. will download local map data and store in RAM but if you exit the app for any reason you may not be able to get it back if there is no tower in range.. has happened to me. Leaving you lost. (Well not, in my case, lost, But wondering if I was going to remember the next turn). Also the stand alone can partner with your computer for a very nice size display.
wa8yxm 02/08/16 08:41am Tech Issues
RE: How old is TOO old??

Not trying to disagree, but poor decision making exists at every age. Best regards, Lowell Back in 1977 I made a good choice,, Took a job telling cops where to go (Dispatcher) Fun job in many respects, pain in others but you know, Even though I no longer tell 'em where to go.. Still pays well (Retired)> Why do I mention that? Well.. I've seen a whole lot of proof of what you say (Poor decisions by people of all ages) A WHOLE lot.. in some cases it was the last decision they ever made.
wa8yxm 02/07/16 01:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bath and a half dump station?

Yup,. I have 3 waste tanks. Black, Gray and Wash (Rear shower and lavs). Rules depend on the tank Places I know of where you can legally dumnp Black tank on ground: NONE Places where you can legally dumnp GRAY.. Well quite a few but still "Few" Places where you can dump WASH on the ground legally.. Many NOTE: Many does not equal EVERYWHERE. Difference between Wash and GRY... Kitchen sink (food particles). I use a 3/4" Gray hose for the shower/rear basins, and 3" for the other stuff, Adapters at the sewer inlet (hole in ground)handle the mix.
wa8yxm 02/07/16 01:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Virginia CCW Heads Up

Thank you for posting that (O/P) as it is not a debatable issue, just facts. I have heard Michigan may soon be joining that list of states that do not meet. But.. Well time will tell.. My interest is academic since I do not CCW.
wa8yxm 02/07/16 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2 6v's only or 2 6v's with the 12v

HE does not understand batteires. Fact: The battery with the LOWER VOLTAGE will accept the lion's share of the charge current. When the VOLTAGE in both batteries (the six volt pair is considered to be a single 12 volt battery) then charging will be shared in exact perpetrator to their size. IF EITHER battery should "Get ahead" (which is basically impossible assumign all connections are clean and tight) It will stop accepting power till the other one catches up. Likewise when discharging the larger battery will provide, IN PERPURTION the lion's share. so once you go throug one charge/discharge cycle the batteries are in perfect lock step till one of them fails. It is IMPOSSIBLE for one of them to reach full first.. They both get there at exactly the same nano-second.
wa8yxm 02/07/16 12:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter Questions - Replacement and want to charge faster

WFCO is noted for not going into BULK mode.. this is the most common failure mode. This is not to say that is what is happening, More testing than I care to describe is needed (Hydrometer, and voltage tests) Progressive Dynamics 9280 or in this case 4680 would charge faster but MIGHT be too fast if you have a single pair of GC-2.
wa8yxm 02/07/16 12:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Long gear bag needed

Denim. Get some at the local Fabric store and sew him a bag. Kevlar can also be sewn but costs a lot more and is much harder to work with, also to cut.
wa8yxm 02/07/16 12:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: How old is TOO old??

This has absolutely nothing to do with the question but... Well you see I like to sing.. And I like Folk Music, and thus the Kingston Trio. The Trio recorded a song; Bad Man's Blunder, many many many years ago (It is on the album String Along) One passage: The judge was an old man (TOO OLD) Ninety Three (Entierly Too Old) And I didn't like the way, the jury looked at me (I think they were suspicious)., Well.. i'll let you folks find and download the song (Try You Tube) but .. he got 99 years on the hard rock pile.
wa8yxm 02/06/16 08:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Running 2 a/c's

Check out your A/Cs. YOu see you have not given enough information. Background: I have two A/Cs as well both draw the SAME AMOUNT OF POWER when running, only one is 13,500 BTU and the other 15,000.. The bigger one is newer and they are doing a more efficient job. So look at the labels on your A/C. find out the power draw. Second: On both of my A/Cs if I do not get up ther and clean them from time to time the condenser (hot) coils clog up with dirt and debris and **** that's in the air.. When this happens they can not cool the refrigerant enough and system pressure increases.. The compressor works harder and draws more current, Up to 10 amps more.. Then the breaker trips and I get the message. I saw one of mine go from 21 amps (more than the 20 amp breaker could take) to 13.5 by actual measurement when I cleaned it. And finally.. Generator may need a tune up.
wa8yxm 02/06/16 08:03am General RVing Issues
RE: New laptop for an old guy

