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Topic: No manual over ride on slide out.

Posted By: SALADSHOOTER333 on 04/26/04 01:05pm

After we picked up our new TT, last month. I relized there is no manual back-up for the slide out. Is there any way to put the slide in if the motor were to die while the slide is out. Didn't call my dealer yet, thought I'd try here first. Didn't know if you can disengage the motor and push in. I have a saw tooth mechanism.

Posted By: rdturn on 04/26/04 01:12pm

You didnt mention what type of trailer you have. My Forest River has a manual crank under the slide. I personally havent seen any units without the manual backup. I would call the dealer or manufacturer to be safe. Good luck.

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Posted By: AZCampinfool on 04/26/04 02:51pm

Shooter, I have a Forest River Sandpiper with the same dilemma. Will be curious to see if anyone knows the answer.

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Posted By: slides on 04/26/04 04:19pm

If you look at my sig you can see that I have a Fleetwood Terry. I did have the problem on my first camping trip. After a call to my dealer I found out that mine has a lever on the back of the motor that activates the brake. I had to disengage this, a simple flip of the lever and took 2 adjustable wrenchs and crank the slide back in. Using the bar that runs from the front of the slide to the back. This is not a very speedy process but it got it in so that I could have it repaired. Yes I did have to crawl under the unit to do this and yes it was a pain but it worked. Now the slides works fine, had a bad connection on the wall switch. Just one of the bugs that needed to be worked out.

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Posted By: rickm on 04/26/04 05:20pm

my Jayco has a manual crank if needed, and hopefully it will never be needed!

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Posted By: tensch on 04/26/04 04:56pm

On our second trip with our Fleetwood Mallard, the slide would not slide out. We were with a group and our braintrust of six or seven RVers and at least a case of beer could not figure out the problem or how to get the darn thing out manually. The owners manual was little help. Never got it out that trip. Took it back to the dealer upon our return, and they found a faulty relay in the electrical system. (It had worked fine on our maiden trip). Got me to worrying what would happen if it got stuck out and I couldn't get it back in. Never did get an answer and kind of just forgot about it until reading this thread.

Slides, it sounds like mine probably operates the same way yours does. Hope i never have to find out, though I should probably look into it just in case.......

Posted By: mbinohio on 04/26/04 05:39pm

I don't know if this will help but I have a 2004 cruiser 5er with a super slide on one side it also has a manuel crank, but the crank is on the opposite side of the slide, I don't know if you looked ther or not but I thought I'd put my two cents in Good Luck

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Posted By: missouguy on 04/27/04 01:44am

I find it hard to believe there is no emergency method for moving the slide.

Ours has a crank that goes in a square hole in the end of the gear housing. It is the same tool to lower the spare tire. Boy these SunnyBrook folks think of everthing.


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Posted By: jason_rving on 04/27/04 06:14am

I have a forest river Rockwood with a Quick Draw slide mechanism from LTM. Here are the instructions that came with it. Maybe they are the same as some others.


Posted By: HickoryC on 04/27/04 06:34am

Our TT came with 2 cranks---different configurations but same socket. One is for the levelers and the other is for manual slide operation. Ours is operated from inside; under the skirt of the sofa is a small motor. One must remove 3 bolts to drop the motor out of the way, then insert the crank.
Now I need to remember to carry either a rachet and socket or box-end wrench for the 3 bolts.

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Posted By: Whitenight on 04/26/04 07:23pm

I have a 2001 Mallard and if you look under the trailer, you can see a bar that has a gear on each end to run the slide in and out. One end of the bar has the motor attached and the other end has a place to use a socket and a ratchet to turn the bar to manually run the slide. Hope that helps.

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Posted By: Hokiehall on 04/26/04 08:07pm

This has been a hot topic lately, especially if you have a Forest River unit. The owners manual for my Flagstaff only makes a vague reference to manual operation of the slide.

Here is a link from another poster who has put the intructions for manually operating a slide on his website if it was made by LTM Industries. I hope he doesn't mind me using this and I hope it will help you. I have printed the instructions but have not tried them. It may be one of those things I hope I never have to use. Scoll down his site and they are in the bottom right corner.

jason_rockwood's link

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