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RE: Weird but true..please help.

Sounds like the park wiring is a tad anemic.. NOT common in Military or COE parks but possible.
wa8yxm 06/29/15 05:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Series/parallel charging question for les tinkerers grandes

Short answer: You have one 24 volt battry conisting of two 12 volt in series Swich (Solenoid) on or off you have one 24 volt battery consisting of two 12volt in series.. Once you remove the cables and lift them out of the boat..THEN they are not connected.. Period.
wa8yxm 06/29/15 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Evernote - Onenote etc

If you are taking notes.. Note pad works just fine on every version of Windows Computer. And there are a whole bunch of simple text editors Notepad for example.. that work fine on the Android Polaris Office on Android will do .txt files rather nicely. ES-File Explorer (Supports Chrome casting of selected video types) will do it as well. All support windows Notepad.
wa8yxm 06/29/15 05:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet bug on .Net?

I guess I should check my protection logs.. NO problems here.. though it was slow most of yesterday on one site (They may have been attacked) worked fine today. I use onion security..layer upon layer upon layer.
wa8yxm 06/29/15 05:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Power Converter questions

IT might be just a blown fuse or two but yes.. Sounds like the converter is bad. IF you confirm it is bad replace only the electroincs with a progressive Dynamics 4600 series.. Smallest one in the series should do nicely.
wa8yxm 06/29/15 05:59am Tech Issues
RE: CFL bulbs

The problem with LED's is they are very Generous with the "Equvalant to" Ratings I see LED lamps with 700 lumens of output sold as Equal to 1,000 Lumen incasendants.. They are not, they are 30% Dimmer. CFLs are more closely rated.
wa8yxm 06/29/15 05:58am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical - High Voltage

Again I shall ask this a different way... The autoformers can INCREASE voltage when needed Can they also DECREASE voltage when needed? There is one model that dos both.. Hughes only increases.. And I forget the one that does both sorry.. You should have had the electrician put in a 50 amp outlet wired for 120/240 volts (if the barn can support that) but only 30 amp breakers.. Odds are very high this will 1: Solve your problem and 2: be more than you need... If running two A/Cs it will cut your voltage DROP by half. (Assuming RV is properly wired that is).
wa8yxm 06/28/15 07:00pm Tech Issues
RE: hot water heater fault light on LP

There are basically 5 things that can make the LP FAULT light light. 1: LP issues (I assume you have LP and the tank valves are open but hey.. Got to ask). Also regulator issues (How does the stove work?) 2: Clogged gas jet.. There is an insect that likes to nest in gas jets.. They can clog from other things too 3: Flame sensor issues. Yes they can go bad 4 Ignition issues.. Often I find spark gaps too wide and considering I only work on my own and my parents... 75$ of the time I've found spark gaps too wide this is not a good "It's ok" rate. The water heater by the way was the other 25% The only on set right 5 Control board issues.. My OEM took at least 3 tries before it worked when cold The Replacement COntrol board is much better.
wa8yxm 06/28/15 06:55pm Tech Issues
RE: "Top-of-The-Line" A/C Replacement (Only the best)

What happened to the Carrir Air C? (Top unit or control unit failure) Two companies make replacement top units that with the aid of a simple adapt-a-kit (Which they also sell) will replace the Carrier Rooftop unit. I went with Advent Air.. Suggest you do not I think Coleman is the other one (not sure) But with this type of replacement you use the same remote.. The same ducting uint, The same lower unit.. From inside it is same-same-same-same. Only the part on top changes. You may have to change one of the connectors (IF so a new one is included in the adapt-a-kit) this requird my skills as the RV technician who did mine had no clue as to how to install the thing..... I'm certified on just that,, so it was no problem.
wa8yxm 06/28/15 06:50pm Tech Issues
RE: CFL bulbs

I they are flickering when off odds are very good it is in fact a Timer Issue,, they are not all the way off.. However that said........ Florcesent lamps can be lit even with NO power to them or even wires to them. Radar will make them light.. A Tesla coil.. High power radio transmitters... Microwave Radiation.. You may have a serious problem there. Remove the lamp from the socket and let it sit upside down.. IF it still flickers you have a serious issue.. MOVE,, FAST or get a radiological survey done.
wa8yxm 06/28/15 06:46pm Tech Issues
RE: testing inverter output

Oh, to answer the O/P's question about testing the output. First: MSW is by definition NOT CLEAN.. But There is really only one way to test it,, A very high quality 'Scope.. This is a tool an electronics lab should have and a technician may have. But I do not think it is how clean it is,, I think it is the MSW waveform that bothers some hardware... It fools timers.. Certain types of voltage dividers work differnetly and several other things get messed up because instead of 60 cycles there are 120 or 180 or 240 steps per second. There is a device I used on the farm to cross a fence.. It is a pair of steps back to back so you climb up one side and down the other.. Fence is in the middle. The animals inside the pen can not climb the steps so they do not get out. Well it is called a STILE And another thing that carries the same name is a pile of horse dung And those steps look exactly like a MSW inverter's output And you can draw any inference you like from that. For more info on everything I just said save for the waveform itself google: Citizen Blue. And read the stories that are "Hits".
wa8yxm 06/28/15 06:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Somebody took my spot!

