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RE: Craftsman Hand Tools

In days of old Crafstman hand tools were king of... Well,if you got a 7/16" Wrench and did not loose it that would be the LAST 7/16 you would ever buy.. Cause if it broke.. Take the pieces back and they gave you a new one. But they discontinued that warranty some years back.
wa8yxm 03/30/15 06:33am Around the Campfire
RE: Buying a deep cycle battery

Actually there are very few choices in the world of DEEP CYCLE batteris GC-2,, You have the choice of 215/220/230 and 250 amp hours depending on manufacturer and sub size.. Not all (epically the 250 size, will fit your RV. Of these Trojan is the best but also the most expensive (Flooded wet) the GC-12 (12 volt) is now starting to come down in price.. I think that is around 150 Amp Hours. Now you can also get AGM, these do not require a lot of maintnance (They are a sub class of Maintenance Free) but they are very costly and there is disagreement as to how long they last... LIFELINE is best here but again, more expnsive. Maintenance Free (Wet cell not agm) are VERY VERY VERY hard to find a true Deep Cycle... MARINE/deep cycle yes,, DEEP CYCLE no (M/dc is not nearly as good for RV use). Finally we have OPTIMA,, A sub class of AGM with 60% of the capacity of other batteries of the same size class (for obvious reasons). My Recommndation GC-2's. Buy them in pairs (6V+6V=12V) put each pair in series (Bat-ery) and treat them just as you would a single 12 volt Size 4D.
wa8yxm 03/30/15 06:30am Beginning RVing
RE: Tv external wiring

The cable in the trailer is most likely RG-59 This is not really recommnded for sat antennas but may work if not too long.. RG-6 is suggested. Now... What I recommend Run a cable (RG-6) from a handy Bulkhead connector you install on the service (Driver's) side of the trailer... To the Sat receiver compartment.. Then either run the coax out on the sat receiver (IF ANY) to either the center connction on the back of a wall plat (12 volt outlet... Antenna fitting,,, Switfch and LED,, likely near Main TV) or back to the PARK CABLE in Now the switch plate selects ANT/SAT. NOTE:if you have only one TV just feed it with HDMI and forget that coax out to TV lead. Note 2:There is a better (but more complex)option as well. IF you want to use the existing cable..... Remove wall plate (IF you have it, if not see BOMB below) Remove center cable Using a multi meter or other means insure it is the park-cable lead IF so... Extend it to the LNB jack on sat receiver And optionally... IF receiver has coax out..Run that back to the plate Re-mount plate (You will need to modify to get cables in and out) BOMB (Box of many buttons,,Properly called Matrix Switch) Find the CABLE lead on the back..Treat as above..ONLY run the return lead to SAT.
wa8yxm 03/29/15 02:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Coil in Transfer Switch energized extended periods?

There are two types of solenoid type relays. Starter Solenoids used for the engine are designed for no more than 30-60 seconds of continuous operation. AUTO Transfer relays are designed to be engaged no more than 25 hours in any single day.. Since in 24 hours it will be a new day.. that means 100% of the time if so reqauired... We often read about transfer switches that hum.... This is a type that has one set of coils live on shore power and another live on generator. They are designed for continous duty.
wa8yxm 03/29/15 04:42am Tech Issues
RE: Clearance

Some do.. Some do not... Some only do it for other COMMERCIAL drivers. Likewise,,If I flash over a trucker..Some flash marker/tail lights, some do not. Recommendation is to listen to the principle in the following story: Man stopped in NYC's Central park on his way home to buy a newspaper. The vendor was the surliest person his friend (Who was walking with him) had ever met.. I mean this man had a kind word for NOBODY... The principle greeted him with a Cherry "Good Morning" and the vendor replied "What's Good About IT?" and it went downhill from there on the vendor's side.. The principle remained polite and cheerful, with the vendor getting nastier as they went. The transaction completed.. The principle and friend left.. The principle still in good humor.. His friend ask why he was so polite Even though the vendor was anything but. The Principle replied: I refuse to let HIM control my actions. Be polite,, Be helpful,, Be courtious, and if the other driver is not.. Well, that is HIS problem.
wa8yxm 03/28/15 02:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Most unusual item carried

They are also useful setting up a sat dish.
wa8yxm 03/28/15 02:37pm Beginning RVing
RE: DC voltage off

O\Use a test light and not a meter. Matt AMEN to that.... I have both (Multiple test lights and multiple meters) I have found problems quickly and easily with the test lamp which the meter said did not exist. WHY Imagine this following circuit Battery----Wire---Bad spot with 1,000 ohms resistance------Meter The meter is a 10,000 ohms per volt set on the 20 volt range so the input impedeance of the meter is 200,000 ohms The voltage the meter sees is thus 13.6* 199,000/200,000 (Very nearly 13.6,in fact the difference is less than the error range of the meter) With a test lamp.. The lamp can be 1-2 Ohms Now the voltage it sees is 13.6 * 2/1002 or a tiny fraction of a volt.. IT will not even glow THIS happned to me.. Twice so far... In this rig Once was a bad connector, once a bad wire. (not counting battery connection issues) I do some work at a thift store... Happened to the owner's wife Wed. (Battery connection) She has new cables now. The test light shows NO LIGHT where the meter shows NORMAL.
wa8yxm 03/28/15 02:34pm Tech Issues
RE: "Graphene" LED?