Friend of mine runs a 10 year old DELL Vista (I think) box.. It is gasping and weezing and about to die a natural death. I picked her up an HP quad cord, 4 Gigs ram 500 HD, forget teh speed at Wal-Mart on black Friday.. I think it was 199.95.. Same as the much less powerful HP Stream beside me one year earlier.
wa8yxm 02/06/16 07:55am Technology Corner
RE: It's really pretty sad, when you think about it!

On one or two of my computers there is a two key stroke that will mute/unmute the speakers,, NOW the Default is a one key stroke but that key used to do other things in days o fold so I flipped it so it works as I recall not as Toshiba programmed it (Hp calls it "Feature Keys" forget what Toshiba calls it) The F-11 key (out of the toshiba box) or FN+F-11 Now. True story.. Friend of mine belonged to Mensa before her death. One day her cat played Kitten on keys and suddenly the main "window" on her browser got bigger at the expense of the menu and address and tool bars which went away.. She was desperate to get them back.. Turns out that is what the F-11 key is SUPPOSED to do.. I was able to come out as super smart computer Tech only because I had read that fact the day before. The very day before.
wa8yxm 02/06/16 07:53am Technology Corner
RE: The Equator and internet service??

There is internet service, internet service and internet service and still more internet service... The differences is how is it delivered. Fiberoptic: Faster than, as they used to say "Greased Lightening" it in fact IS greased lightening. Light down a fiber optic thread. Very reliable, not much can interfere with it fairly immune to lightening and radio interference (A direct strike on cable can melt it is all) This is the internet of the Future. GOOGLE and AT&T have lots of fiber. But this is also "hard wired" internet. Cable (Coxial) your Cable TV company offers, Not as fast, more subject to RFI and lightening,, Uses teh same cable that brings your TV. Twisted pair (DSL) slower still see Cable for interference, uses the telephone lines. Cellular.. Often faster than DSL but may (or not) be slower than Cable, This is all RADIO. so RFI and storm interference is serious. 2-way Satellite Internet (HUGHES, Exceed, And a few others) are also radio and subject to storm interference. 2-way RADIO internet (I-2000 or I2K forget which is an example) Also a radio service subject to the same issues in a storm. If you are using Park Wi-Fi (I am) then the park gets service via one of the above methods. Then it delivers via RADIO, so again it's subject to the same storm issues.
wa8yxm 02/06/16 07:48am Technology Corner
RE: How do companies that offer FREE cloud storage make money???

Most all the "Free Cloud Storage" Sites have one of 3 hidden or not so hidden features. 1: Corporate sponsorship. Because you bought a Byte Burner 2000 you get 1 Gig of FREE CLOUD STORAGE.. Why? Byte burner computers pays for it. 2: "Upgrade now for only 14.95/month. 3: On The following date we will be discontinuing our free service, Pay up or kiss your files goodby. (That happened with my Byte Burner (not a real computer company name of course) by the way.. Thankfully I had not actually used that account so all that went away was an ICON on the start menu.
wa8yxm 02/06/16 07:39am Technology Corner
RE: Golf Cart Batteries A-hrs

The most common GC-2 Batteries are 220 amp hours give or take 10 Some companies (IE: Deka) make serveral nearly identical batteries classed as GC-2, 210 to 230 amp hours.. Mine are 230 amp hours and near as I can tell are physically identical (Save for weight) to the 220 amp hour Interstates they replaced. (They are heavier) Trojan also makes a taller one (NOT a GC-2) that often fits in the same box if you have the height.. 250 amp hours. Does this help? Oh, Some companies will use different discharge rates to rate their batteries so they get fantastic numbers.. But the true rating is no different. Most all brands are within 10 percent of 220 AH.
wa8yxm 02/06/16 07:36am Tech Issues
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