Many people live in areas with restrictions and thus have to pay for storage Now let me ask you "Oh Geeze" folks a question. Assume you rent an apartment, or a house.. You pay for it (IN advance) and you go on a 2 week vacation.. You come home and like Baby Bear you find someone sleeping in your bed.. What you gonna do (Call 9-1-1 perhaps) Well, that is EXACTLY what happened to the O/P.. Only he called the landlord, not the cops.. so far.. As for the storage lot owner not (yet) returning the call..... Well..the O/P just returned from vactation,, The Lot owner may have taken one as well. Or it could be like the landscaper who was working for my dad and suddenly started failing to show up.... Finally my Sister, the family lawyer. Leave him a voice mail message (Ok Answering machine back then) You'd better get back out there or I'm going to know why.... She knows why.. Police returned the call. He was dedeased (Natural causes, appears to have forgotten to wake up one morning, Eventually people called cops and they broke in and found him deceased). So let's not get mad at the lot owner....yet.. Let's wait for the facts. As for the squatter.. OK to be ticked with him.
wa8yxm 06/28/15 06:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: 20 Amp 15-Volt Meanwell For Smaller Generators

A single voltae out unit like that is not really good for battery charging you really need a 3-stage
wa8yxm 06/28/15 05:45am Tech Issues
RE: another internet and cell phone question

Under the Federal Number Portability lay you keep your phone number no mater what you do 10 Gigs is not a whole lot of Netflix or streamin video (perhaps 5-20 hours) Blue Tooth is used by the phone to connect to a headset/ear piece (primarly) or other device.... Makes it easier to use a headset/ear piece. Also used by OBDII adapters so you can run the TORQUE app on your pohne and turn your phone into a "Glass Dash" as it were.. But turn it off when you are not using it as hackers love it. Most modern Smart Phones have blue tooth (Mine does, but it's off right now) I would hate to pay for streamin video myself (The bandwidth charges). Verizon does not warn you.. they just KA-CHING you at the end of the month. My carrir just throttles.
wa8yxm 06/28/15 05:38am Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV SL3-SWM and cheap meters

Toss the cheap meter and use the second best meter for the job.. The one that is built into the Receiver... IF your receiver has coax out to TV hook up a small portable color set and watch it as you aim. Dish Network's software is as good as the best commercial meters.. Direc's not quite as good but I'd rate it #2 Even among professional meters.
wa8yxm 06/28/15 05:34am Technology Corner
RE: Propane filling

My motorhome sat for 2 years. When I went to fill the propane tank, the air bleeder wasn't open at first. Now we have a propane smell in the rig. The smoke detector goes off. I opened the air bleeder and nothing but air comes out. I had it open for about 5 minutes. What went wrong, and how do I fix it? THere is no such thing as an Air Bleeder and there is no air in the tank to bleed.. Think about this and you might figure it out Tank contains Propane (At least if it was properly purged at original fill that is the only time there is air in it). Valve is called the Visual Overfill Indicator Valve. And it bleeds PROPANE... Not air.. but PROPANE.. Either gas or liquid but it is PROPANE... When it bleeds white (Ice Crystals) that is Liquid Propane coming out.
wa8yxm 06/28/15 05:32am Beginning RVing
RE: testing inverter output

Didn't find this one in searches. If using a modified sine wave inverter, is there a simple way to test how clean the power output is> I mean a way to tell if it is dangerous for certain things to be used on it. Thanks in advance. Sadly yes. and you already answsered it MSW inverters are a problem with some devices. Now the biggest issues are also the smallest issues,, TVs may have a wavy picture or bars that move accross... Audio systems have hum or buzz.. and AM Radio.. Forget it... But there is no damage. I have read of a night light that flamed on (LED type) and Electric Blanket controllers which failed. Generally things with electronic timers are affected.. But other than try it and see... It is kind of hard to tell because sometimes.. It works fine.
wa8yxm 06/28/15 05:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Driverless Cars

If we had truly auto=ato mobiles (Driverless cars)_ then we coudl pack 2x the cars on the road going 2x as fast and have nearly zero accidents... Distracted driving.. The computer is never distracted Texting while driving.. The computer does not text Following too close, done away with In short.. Most auto accidents are caused by driver error.. No driver, No error.
wa8yxm 06/26/15 05:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Charging Battery More Efficiently

So long as the WFCO is working proprly.. Plug RV into Honda and let it work. When (not if) The WFCO fails. replace the electronics only with a Progressive Dynamics 4600 (Smallest one they make) and ... See above No need to replace the WFCO till it fails though.
wa8yxm 06/26/15 05:36am Tech Issues
RE: 2 Camper Batteries 12V or 6V

Ok I have heard this so many times and now I figured I would get more opinions! I was told by 3 different RV stores/ Shops that putting 2- 6Volt batteries in Series will give me more Amp Hours than 2- 12Volt batteries in Parallel. They are mostly correct.. The problem (Reason for Mostly) is this: When we speak of two six volt in series we are normally speaking of GC-2 which are around 220 Amp Hours And they are DEEP CYCLE which means you can use half of that before serious damage happens. Here are some numbrs GC-2 Pair, as noted around 220 amp hours Group 24 about 75 AH each, or 150 for a pair Group 27 About 95 each 190 for a pair Group 29 About 105 each 210 for the pair Group 31 (Harder to find) 130 amp hours 260 for the pair Now.. All the abov Group XX batteris are usually MARINE/deep cycle (note case) these are primarly starting batteries and if you run them down to half full serious damage is alrady happening.. Try to keep them 75% (im not sure of the actual minimum state of charge) if you can.. But as you can see all cases,, limiting to 75% you have less amp hours. Now the kicker You can also get really big batteris, like the 4D or 8D,, these can be found in Deep Cycle if you ask... They are in the 220-230 amp hour range.. EACH. Finally on a bang for your buck (Amp hours/Dollar) GC-2.. kind of hard to beat,, You see they are very popular.. Unlike 12 volt types whr we have .. Well... I mentioned six different sizes.. There are only 2 or 3 GC-2 class batteries. Purchasd by the pallet load by Golf Courss (GC=Golf CAR) from coast to coast they sell more of these than any other lead acid battery.. Makes for lower cost per unit and savings for you.
wa8yxm 06/26/15 05:35am Tech Issues
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