Reading this it appears to me the author of the news report (The reporter) in the original post......Knows little about LED lamps. NOTE: This does not reflect on the O/P but the reporter..and I am not willing to say more than that.
wa8yxm 03/28/15 02:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Have you meet someone like this?

There is so much the Ford man in that story does not know.. and a very tiny amount the Chevy man does not know (I will fill that blank,,The owner may have had a 5th wheel hitch,,,removed it,, and installed a bed liner later or... When he pulled the 5er up the hill it might have been a rope/chain pull of both the 5er and the undrpowed pickup with the hitch. (Which is how I would do it) But an 150 Ford can do amazing things in low gear Bit like when I got a F-350 custom stuck once.. Hooked to it with a 20 HP Ford tractor and ..Got no where Switch to an MF-65 Diesel..put it in low-low (NOTE the engine on the F-350 was around 300 HP (Bit more as I recall) and when the chain came tight the engine did not even change pitch...The truck came unstuck is all. That tracor could pull nearly 100 inches of plow through heavy soil.
wa8yxm 03/28/15 04:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Dual 30 amp rv's?

Was doing some "window" shopping on Camping World site, and saw a dogbone for dual 30 amp to a single 50 amp receptacle. Are there actually RV's that have 2 30 amp hookups?? Not from the factory but some folks will add another system . If you are talking about 2 female 30's and on male 50 The primary use of those is putting two 30 amp RV's on one site. If you are talking about 2 30 amp MALE and on 50 amp FEMALE the primary use of those is tripping GFCI cause that is what will happen if you plug into a GFCI protected outlet. I recommend against those But if you have a 30 amp rig.. That one with 2 FEMALE 30's.. Lets you pick L-1 or L-2, run 2 rigs or you can run a 2nd 30 amp service to the motor home/trailer.. There are reasons for this. I have a cord for the job in fact.
wa8yxm 03/28/15 04:53am Tech Issues
RE: Question for electricians

Standard outdoor surface mount box (or indoor surface mount box) 15 amp duples recptical, cover,cord clamp.
wa8yxm 03/26/15 05:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?

Warning.... I have the lawyer version on my HD.
wa8yxm 03/26/15 05:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Propane fill question

Depending on the age of the tank there are two over fill indicators that go off at 80% Modern tanks have a float type valve. at 80% it closes and filling ceases. HARD. Older and modern tanks have a "Visual Overfill indicator Valve" Yes that is the name of the valve. Many people, will tell you you need to open this valve to let the air out of the tank becaus you can not compress air... I have no idea where thy went to school but...Well.. I will forgoe some serious insults (1 Air is easily compressed.. I mean what is filling your tires and 2: No air IN the tank aftr the first (PROPER) filling,,,only propane liquid and gas and some contaminats). When that valve starts spitting liquid (Comes out as a white cloud,like 40 degrees below white cloud)the tank is 80% full.
wa8yxm 03/26/15 05:10pm Tech Issues
RE: AM Signal Booster?

IF these are car radios... You can still find some telescoping AM fender mounts that go up to nearly six feet in length This is the 300 meter band.so a quarter wave is 75 meteres ANYTHING shorter than 75meters is a compromise but the more wire you put in the air, the Better.
wa8yxm 03/26/15 05:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Reflective Tape Source

I got 3-M Reflective tape for my Slides at a Truck Stop.. like 3 feet by 4 inches give or take a bit.
wa8yxm 03/26/15 05:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Google visits Michigan

Not only has Google Visited Michigan..But thy have (or had) Offices in Ann Arbor..On of their ex employes is a friend of mine. (Oh, the "Ex" Was because she got married and moved out of state, thus she left them on good terms).
wa8yxm 03/26/15 05:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Carrier Air V Lower Unit and other AC questions

YES! It will... They are all the same... I use my two remotes interchangeably
wa8yxm 03/26/15 12:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Low Propane Flow after Refill

Two possible issues.. The procedure above will not fix either 1; OIL can get into the mix and into the regulator causing a malfunction 2: Not a HIGH pressur valve (There is no such valve in a regulator)but a HIGH FLOW valve (in the tank) Turn off (Tank,main valve) ,have a cup of coffe or two (Brewed electrically. Now turn re-open valve.. if you hear gas flow STOP.. wait,,,like 2 minuts..Open it a bit more.. Continue this process till it is FULLY open. Then try it. Sometims if the pressur in the lines goes to zero if you open the tank valve quickly it can trip the excess flow valve. The RESET procedure described above included bleeding the lines of pressure and all but INSURES the excss flow will set.
wa8yxm 03/26/15 12:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Filling Up at Gas Station--Class A Gasser

You choose your pump carefully.. If the station has say 10 pumps I will be using either 1 or 10.. Not 2 through 9 This way I can turn in such a way that the tail swing is AWAY from the pump. OR,in some cases it is straight ahead, No swing at all... But stations like that are rare RV pumps at "J"s also have gas.
wa8yxm 03/26/15 12:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: victron views on MPPT

Thank you ... Thanks to those documents I now understand the difference in the controllers way better than five minutes ago..Thanks.. Good info to have.
wa8yxm 03/24/15 05:16pm Tech Issues
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