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Topic: Wal Mart Parking

Posted By: VTR Pat on 05/26/02 12:24pm

Have often seem motorhomes (and some TT's) at our home area Wal Mart overnighting. Have read about the same here. Just wondering, is there a proper Wal Mart procedure?? Certain part of the lot?? Ask permission at customer service??

For what we spent stocking up our new Prowler they might owe us a couple of nights!!!

Posted By: Kusani on 05/26/02 12:38pm

Hiya Pat...welcome. This topic has been gone over and over... use the magnifying glass at the top right and search term 'walmart' and you will find more on walmart then you wanted to know. *S*

Happy Rv'in

Posted By: VAFish on 05/27/02 04:39am

and over, and over, and over, and over........


I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything but this topic seems to show up about once a week.

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Posted By: garth on 05/27/02 12:24pm

pleeeeeeeeeeease, not again [emoticon]

All kidding aside, you'll find probably in excess of 500 posts when you do a search on "WalMart." Good luck.

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Posted By: VTR Pat on 05/27/02 04:02pm

Sorry, did the search, way too many posts to read. Won't ever bring it up again!!!

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Posted By: Greyghost on 05/27/02 08:26pm


Please pay no attention to the whiners, you have every right to ask the question and expect an answer instead of a flip response. It's just that most newcomers ask the same Walmart question and we have a few here forget they were once new to this forum and had to ask questions that had been asked many times over.

The correct protocol would be to check with the store manager abd see if there are any objections. Try to use Walmart only as a stop over to get a few hours of sleep. It's much safer than having an accident. Some of the folks on this forum claim to have seen people with their slides out, grills going and setup for the W/E. I personally have never encountered "campers" at a Walmart, just people catching a few Z's.

Welcome to

BTW If the complainers were really tired of the Walmart posts, they wouldn't bother to read them.


Posted By: HiTech on 05/27/02 09:07pm

There is no dumb question. Welcome aboard! How do you like the rig?


Posted By: stevenlit on 05/28/02 11:02pm

Welcome and ask away. What bothers me is people spending bandwidth complaining instead of spending the same bandwidth helping.

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Posted By: Troubleshooter on 05/29/02 11:05am

Hello Pat,
And Welcome to the friendly roads of RVing.
Had an old Chicken Colonel put his arm around my shoulders one day and say, "Chief, the only dumb question is the one you do not ask". Yes, Walmart parking question come up from time to time and the askers are looking for valid answers. You want to see Walmart parking? Come to Anchorage, Alaska in the summer. Looks like a RV convention with every make and model being shown. IMO park, ask, and do as told.
Good luck and have fun.

Bill (AL7BB)

Posted By: stevenlit on 05/29/02 09:06pm

Good job CampingNuts. That's the best info to be given.

Posted By: thumper on 05/30/02 09:26pm

I agree about the comments from the "whiners"...

Something to consider though (and doubly important to ask the manager first) is that some municipalities have enacted zoning laws that prohibit "camping" in certain parts of their boundaries. The Wal-Mart where I used to live fell into this situation and "campers" were ticketed by the local boys in blue.

I've seen all manner of RVs with slides out, but never anyone grilling or the like. Seems most people are doing exactly what another poster suggested - catching up on some sleep before getting back on the road.

Hey, have fun. Don't worry what anyone else thinks - they're just jealous!

Posted By: wittmeba on 06/02/02 06:44am

Hello VTR Pat,

I dont think people should attack you the way they did about your post. Part of the problem is the spelling of Wal-mart (or Walmart or Wal Mart, etc) that makes search utilities not return findings. We have all asked questions that have been addressed in the past.

CampingNuts posted the link I was looking for (somehow lost from bookmarks/favorites) so I hope you are all set.

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Posted By: rayhtx on 06/03/02 06:48am

VTR Pat,
For some strange reason folks will jump all over you on the forum and flame people for the most simple questions. But get them out on the road and they will spend hours explaing those same things and try to help you come up with a better way to do anything.
Maybe it is just the computer that brings out the hostility. We all need to get out and smell the roses.

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Posted By: Frankjake on 06/03/02 05:46pm

Howdy everyone, I am new to towing a trailer and new to this forum, only been on about a week. I was getting a little worried at first, it seems, as with all forums, that some questions get asked over and over again, but the ones of us that are new, never got the chance to read or respond to the old posts. I see where a few on here kind of "Bash" the ones that asked repeat questions. Being a member of several other forums with other topics besides RV's I see many many repeat posts. Most of the time, eveyone will join in a just answer the new person. I hope this is what I continue to see on here. It normally takes just as much time to answer a question as it does to explain to them how to go "search" for it.

Just my two cents worth. And so far, I am enjoying this forum!

Posted By: RichB on 06/05/02 05:08am

Frank ya really hit the nail on the head. An answer is a lot easier than an explanation of how to do a search. [emoticon]


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Posted By: AcaciaWM on 06/05/02 02:25pm

Just to let you know, The City of Flagstaff does not let you use their Wal Mart. The store is not the problem. The PD will wake you up and have you move on. I was just up there and the people at Wal Mart explained this.

Posted By: lilbear on 06/05/02 03:41pm

Evidentally the Walmarts in North Dakota will allow you to park there and camp. There are 2 5'ers unhooked from trucks camping in our Walmart right now as we speak. I live 3 blocks away. Also, in another post I was dealt the same bull about doing the search thing. I asked a specific question about a specific camper and was told to do a search. So I am a lurker on this site now instead of a POSTer. [emoticon]

Posted By: Becky in CA on 06/05/02 05:51pm

Don't let the few grumps stop you from asking any question you need an answer to. Most people are happy to repeat info. It still can be helpful to do a search on any topic because there may be helpful answers from people in the past.

See, you got a nice answer so come on back!

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Posted By: Charles2222 on 06/05/02 08:27pm

Amen Troubleshooter,Also Fred Meyer and K-Mart
In Fairbanks I was told Fred Meyer had a dump and wtr.
Always ask any place you wish to stop.
Never think a question is dumb.I like the one about the chicken colonerl.I have never been to proud to ask,and I still ask.Been around RVing since 1968.
Have fun and WELCOME TO the forum

Posted By: Chalenger on 06/05/02 08:54pm

Pat, ask away with the questions there are many that will help out on here. I'm also a newbie to the RV'ing.
While I was down in Orlando Fl. area (Kissimmee)I was quite tired one evening after just arriving there. I pulled into the Super Wallmart and went in and asked the mgr. If I could park the motorhome for a few hours to catch some sleep. He said that the lot is posted (and it was) not allowing overnite parking of rv's. It was not a policy of Wallmart but a State Ordernance. After looking the sign over, he was right. It is a state wide ordernance in Florida. He did say that I could park and get some sleep as long as it was not overnight. I slept from about 9:00pm until 4:00am and was out of the lot by 4:15am. I was not approached by anyone that told me I had to leave.

Posted By: CampingNuts on 05/29/02 03:47pm

There is some helpful WalMart information on this website:
As well as information about other places such as Flying J truck stops and Cracker Barrel restaurants to park for a rest.

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Posted By: Jeepito on 07/11/03 04:39pm

Have stayed at Walmart, after asking manager on duty for permission. Sure beats the truck stop. I didn't "camp", but just spent the night.

Posted By: PIP-SQUEAKS on 07/11/03 08:05pm

Allot of times questions are asked by others that I am also curious of the replies. For me this is probably the most significant attraction to the Open Roads Forum. I like to learn from everyones experience...

Just wanted to add the number of views to this thread says it all...

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Posted By: mike4947 on 07/11/03 08:46pm

The policy does vary from Wally World to Wally World. Around here you ask the manager and he says yes and hands you a paper with THE RULES.
My favorite one is #2 Overnight patrons should be aware that the public rest rooms are not to be used for full bathing.
Sort of disconcerting to walk in and find 3 nude people washing up at the sinks.

Posted By: Pokie3 on 07/09/03 08:53pm

Sad thing is, I'm not sure the original poster came back after the initial bashing he received. This is, after all, the Beginning RVing's forum, right?? Thanks to all who gave kind and informative responses. As another newbie, it's a question I've had, too. And I'm glad to now have the answer.

Posted By: Old Snipe on 06/05/02 08:57pm

Always found it beneficial to ask ther Wal- Mart manager's permission to overnight after I made some purchases and have the blue Wal-Mart bag(s) in hand. Want to show that I don't expect something for nothing, it helps make a good impression.

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Posted By: L and J on 06/06/02 09:18am

Im a newbie toooooooooo... and heck, Ive probably asked more silly questions here than anyone here ever wanted to hear about - again! The way I see it is this: This is a forum for all, and for all to get help, give help and perhaps even make a few RV'er friends. If some of the people dont want to post to questions over and over again, then 1) they can simply ignore the thread altogether (especially when it clearly states the subject in the thread line) and 2) they can just move on their merry way and leave my thread alone if they dont like it. What I dont understand is why do they even bother to reply at all... if they are so bothered by it, why arent they just 'moving on' and leaving the thread alone - if it annoys them so much, it appears to me to be a waste of their time to even bother giving such flip replies. Oh gosh... noone will ever be as perfect as me I guess! BAHAHAHA ;-) (kidding of course)

Continue to ask away!!

As for WalMart....I hope the information given to you by the others is of help to you. I know its helped me, so thanks for asking the question.

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Posted By: rayhtx on 06/07/02 05:54pm

We are all Newooooooo Biessssssss. I have never met the person that knows everything. I also have never meet one that has not made a mistake. Post your questions when you can't find answers and the great folks on this forum will try to help.
Welcome to the Forum

Posted By: ARcruiser on 06/09/02 10:38am

Last December we stayed at Wal Mart in Live Oak? Florida on way to Orlando. We arrived very late... around 1am to 2 am.... 4 or 5 other rigs were there also.

About 3am, we were awakened by loud pounding on front and rear windows. Jumped up, looked outside to see 2 Police Officers.... they told me I had left headlights on! (billyunt, Ain't I)
Florida law or not, they said they patrol the lot, knowing that a lot of tired out of state folks are there. I thanked them, and that was it.

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